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Psychotronic Crystals, their uses as applied to Supernatural Spirit BPC/PCs.

The Psychotronic Crystals are the first range of a new improved Tim Rifat Class Psychotronic Generator that reverses the Archon flow from the Matrices to Yaltabaoth, to, Yaltabaoth to Psi-Master. This has been done by making all the Western slaves BPCs and the Illuminati Freemason buildings, monuments… into PCs to pull energy from the dark energy matter realms into ours. The Supernatural Spirit BPC/PC is tuned so that the PC picks up this flow and dumps all the energy into the BPC mirroring this permanent reversal of energy. Until the Archons eliminate the Westerners and their Freemasanic stone constructs acting as a Psychotronic Generator to reverse all Archons flows, the Archons are locked into an explosive release of all the energy built up by their own slaves. The BPC/PC of the Supernatural Spirit range is outside all Matrices and uses the human slave BPC, Freemasonic PG, PC, as the agents to lock into this reverse flow and pull it into the PC and hence into the BPC.

To use this technology simply place all your BPCs in a circle pointing inwards and your PCs pointing inward outside them. Then take the PC you wish to use to drain that specific Archon Intent like Karma, or selling ones’ Soul and keep it in your left pocket, this will then automatically charge your entire Power Circle remotely in all its aspects and Powers. Then to download one specific Power simply hold the BPC of choice, for example reversing energy flow to upload that Power into your being for use in your Psi. This means the PC acts as a funnel to channel in the Archon energy of the PCs specific Intent such as Karma but if its bPC isin your Power Circle it charges all of your BPC/PCs in that Power Circle so you can use the BPC of your choice to power you up for carrying out a specific Psi-function such as Remote Influencing of politicians… PCs can be seen as the plug connected to the appliance that is your BPC but this PC can run any appliance BPC it is connected to in your Power Circle or all of them at once. This means that by walking around the city with one specific PC such as the Karma PC you can supercharge all the Psychotronic Crystals in your Psychotronic Generator Power Circle.

By adding the 34 Total BSRI-Engine to your Power Circle outside the PC/BPCs of the Supernatural Spirit range you can download their energy into your selected BPC for Psi-use, such as Remote Influencing Western politicians… Or you can put it inside the PC/BPC Supernatural Spirit Psychotronic Generators to add the Power and capability of these Anti-Archon Psychotronic Generators to your Psychotronic Crystals. this is important for the Westerner who has his Soul mined in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and may be the only way he can escape the Power of the Archons. Chinese Psi-Masters not in the ADR will find the PC/BPCs act as Psychotronic Fuel for the 34 Total BSRI-Engine as they are not in the ADR but in the original non Western state where the bones of the body as as BPC to the Psi-body; a state not found in the Westerner whose BPC is the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. This dichotamy in Psi-potential gives the Chinese Psi-Master total advantage against any Westerner and will lead to the use of Psi by China to make them the only superpower.

Adding other Psychotronic Crystals to the Supernatural Spirit PCs/BPCs on the outside of the Power Ring charges the BPC of the Supernatural Spirit Psychotronic Crystal of your choice or inside the Power Circle adds capability to the Psychotronic Generator be it a hematite Orgone Generator, tree Psychotronic Generator or Magical Jewellery… As the ADR is a prime fule source and is the real world for all Westerners it can be reversed like all simulations and made to do whatever you wish if you have this Archon energy reversing technology. Remember like the Middle Place, the Western World is not reality but an Archon Construct blocking out the real world so can be manipulated at will using Supernatural Spirit Psychotronic Crystals using the Freemasonic Psychotronic Generators. In Psi only energy counts the rest is a concommitant of energy. Since when you have enough energy the ADR becomes malleable, if you have enough energy you can manipulate the West and turn it from the Archon Dream into your own using Energy Reversing PC/BPCs as found on this site as the key to unlocking 2013 Psi-Technology.

Anti-Demon Archon PCs/BPCs:

1: Each new born human is infected with Demonic guardian Angels; in reality Demons, not to protect them but to guard them from seeing, entering into the real spiritual realm, instead holding them in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, the Middle Place of Gnostic teaching. ‘My patients claim their guides and guardian Angels are assigned to them in Heaven. Heavenly guides are human Souls that have incarnated on Earth before and have chosen to remain in Heaven to be spiritual guides for specific people on Earth (Greys)… Every body has one to three (or more) personal guides, depending on their life purpose. Our guardian Angels are also chosen before we incarnate on Earth. They are often assigned to us or have planned to be with a certain person to provide protection and help (block them from real spiritual reality). People claim (the Greys speaking in the possessed human) that sometimes they have the same guardian Angel from lifetime to lifetime, Modi Shakuntala, MD, Memories of God and Creation, Hampton Roads.

The Archons assign special teams of Greys and Demons to guide the human Soul to damnation fitting them into a lifepath that steers them toward awaking in the Aeon Psi-Prison death. The Anti-Demon Archon Guardian Angels BPC/PC not only shreds the Greys Demons in you but burns the Archon Jailor Greys in other humans and the Demons that bind them to damnation. Simply visualise the person you wish to cleanse holding the PC in left hand, BPC in left sock. Then change the PC to right hand, BPC to right side to:

a) Make decent humans who have the majority of their Soul in their body, be filled with Tulpas of your design that protect them against he Archon Demons and Greys steering them to a positive life path that enables them to achieve their full potential. These Tulpas protect your loved ones, friends and decent humans from evil enabling them to grow into the light.

b) The PG when used on nasty humans that have the majority of their Soul in the Aeon Psi-Prison enables you to replace their Demons and Greys with Tulpas designed to make them suffer for their bad behaviours to make them see the Evil of their ways.

c) The PG when used on Illuminati Freemason zombies whose Souls are completely in the Psi-Prison and are living vessels for Demons; Illuminati, high level Freemasons, Western secret police, politicians, civil servants of high level, occultists, generals, police leaders, thought police… have their Demons shredded and the Tulpas you insert into them stop them being controlled by the Archons instead your Tulpas make them hell-bent so they destroy themselves like British Labour Party ministers who show themselves to be liars, title peddlers, fraudsters, adulterists, paedophile protectors, war mongers, genocidal war criminals… These Tulpas force the Archon puppets to self destruct themselves and the infrastructure of Evil they have built up to support the Archons. In the process huge amounts of Archon energy are released to power your PG and enable you to build more Tulpas (thought form humans) to takeover more of the Archon slaves for good or to exact vengeance on Evil.

Comes as a smokey quartz BPC/PC Cost $600.

2: Anti-Demon Archon Inversion Hellgate PC/BPC: As we saw in and (Chakra PGs) the human has been inverted in Psi-Space so up is down and down is up. To hold the human slave in this unnatural position Chakra CF stakes are used to pin the slave in the Archon’s Middle Place reality in Psi-Space and with respect to their physical body.

Since my uncle died, I have a feeling he is in me. My habits changed to those of my uncle. I try to move to the light but I cannot… Maybe my vision is blocked, but it seems that two people are seeing through the same eyes… I see a spiritual ladder, as my religion teaches (Jacobs Ladder) Some Rabbis spend a lifetime teaching how to go to Heaven by this Ladder, but I stumbled upon it. How could it be so easy? I got it: all you have to do is ask God (Yaltabaoth) for help. And I went to school all these years to learn this? I hear my uncle saying ‘Stop thinking and keep going’ I see a Ladder but I do not understand it’s use: I cannot use it… I ask people who are waiting up there ‘How do I come up?’ I get the answer, ‘Just think it’, ‘I think about going up and I am up’ Modi et al. The human has been inverted by the ADR so when the slave is aware of going up they are really going down. The Grey and Demon guide the Soul of the slave human to fully enter the Psi-Prison in life to enter the Cell chose for them. Things go wrong for the human if he/she resists, he/she gets bad luck, becomes poor… the conditions of the Hell Aeons. Once his Soul is in it’s Cell the Demon and Grey can enjoy the good life in the ADR as reward for evicting the True Soul, the super rich… Olympians (Illuminati). The path is a Ladder as it is a quantum level path and quantum energy levels come in distinct levels, lowering the True Soul energy to match that of the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. The first jump is huge then gets closer and closer as you near Hell’s damnation of the Cell. We all know one huge pivotal choice we made in life that put us on the first rung of the Ladder of Damnation.

The PC/BPC burns the Ladder of Hell meaning the Demons, Greys in the ADR can’t get back to the Aeon Hive. It inverts the wageslave it is used on and since they are programmed to struggle up the rat run of the Ladder of life, this means they start to travel in the opposite direction to that programmed by the Archons. The more the Greys and Demons try to correct the situation as the human slave carries the Greys and Demons into the realms of the Pulsars where the Greys and Demons are slaughtered by their enemies the Pulsar beings. The human now is acting in ways not of the ADR causing:- a) Decent humans to act in ways that don’t lead to their damnation and help them to evolve positively to find the Logos/Source. b) Nasty humans begin to suffer for their evil and life becomes unpleasant for those abusers, thieves, liars, fraudsters… so their life collapses into a private Hell that suits their evil Soul. c) The damned, zombie bodies of the Illuminati; MI5, politicians, industrialists… become controlled by the Pulsars that start using their human tools to wreck the ADR so it grinds to a halt and the decent humans can break out of the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison in the uproar of the ADR collapsing to be replaced by the Matrix of our predecessors. Use in left hand mode to gain energy, right mode to direct your targets using RI, Psychokinesis. Comes as a smokey quartz BPC/PC.

Cost $600.

3: Anti-Demon Archon Magic Wand BPC/PC: The Archon evil needs human adepts to constantly restore the connection between the Psi-Prison of Yaltabaoth and the ADR. A Magic Wand is a rod that links the two demonic realities, an evil PG. Once this link is established a current of energy can flow to the Psi-Prison and back to the ADR. The Freemasonic Obelisks carry out this function as do prominent Masonic columns, Nelson’s Column being one of the largest PGs of this type. Now buildings are being used for this purpose the 5 towers of the New Trade Centre are a new superpower ADR Magic Wand tuned to the Corrupted Eve energy of the inverted Pentacle. Western society depends on the slave woman to keep the men in line as social programmers at Tavistock Institute, MI4’s nerve centre found in the 1950’s women accept authority as long as their nest is protected – or seem to be protected. Men who want women therefore have to be the ADR model of a man, compliant, obeying all authority.

The Archon Magic Wand can be seen as the connecting bar between the Psi-Prison and the ADR. Skyscrapers in every Western city are designed, consecrated to this purpose. Now the Illuminati Freemasons are building these Magic Wand PGs to link Yaltabaoth’s Over Matrix with it’s 24 ArchDemons to the ADR. The latest version of this PG is the 96 Stories multibillion dollar skyscraper in Manchester, it has 96 floors as Yaltabaoth’s number is 72 and the Over Matrix’s is 24 which equals 96 stories. The use of Yaltabaoth and Over Matrix connectors to the ADR locks the Archon Matrix in to bind all Psi-Masters into the Psi-Aeon Hell by use of brute power flowing down the Yaltabaoth, Over Matrix connecting using these new Satanic skyscrapers. This holds the Psi-Master even though he is growing in power so his LV and LD are constrained to the Matrices of the Archons even though he/she can leave their body and travel in Psi-Space. This holds evolving Psi-Masters to the Middle Place, astral Matrices of the Archons.

The small version of this connector is a Psi-Scroll: ‘God gave Ezekiel a Scroll… and said, “Son of Man eat what is before you, earth this Scroll” Ezekiel ate and said, “It tastes of honey.” When he swallowed he was filled with bitterness and his Spirit was angered’ In Revelations 10 God told John who ate his Scroll which tasted sweet as honey but turned sour in his stomach but like Ezekiel he was allowed to prophesize – a living link with Yaltabaoth. A human Archon Magic Wand had been created from a Psi-Master yet again. In our modern age the Scroll is now a microwave phone connecting us to the Psi-Prison which we carry around with us as it mind controls us and poisons our energies with microwave, Extremely Low Frequency Mind Control signals and digital RF electrochemical neurodrugging based on Dr. Bieneniste’s work with Digital France.

The Anti-Demon Archon Magic Wand BPC/PC flows into any Archons connection the BPC migrating to one pole the Psi-Prison the PC to the real world. It turns the connector into a Tim Rifat PG using twin PGs, reverses the flow of the Archon Energies turn them positive and then directs the subverted energy flow into you. The Ultimate Psi-virus taking over the Archon network, reversing it, turning the output from negative to positive and giving you the energy. This PG enables you to take over all Freemason skyscrapers, monuments as well as internal Scroll type Wands to subvert the entire Archon system to break the connection to the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison and download all the energy as a positive flow into you in left hand mode. In right hand mode (BPC in right sock PC in right hand) you can input your commands into the Archon skyscraper Magic Wand system to subvert the system to enable you to RI, or Psychokinetically attack a target using the Freemason PGs, or to use their power to build your Dream, subvert the ADR, Psi-Prison… Over Matrix. Comes as two smokey quartz PC/BPCs.

Cost $600.

4: Anti-Demon Archon Anti-Christ BPC/PC. The Illuminati Freemason wish to transform the Christ Principle into the Anti-Christ Principle. Lucifer is only mentioned once in the Bible in Chapter 14 of the Book of Isaiah, 12th verse: ‘How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, Son of the morning. How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations.’ The original Hebrew did not have Lucifer but a Babylonian King Helal Son of Shahor (Day Star Son of Dawn). Henry Neufeld (a Christian who studies Biblical mistakes put there in translation) states the primary meaning of this tract in Isaiah as ‘That when Israel is restored they will take up this taunt, the fall of the Babylon King down to the ground, a great power brought down by the power of Zion (Israel)

As we all know this has been re-enacted on a grand scale by the Zionist invasion of Iraq to bring down the great Babylonian King (dictator) Saddam Hussein. He was found in the ground (cellar). The photos show he was captured in the Spring not later in the year as the US alleged. Lucifer is Latin for morning star, a term used to describe Christ in 2 Peter 1:19 and Revelation 22:16. We have seen in the murder of Kennedy the Illuminati Freemason enact their black rituals on the world stage. The Invasion of Iraq was the occult ritual to use Saddam Hussein as the Lucifer, Morning Star Babylonian King brought to ground and equate to Christ by use of the Morning Star Link., the Latin for Morning Star instead of the Babylonian King. Now Lucifer is equated with the Devil but originally meant Morning Star, Venus, or Christ.

This twisting, an Atbash inversion equates the Invasion of Iraq with Christ, turning peace loving Christians into torture murdering, thieving Crusaders as evinced on the media. A huge black ritual for the Illuminati Freemasons who have by this means inverted the Christ Principle in Psi-Space so the Christ Principle is equated now with the Anti-Christ of total evil. Venus describes a Pentagram in space as it moves in relation to the Earth, the Pentagram is linked to the female principle so by this means the Illuminati Freemasons have connected the female principle to the Anti-Christ Principle (Corrupted Eve, see Alex Jones the US expert on 911 (see and traces the attack on the World Trade Centre back to Israel (12 tribes, 12 missing Powers, see So one can see the War on Iraq was to spread the ADR to Moslem countries and beyond using the inversion of the Christ Principle to the Anti-Christ Principle.

This BPC/PC feeds on the Illuminati Freemason ritual of the Anti-Christ and shreds it using it for PF to boost the Psi-Master. Since the entire might of US and British troops are hell bent on implementing the ADR to the Middle East this PG has immense power at this juncture in history and have given me unstoppable amounts of Power as the Zionist conquest of Iraq, Iran, Syria… China, fails and brings down the West, the Christ Principle is released by this BPC by untwisting the Corrupted Eve, Atbash and 12 inverted Powers imposed on Iraq by the Illuminati Freemasons using the Archon, Illuminati… for PF. Since in the West the Christ Principle has been inverted to the Anti-Christ Principle by the Archons this PC locks into all the Anti-Christians, materialist Zionists and uses them for PF. The Christians are released from the evil spell of the Archons by the PC and linked to the Source, Logos, not the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison which is the case at present. This sets up two poles of Iraq as the ground zero of the Christ Principle release and Christian churches as the PC pole of this Christ Principle release to produce a Tim Rifat PG in both physical and biophysical space using the World as a stage to produce strategic Power levels for Psi-Masters who wish to get a huge Power boost as they connect with the real Christ Principle of love, peace, respect, compassion to make them poisonous to the Archons. Comes as a Dual Smokey Quartz BPC/PC.

Cost $600.

5: Anti-Demon Archon Abortion PC/BPC. The black rituals of the Sanhedrin, the Archons in human form that are the eye in the pyramid of Illuminati, the Biblical money lender thrown out of the Temple by Jesus, centre around child sacrifice. The life-force of the child is fed to the Archons as is the baby’s Soul. This ritual slaughter of babies is endemic in the West as according to scientists it has been proven foetuses feel no pain and are not human before 26 weeks. Remember the Illuminati control all British scientists via MI4 (the thought Police at Tailstock) and funding. Dr. Modi in the book ‘Memories of God and Creation’ states from hypnosis research to interrogate Greys and Demons, that some Greys are aborted foetus Souls ‘I am a male foetus in the womb and I am aware of what my mother is thinking. She got a wire from her friends. She uses it to hurt me. And the lower part of my body gets torn from the rest of my body. I lose consciousness and die… In Heaven, I am put on the floor of a room filled with Light and some Light Being talks to me about my life. They remind me I had gone into that life knowing I would be aborted and knowing that, in the long run, it would be an experience of growth for me and my mother… While in Heaven, I planned to be aborted to make me realise how terrible abortion is. I also chose to be aborted, because in another life I was a warrior who killed lots of children, and the mother who aborted me was one of the children. I butchered her, so in this life I planned to be butchered by her for about forty five minutes and get cleansed. Then I am taken to a crib by a Light King and I stay there for a very long time. I grow into a young adult. During this time, I rest and reflect on my life.’

This is how the Archons capture the aborted foetus’ Soul, let it grown to full size using it’s internal energy, then fill the blank consciousness with programming and false memories as they break it to make it a Grey. It can’t enter a Cell like most Westerners as it did not give it’s Soul to the ADR so automatically entered the Hell Aeons, normal Souls when they die meet their relatives in the Aeon Psi-Prison and all Greys are escorted by at least a triad of Greys and a Demon to keep them under the complete control of the Archons when they infect new born humans. These foetuses are of great value to the Archons, as they are energy rich not having used the energy of conception to build a physical and biophysical body. Also they are still connected to their mother and father so assure the Archons success in reeling in the parents to damnation.

A Psi-Master uses this prime source of PF to free the foetus’s Soul’s rejoin them with their lost Spirit and letting them merge with the Source, Logos, in the process vast amounts of PF are downloaded into the BPC/PC, the Force of Conception is a potent force and the Seed Core of the Godforce every Psi-Master has at his/her Core – the most vital spark of her/his being, the essence that grows to enter the Third Attention. This spark is the Core lost to the Tenant by all Castaneda type Shamans since the 18th Century (see To fill your being with this Godforce simply hold the PC/BPC in left hand, then transfer to right hand to project the foetus’s Soul to the Spirit, Source, Logos, to free them from the Archons and denude the Archons of the Force of Conception. The Archons use this force to vivify fertilised eggs in the laboratory to enable Archon humans to be born, a Grey or Demon in a body which has no Soul, the dream of the ADR genetic engineers, for every new born Soul is a danger to the Archons. The Logos promised one human Soul born would destroy Yaltabaoth and the Archons so they have been desperate to escape their fate. This BPC/PC is the prime tool for building your Godforce for entering the Third Attention as without it, unless you are born a Nagual you would have had no hope of entering the Third Attention and transcendence. A must have for all Psi-Masters who wish to evolve.

Comes as double smokey Quartz PC/BPC.

Cost $600.

6: Anti-Demon Archon Authority BPC/PC. In the ADR the Archons control every Western politician, intelligence agency, government agency and all senior Police are Freemasons… In Modi’s book on using hypnosis to interrogate Greys and Seers we get: ‘I see lenders of different countries coming to Heaven and learn how to do their job better. There is a section dealing with how governments and organisations function. There are two aspects to the teaching. One explains how things work in Heaven… the other teaches how they work on Earth with the elements of ego, arrogance and pride, and there are ways for them to function properly. There are hundreds of such buildings. There are areas here dealing with pure learning, where classes are held and people are taught. I am looking at the Souls that are in these Heavenly buildings now, but are also incarnated on Earth; I see their connecting cords going down from this Spirit body here in Heaven to their physical body on Earth. Some of them are awake in their physical body but quite a lot of them are asleep. It seems that in sleep these people come here for learning and even those who are awake send a part of their Consciousness here… and there are specialised beings associated with each building. It is like an office, but the beings do not stay in the same office all of the time. They move on as they learn, and go to higher functions. Some of these are Angels and some are different levels of Masters. There are similar buildings for other worlds and planets in their sections of Heaven. I see library exchanges between Heavens for different planets. There are different centres of learning and the Masters and humans from here go to the Heavens of other planets, to their learning centres.’

‘Whatever we are planning to do on Earth we already have done in Heaven. I am in a library, reviewing what has been done in the past, refreshing myself in the knowledge I will take to Earth. Very little is available for my waking Consciousness, instead the information is stored in a compartment of my mind. When I need it, I can access it.’

The Archon Hives are connected to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison which contains the Souls of all the races the Archons have parasitized using the ADR. So the British Zionists are not the inventors of the ADR but a long line of mind controlled damned Souls in Soulless bodies. The body loses its Soul by giving it’s Soul to the Archons for temporal power authority. Thus all Western politicians, high government officers, all the security personnel, high level Police, Thought Police, are Soulless zombies, possessed by the Greys or Demons following the Archon plan.

This gives the Psi-Master absolute Power in an ADR milieu because the authority figure can have it’s Grey or Demon shredded by using the Anti-Demon Archon Authority BPC/PC in the left foot/hand mode and using the possessing supernatural Spirit for PF. Then simply use the BPC/PC in right foot/hand mode to put your own Tulpa in the authority zombie to control it’s actions. I prefer to set the Western politicians, secret Police… on self destruct so they harm themselves, each other and the ADR. Power mad Psi-Masters can control them like puppets to run their country, or manipulate the money markets for profit. All Western authority figures are Soulless zombies so any Western country can be controlled. The Archons had a facility in Psi-Space to monitor the Chinese and Russians who were not in the ADR and influence them via the insectile parasite in the top of the energy body. The Blue Pulsars and myself captured this Psi-facility so the Russians and Chinese are now free of the Archons and being helped to dismantle the ADR as both SuperPowers have an active Psi-Warfare programme. Having set fire to the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison with my Blue Pulsar Princess the Archons are desperately trying to save the centre of their Power, but to no avail as the Sacred Fire we used is inextinguishable so will consume the entire Archon Complex for PF.

Cost $600.

7: Anti-Demon Archon Silver Cord BPC/PC. This is the Bell’s Theorem Superluminal connection between the damned Souls and the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison that feeds Yaltabaoth. In quantum mechanics this can be described as an entanglement of the superimposition of human Soul in the ADR and the 12 Aeons so the living and Grey exist in both ADR and Psi-Prison their quantum computer Souls entangled in two states at once. Similarly the Demons, insectiles, were-vermin: wolves, spiders, reptiles… all are entangled in the ADR and in the Archon Psi-Space. The Archon is a dark energy matter parasite that uses light matter and dark matter Awareness to carry it’s plague of Chaos Awareness and feed it PF by making that Awareness suffer. One has seen that the Archons control a large interstellar, inter-dimensional empire, having a Hive on Earth, the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison seems to be located in the Moon’s energy body and is almost certainly associated with alien inhabitance as Ingo Swann remotely viewed for the CIA, in his last privately published book. The Pulsars have many homeworlds and are very widespread, and are the natural enemies of the Archons.

The Silver Cord is connected to the Soul of every Westerner. The Chinese only have the insectile parasite in the top of their energy body connected to the Archons so can free themselves by using ancient Seer Shamanism. The Westerner cannot because their Soul is already in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. This is very useful for the Psi-Master who wishes to control any Western country. The Anti-Demon Archon Silver Cord BPC/PC can be used as a scissor simply by holding the BPC in left hand and PC in right hand and visualise shearing the Silver Cord of the target. Carried out on a Western zombie such a politician it collapses the entanglement of the Grey or Demon with it’s 12 Aeon Psi-Prison counterpart, causing it to go out of control as it has no direction. This causes the zombie to undergo a form of madness. Since the BPC/PC puts Anti-CF poison in the Silver Cord wound, it can never be repaired so the Western zombie becomes uncontrollable. Similar to the rogue government agent in the Matrix films that becomes the ultimate danger to the Matrix, the Architect (Yaltabaoth) and Neo (Yaltabaoth’s stooge). All the Greys and Demons are self centred egotistic and once released from Yaltabaoth’s control can control the Grey and Demon in the ADR and Psi-Prison to run amuck releasing huge amounts of PF for the Psi-Masters to use.

Using the Psi-Shears on a normal Westerner cuts the Soul revenant in the body from the doomed revenant in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison. The Anti-CF poison makes reconnection impossible so the human is free from the ADR fate of other Westerners via the Silver Cord connection, the Psi-Master can control the freed human to follow the Psi-Master’s direction building an army of human demi-Souls to wage war on the Archons. The other end of the Silver Cord is connected to the Soul revenant in the Psi-Prison. Connecting the Anti-Demon Archon Silver Cord BPC/PC to a 12 Aeon BPC/PC set up by putting it in the Power Circle enables the Psi-Master to pull the Soul revenant out of the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and store it in the Pyramid PC/BPC on this site. By using the Decoherence PC/BPC one can then collapse the superimposition of quantum states for the target and return the complete Soul to the body, or to your Pyramid leaving a Soulless body which you can add a Tulpa to if you wish to control that person; a recalcitrant lover, unpleasant boss, someone who won’t give you the time of day… Since all Westerners are doomed there is no karma in manipulating them as they are already damned by the ADR. If you have the 12 Psi-Crosses you can re-energise the Soul for beloved family members worth the effort. Using the Psi-Sheers on Chinese or non Westerners cuts the insectile parasite from it’s Yaltabaoth Master and the Anti-CF poison in the BPC/PC will kill the insectile nymph freeing the non Westerner. One can see the ADR makes humans almost unsaveable unless you have a super advanced set of Psi-PGs; the aim of Yaltabaoth. Since I just use Westerners for PF it is perfect for a Psi-Lord but Christ-like Psi-Master will have an uphill battle to save the damned.

Comes as a double smokey quartz PC/BPC.

Cost $600.

8: Anti-Demon Archon Astral BPC/PC. The Archons use the science of quantum computing to build the ADR, the Astral Middle Place in Psi-Space that blocks, traps all psychics in the West. How is this done. One has to square a quantum wave function to get the probability of an event. The Archons use the 3 squared, 13²1, the Power of 9. This means they only have 3 dimensions in their ADR, Middle Place. Since all Westerners have their beginning and end points of Awareness totally defined, they are trapped in the Psi-Prison, 12 Aeon from birth to death in the ADR, their time can be compressed to a single point collapsing their timeline to a point centred in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. This allows the Archon to run an ADR quantum computing simulacra for the Western slave that encapsulates the entire life experience of the damned Soul. Time compression and data compression are part of normal computing and enable the Archon to run the 3D ADR in 4D space for their Western slave Soul that is always bound by the Psi-Prison. This means when the Western slave gets psychic, New Age and meditates, remotely views, or goes occult the slave experiences a 4D simulation (really 3D) ADR quantum computing experience even though it is imprisoned in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison. Chinese… see the world differently as their minds have the insectile parasite but they experience real 4D space-time, Westerners never do only a 3D simulacra called the ADR.

This allows the Archon to control the Psi-Space of the Western slave so when meditating… the slave experiences not Psi-Space but a simulation called the Middle place, an astral construct of 3D with time compressed to a point and the Awareness of the slave defined by it’s beginning and end point, total imprisonment in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. How is this explained? The Western slave dreams it’s life then awakes after death in it’s Psi-Prison never having travelled any where it’s body never having been it’s own. The body experiences 4D space-time the mind of the ADR slave only experiences a 3D ADR astral dream, divorced from real reality by it’s real state of death in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. By this means the Archon keeps it’s slave Soul from any chance of escape. The New Age devotee who devotes his/her life to spiritual development only experiences an ADR Psi-Space construct, the astral Middle Place. When he/she wakes up after death they just woke up in the Psi-Prison they have been bound to all their life, only their Spirit and body essence are released to be shredded by the Eagle Strange Attractor and decay respectively.

The real reality is a 12 squared |112²| 1 field that gives us the 144 quantum wave function of non Matrix reality. Since our 12 Powers are stolen and replaced with a 9 fold negative field by the Archon Council of 9 (see the 12 Powers in their 12 forms are vital to experiencing real reality not the quantum computing construct of the ADR. This is why the Psi-Lord site sells PGs with 12 Energies: 12 Psi-Crosses, 12 Aeons, 12 Birth Sing Powers, 12 Powers on The 12 x 12 Powers are the basis of the real world stolen from the Western damned Soul. The Anti-Demon Archon Astral BPC/PC is a quantum decoherence PG not for your Soul but for reality. The ADR is a superimposition of states, the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison overlaid over the 12 Powers stolen from humans but inverted. Hence humans biophysical bodies in the ADR are inverted like the hanging of victims by the ankles in Icelandic myth. The BPC/PC destroys the quantum superimposition causing the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison to be separate from the 12 inverted Psi-Powers. This destroys the Middle Place astral world of the Archons and enables the Western Psi-Master (only after he/she has freed his/her Soul) to break free of this astral Archon construct to perceive real Psi-Space. To use it simply have it on your person while LV, project your Awareness into the PC to view the biophysical world, project your Awareness into the BPC to see the real physical world not the 3D construct all Western damned live with: Western liberal democracy seen through the BPC as the total evil literally it really is not the illusion it pertains to be (for LD) just put it under your pillow to LD the biophysical world, place in bed socks to LD the physical world or other worlds physical realities.

Comes as double smokey quartz BPC/PC.

Cost $600.
9: Anti-Demon Archon Water BPC/PC. The Archons have changed Awareness by locking the perceiver in the Psi-Prison from birth to death using quantum superimposition. This naturally alters real world Awareness. Western man can be told the truth but only believes and acts on the illusion he or she sees deriving from the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. The quantum computer controls the belief system of the Western zombie so they only repeat the pre-packaged Archon reality excreted by the Illuminati’s media and reinforced by their Thought Police (MI4 in the UK, the NSA in America) this Awareness is not consciousness but in a dream like zombie state, the watery negative destructive Orgone, bioplasmic poison of inverse Awareness.

To explain the human makes decisions using the centre of decisions energy centre in the throat region of the biophysical body described by Carlos Castaneda in: Magical Passes and in under Centre of Decisions, Psychotronic Crystals Pendants. This centre has Avatar like essence and enables humans to make decisions. What the Archons did was to create the inverse to this water-like energy. Created in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison quantum computer it is drunk as water by the inmates and by quantum superimposition and entanglement affects the Western zombie. This inverse water energy poisons the centre of decision making so the Western slave cannot make any major decision and defers to authority (Archon Illuminati… Freemasons) to order them to compliant oblivion. The material manifestation of this is the fluoridation of water the fluoride ion poisons the brain centre that carries out decision making and enables a prison population to be docile as in the UK and the open prison that is the Palestine walled territories. Americans also get fluoridated water in some states. This poisoned water grounds the Archon inverse water energy so reinforcing the quantum superimposition and entanglement of the ADR. The microwave irradiation of food, and people by transmitters excites the water molecule win their body scrambling the natural body fields and enabling the control of the physical body by quantum entanglement directly from the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison quantum computer.

The Freemason fountains and pools are designed to use the Dragon energies and ley lines, earth power centres to produce copious amounts of this negative water filled with Destructive Orgone Energy, DOR, negative bioplasmic energy that as a miasmic mist of Archon water energy interferes with the centre of Decision and allows Greys and Demons to speak into the mind of the Western slave zombie to get them to do what the Archons wish. It also makes them belief zombies so everything they are told by authority is believed. Britain is a liberal democracy, not a slave state owned by the Rothschild’s Bank of England that invades other countries to steal their oil and tortures, kills innocent civilians on industrial scales. Only an ADR zombie could see the reality but believe a dream generated by the Archons from the Psi-Prison. A quantum superimposition of reality where the real reality like the true Soul of the Western zombie is evicted and replaced by an Archonic Demon or Grey that is only there to manifest Satanic reality. One can see the Archon water is needed to cause this superimposition of reality so the real world is not seen by the Westerner no matter how hard you try to tell them.

The PC/BPC blocks into the Archon water and put an Anti-CF spin on it so even thought it is still inverted to stop the Western wageslave zombie from making any meaningful direction in life unless told by authority, it totally blocks all CF entities such as Demons Grey, Illuminati Freemasons, government from being able to control them. Simply place the BPC in a stream of tap water and the Anti-CF force flows back into the water table, charge water with the Anti-CF force to make yourself immune to Archon… commands. The PC does the same for the Anti-Archon component of the watery energy. Simply put this water on you to make you a carrier of the Anti-CF force so it contaminates your city. Place a drop of any zombie to make them your human Tulpa so you can control them instead of the Grey or Demon that normally runs the Westerner. Slightly wet lips with the Anti-CF water before kissing a partner to fill them with Anti-CF water to enable you to make them your human Tulpa. The Anti-CF water poisons the entanglement and quantum superimposition so the water in the Psi-Prison becomes poisoned so the 12 Aeons quantum computer fails. All the waters on are charged to do this.

Place a drop of the Anti-CF water on the person you wish to control, or send them a letter with a drop of the water on the paper, envelope seal to poison their Archon water energy. Then direct standard RI Mind Control at them (boosted by the BSRI-Engine, Freemasonic Burner, Mind Control Engine) to turn them into your Tulpa. This works on all Westerners as it is the means by which their physical bodies are controlled from the 12 Aeons. The Psi-Master can target high profile Illuminati by sprinkling the water in the environs of the powerful as even a drop spreads out into a miasma that can encapsulate any government building as one drop contains countless water molecules 6 x 10²³ in every 22.4 litres (approximately) and only one Anti-CF water molecule can change the spin of all the Archonic CF molecules it bumps into charging the water from the CF spin isomer to the Anti-CF spin isomer. This change of water is the physical basis of the 2013 reality shift as the Anti-CF water stops the Archons functioning and makes them destroy themselves. sells water charged to do this.

This Anti-CF water now totally pervades the UK and has begun to drive the British government insane as they are Archon soulless zombies. Once the water touches them the Grey and Demon is destroyed leaving a zombie with nobody at home. This makes them easy to control by putting a Tulpa thought form in them to run them.

One the positive side this Anti-CF water energy is the only way to develop a physical body free from Archonic CF control. All the Pulsar races give Anti-CF drinks to their chosen Shamens to free them from the Curse of the Archons so they can make decisions to their heart’s content. All the Pulsar races need highly evolved Psi-Masters as they wish to become a hybrid of dark and light matter/energy; having the longevity of a dark energy matter Pulsar (billions of years) but the high energy physicality of a human. Being a physical energy able to interact with both light and dark energy matter is the goal of the Pulsars. The 2013 reality is the culmination of this procedure. As the Anti-CF water spreads the isomeric change blocks out the entire functioning of the Archons to replace it with the Pulsar version. As Pulsars need Psi-Masters for reciprocal energy sharing, you get longevity, they get physicality, the perfect mix. In the past the chaos force that runs the Archons (Yaltabaoth) has ruined Lemuria and Atlantis by turning the Anti-CF water chaotic (hence the legend of deluge) to start wars… Having processed Yaltabaoth to be a torture shell that suffers for it’s evil. Psi-Lord Tim Rifat could perfect the Pulsar Anti-CF water so it is also Anti-Chaos, the resultant watery energy has enabled the Pulsar entities to defeat the Archons. Now is the time to manifest this change of realities.

It enabled the Pulsars to perfect their control of other timelines (which makes me popular). The Psi-Master needs to convert all the water his/her body to the Anti-CF form then raise it’s frequency so that the body becomes a body of light able to manifest, demanifest, remanifest… at will. In the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison as the human body is entangled with the watery energy in the Psi-Prison so you get a torture body to put your Soul in after death so you can feel the pain the Archons inflict on you in the Cell for Western zombies or to break you if you are a rebel to force you to become a Grey to escape the pain. Conversely the Psi-Master uses the Anti-CF water to build a Psi-body to remanifest into, a quantum superimposition that starts when you are exposed to your first drop of Anti-CF water and is finished when your Anti-CF watery energy has been raised in energy frequency to break out of the ADR, Matrix, Over Matrix, Archon Intent, the 144 Modes of Energy State. Hence the 12 Powers sold on my sites: 12 Psi-Crosses, 12 Aeons, 12 Powers on, 12 Zodiac, 12 Chinese year Powers on, 12 Grail Stones (BPCs+PCs). To use the PC/BPC simply keep it on your and place near water to charge it with Anti-CF watery energy.

Comes as a double smokey quartz PC/BPC.

Cost $600.

Anti-Demon Archon PCs/BPCs

The Anti-Demon Archon PC/BPCs form the basis of the 24 BPC/PC Anti-Demon Archon Over Matrix Shredder to burn the Over Matrix and Archon reality for PF to enable the Psi-Master to venture into the Third Attention and gain Transcendence by burning with the Fire from Within. Used in a BPC/PC Power Circle, BPCs inside the PCs all pointing inwards the 24


allows you to shred them for PF and use LV and LD to step out of the ADR directly into the Third Attention, the bodiless ascended Master state of transcendence while still alive to superboost your Psi to enable you to follow the Psi-Lord path. By this means you can begin to get the transcendent ascendant Master Power you need to become a living Psi-Lord.

10: Anti-Demon archon Thought Form BPC/PC. The ultimate kick ass PG for the Psi-Master. The 12 Aeons Psi-Prison manufactures Thought Forms to control the ADR. All the fads, fashions, mindless media trivia, non news, politics… art, came from the astral Middle Place constructed by the quantum computer of the 12 Aeons that feeds off the life-force and Soul energy of humans and all the other subject slaves of the Archons. The Psi-Prison is a pyramidal cone with the Cell Complex at the bottom as most Westerners give their Souls freely to Western authority. It is known that 15% of humans, mainly male, do not and seek power. Since only the Rothschild puppets can have any high office this means most of this 15% of males are disenfranchised. The Western Police State is there to keep this 15% imprisoned. This 15% are the population of the 5 Hell Aeons so by necessity the upper 5 levels of the Psi-Prison are much smaller than the 85% in the Heaven levels destined for their torture Cells for all eternity. Tailstock found that of this 15%, 10% can be coerced by a Police State leaving only 5% of the incorrigible rebels. The 9/11, 7/7 staged terrorist attacks were designed to turn the West into the neo Stalinist Police State needed to force the 10% into the Heaven Aeons, leaving only 5% of rebels found in totalitarian states such as post 9/11 America and Britain.

Since 95% of Westerners will be in the Heaven Aeons in the future this means Demon production can go up as the Cell torture Psi-Prison which keep the Westerners who have given their Souls freely goes up from 85% to 95% of all Westerners. The number of new Greys will fall as they are produced by breaking the revels in the Hell Aeons to transform human Souls into Grey damned. As we saw from, if you wish to control events you need to focus on only one event to the exclusion of all others. To bring in the Illuminati Freemason Hell on Earth all Westerners in the ADR need to have given up their Souls freely to the Archons. The 15% rebels interfere with the event of total world domination the Archons demand the New World Order, Satan (Yaldabaoth triumphant). First they need the ADR perfected, the Archon dream manifest on Earth the dream of Freemasons and Illuminati. This requires all Westerners to be singing the praises of Archons in the Cell torture chambers (screaming) their torment producing new Demons. The Chinese, Iranians, Russians, North Koreans will supply ample Greys if the Archons can win World War 111. The need to have all Westerners broken to Yaldabaoth in life means the Western Police State needs fluoridation, microwave torture murder, implants, digitised RF psycho drugging broadcast by digital radio and TV, psychoacoustic and semiotic Soul surgery invented by the Russian expert Smirnov and used at Waco on every media, computer outlet to break the 5% of revels in the West.

Once all Westerners are broken the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison can work as an Event Engine with 100% of Westerners in their Cells not only generating Demons but also Thought Forms that are designed to alter psychokinetically the real world to totally conform with the astral Middle Place, the Psi-Space of the Archons. This is the 2013 dream world of the Archons, a giant Thought Form of the real world where the Psi-Prison of the 12 Aeons acts as an Event Engine to control the every event in the ADR. The result a literal version of the Matrix reality described in the 3 Matrix films where Psychokinesis is used to control the slaves events as they never leave their torture Cells from birth to death. This Event Engine was to be used as a weapon against the Iranians, North Koreans, Chinese so they lost WW11 and Russian embraced Zionism and had Kordokovsky the Zionist billionaire as President. The Pulsars wrecked this Archon plan and I set fire to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison with the help of the Blue Pulsar Princess. The end result – the 15% of revel Westerners can now break out of the ADR, Russia and China, win WW111 as the West collapses. The Thought Forms built by the Archons are now on fire like the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. The 85% of Westerners in their Cells are toast but they willingly gave their Souls away. Psi-Masters can use the Anti-Demon Archon BPC/PC in left mode to get PF from the burning 12 Aeons Psi-Prison and it’s associated Thought Forms Western Illuminati control of events has collapsed and they have lost Iraq, the Arab world, South America, while Africa is the battle ground for US versus Chinese interest (Sudan, Chad Zimbabwe…) Thought not allowed in the neo Stalinist West begin to surface so the 15% realise they do not live in a liberal democracy but a Zionist owned totalitarian state… the PF from burning the ADR Thought Forms supplies a huge amount of fuel in the new few years before the West is destroyed like the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison that generated it, enabling a Psi-Masters to reach the Psi-Lord status and escape into other Dimensions, timelines.

Since 85% of Westerners are in the Cell Level of the Heaven 12 Aeon in a partial state one can use the BPC/PC to pulse in right mode (right hand PC, right foot BPC) the Cell Aeon Thought Form at them collapsing the superimposition of states in the docile Western zombie so they wake up in their totality in the Cell Aeon in life not death. Since the Cell Level is on fire due to the Sacred Fire I and my partner set fire to the 12 Aeons with the Souls of these Westerners provides ample PF for your BPC/PC in left mode. More importantly the associated Demons and Greys get pulled into the Cell and slave camp Aeon to catch fire and act as PF permanently reversing them so they suffer as they provide you with PF caught in the Pulsar intent to turn the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison into a Psi-Prison bonfire solely to provide fuel.

The human body of these 85% of zombies can then be controlled by a Tulpa of your own creation so good, looking people can be made to fulfil your every wish, enemies can be made to destroy themselves slowly or fast, all Government slaves can be used to provide fun… the list is endless. The energy to make these Tulpa Thought Forms is provided by the BPC/PC simply by holding one in each hand to make a circuit, BPC in left, PC in right so the energy is formed into a physical Tulpa to possess the Western zombie you have processed. This procedure is great for business people as you can control any organisation you wish to takeover, sell to… by sequestrating the bodies of all the managers and directors of interest. Once you have done this you programme your Tulpas with the outcome you desire, remember one event at a time, multiple event interfere with each other, step by step not multitasking is the order in Psi. Hence I am a monomaniac, not a dilettante.

If you hold the PC in left hand, BPC in right hand, you then produce Psi-Space Tulpas to occupy Psi-Space to alter the imagination, group consciousness, noosphere of the Western slaves en masse. By this means you can start fashions, fads, revolutions, economic collapse, food hoarding… the list is endless; Meme creation at your fingertips. Since you have destroyed the ADR the Thought Police of MI4, NSA… have no chance to stop your Psi-Space Tulpas as they are used for PF by the process and the more they fight it the more PF they provide your aggressive Psi-Space Tulpas that grow as mimetic viruses in them… Group Consciousness controls all the actions of slaves in the ADR so it gives the Psi-Master the ability to mould all aspects of Western life to favour the Psi-Master. All ideas creative, art, Memes are therefore at your fingertips for promulgation. One can use this technology to influence the Internet so people click on the Tulpa reinforced sites you have chosen. Similarly Tulpas designed to destroy Internet activities, sites, Memes enable you to modify behaviour on the Internet. In BPC/PC left mode the Tulpas can be used on computer centres to disrupt computers and jump into the operators to ruin their efficiency, make them ill… True power for the Psi-Master. All this amplified by the Freemason Stone PGs sequestrated by Tim Rifat in the West by his activities.

Comes as double smokey Quartz.

Cost $600.

11: Anti-Demon Archon Damned PC/BPC. The most dangerous people to a person wishing to evolve are his fellow men. Since all Westerners have their Souls in or partially in the 12 Aeons in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison all the people around you are controlled by Greys and Demons. This means they will do anything to stop you breaking free of the thrall of their Archon Masters. To compound the problem every interaction you have with any of the damned exchanges energy leading to links of your energy in them and their energy in you. Shamans of old knew this and used a special technique of recapitulation to free themselves (see Recapitulation PC/BPCs on With the advent of the ADR and the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison zombie world of the damned that is the West the problem is crucial to understanding how the Archons suppress true Psi and impose their New Age Astral Middle Place Psi-Matrix on the damned

Every interaction you have with one of the damned forms quantum superimposition of the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison as they fry and pull your Soul, energy , totality into their state of total damnation in the Cell Psi-Prison torture chamber where the majority of the Westerners are. The Cell movie with Jennifer Lopez explored the Cell Aeon State and is well worth viewing. As the damned pull on your energy they inject their negative energy derived from the inversion of the 12 Powers, a negative form (see By quantum entanglement you become chained to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison quantum computer that then maps out your life to optimise your damnation so you wake up in life in the Cell Aeon and your body can be used by Greys and Demons as a zombie carcass to promote the Satanic evil that is the Archon West. All authority figures in the West are in this Cell Aeon so their bodies can be vehicles for the Demons that drive them. When you watch these politicians, power brokers… on TV the interaction occurs so they pull you into the Cell Aeon by use of quantum entanglement pulling the herd to vote for them and by their own actions damn themselves. Democracy therefore tricks the Western wageslave to sign their Soul away by giving authority over, their lives to Demon possess politicians who promise them the world and instead give them damnation, wasting their countries wealth on conquering non ADR countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia, China… to steal natural resources, oil, gas, strategic metals and give ownership over them to the Rothschild Sanhedrin bankers. The imposed democracy tricks the conquered slaves to sell their Soul by signing on the dotted line their allegiance to a puppet politician Demon possessed who takes his orders from the Sanhedrin in the UK.

Since all Psi-neophytes have a multitude of these quantum entanglement chains buried in their energy bodies and will have hardened the quantum superimposition by voting for Demons in human form (if they are in the ADR) then the Psi-neophyte is locked into the Archon Psi-Prison. The Chinese have no ADR and their people have not sold their Souls away by giving authority by signing power to a Demon possessed politician. This means the Chinese have humans that have their creativity, 12 Powers, still in their possession as well as their Souls, the result of this is the Chinese are taking over the world, the damned in the West cannot complete with living humans who have their 12 Powers intact. Hence the Archons are planning WW11 to destroy China and are willing to destroy the US to give the Sanhedrin in the UK power over the world to be run from London.

If you are a Psi-Lord like myself the quantum entanglement is a Psychotronic Fuel (PF) paradise. Being surrounded by a population of damned connected by their Souls to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison I can use PGs to make a one way flow to me of energy. The Tim Rifat Class of PG uses two PGs, a BPC/PC, the con men or government patsies that sell Psychotronic Crystals cannot duplicate my technology (I have made sure of this) so anyone buying these fake PCS amplifies the link with the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison as all but my Tim Rifat Class PGs produce negative energy filling you with the negative energy of the Archons. I have had numerous people who bought fake crystals off the con man Paul Hughes Barlow (real name Graham Nickells) telling me they got ill and lost all their energy as well as feeling possessed as soon as they torched his crystals. Since the British government block access to me and all my customers in real timeline to protect this con man it seems likely he is running a British government programme to sell poisoned crystals to anyone stupid enough giving energy to his Sanhedrin Masters. Since this criminal works for MI5 the Soul will have been replaced by a Demon so people are getting crystals charged by one of the Archons Demons – no wonder the British Government block access to his site by myself, anyone on my email list and anyone I phone (see Warnings Pages)

The Anti-Demon Archon Damned PC/BPC does the opposite of these counterfeit crystals and sucks energy out of the damned, Demons and Greys around you by use of this quantum entanglement. Since the damned Greys and Demons produce negative 12 Power energy only a Tim Rifat Class of PG will work as the energy you get from them is negative. The two PGs, the BPC and PC are quantum entangled and multiply each other. This means the two negative energies in the BPC and PC come out as positive: (- x – = +). All the con men’s crystals therefore produce negative energy to harm and damn you. Since I have made sure only I can produce the Tim Rifat Class of PGs, the double Psychotronic Crystal of BPC, PC buying any other person’s product is not recommended and can permanently seal you in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison unless you have a special antidote PC/BPC (see Warnings Pages)

The Anti-Demon Archon Damned PC/BPC therefore uses all these links you have with the damned to pull energy out of them. While I am out walking my PGs pull out all the energy from everyone and everything I pass so the Archons have to fill the void I leave behind and repossess the zombies stripped of the dark energy matter Greys and Demons my PGs shred for PF. Your Anti-Demon Archon Damned BPC/PC does the same thing. Simply go out walking in any Western City and the BPC/PC placed together in your left pocket or pocket book/handbag will pull on all the quantum entanglements and since the Tim Rifat Class PGs are tuned for a one way flow (- x – =) you get all the positive energy as your damned go into energy debt or become terminated. This is the ultimate way to get PF simply by walking and being among the damned. Great for the workplace so you can strip the damned at work of PF when you sleep the Archons take you to the Astral Middle Place using these quantum entanglements, put the PC/BPC under your pillow and it will use these links to shred all the astral entities, people you see in dream giving you PF as well as burning all these chains that bind you to the damned. This is the Psychotronic Crystals way of Recollection described by Castaneda to free yourself from the evil influence of the damned around you. No fancy breathing techniques and decades recollecting every one you knew, simply put this BPC/PC under your pillow and dream the damned away to free your energy body to escape into infinity.

When watching the Demon politicians on TV simply keep the BPC/PC in your left hand to drain them and the Demons in government of PF killing the Demon in the politician. You can hold the BPC/PC in your right hand and inject a debt of energy into the politician, enemy… so any Archon Demon has to overcome the energy deft and give you huge amounts of energy every time the politician, enemy is repossessed, bankrupting the Archons of energy. The BPC/PC also adds Anti-CF energy to poison the Demon and by the entanglements poison the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, Archon, Yaltabaoth. Since the Archons need their politicians to control the West the Anti-CF poison can’t be switched off and it flow to other Hives to poison, kill the Archon infrastructure. The ultimate pesticide to kill insectile vermin and their damned vehicles.

Double smokey Quartz.

Cost $600.

12: Anti-Demon Archon ADR Burner BPC/PC. Double smokey quartz.

Cost $60 plus $20 Post and Packing

13: Anti-Demon Archon Matrix Burner BPC/PC. Double smokey quartz

Cost $60 plus $20 Post and Packing

14: Anti-Demon Archon Over Matrix Burner BPC/PC. Double smokey quartz

Cost $60 plus $20 Post and Packing

15: Anti-Demon Archon Hell Burner BPC/PC. Double smokey quartz

Cost $60 plus $20 Post and Packing

Tim Rifat is the only scientist in the world who has discovered the secret to the Big Question: what happens after death? The ADR 12 Aeon Psi-Prison Hell built by the West using Freemasons. Hell is based on quantum computing using human energy from their Souls for power in an Archon Reality Engine (see for explanation of Reality Engines.) The numerous criminal counterfeiters are poorly educated patsies for British Intelligence who uses them to sell counterfeit crystals which cause harm (see Warning Pages). For the first time in history scientist Tim Rifat will explain Matrix production.

The reality our ancestors found themselves within was the Shamanic Matrix in which humans had an insectile nymph embedded in the top of their energy body linked to Archon reality by the Silver Cord connecting the hunter gatherer to an insectile nurse which fed the Archons with human life-force. This was based on the 144 Powers of the Fibonacci Series, the mathematical basis of the CF force. In quantum mechanics the quantum wave function needs to be squared to produce a mathematical representation of reality. This gives us the 112² total quantum wave function of the Matrix represented as a function . Until the advent of the British Sanhedrin corruption of the ADR this was the only Matrix. In the 16th Century the progenitors of the Rothschilds took over the Freemasons in Germany. When they brought their Orange revolution to the British bringing in the Hanoverian Kings of Britain in exchange for total control of the Bank of England they could mix their Goetic Demons with Enochian black magic of the dark energy matter entities to produce the ADR.

The ADR is an integration of the total quantum wave function of the Matrix; a summation of the energy in the total quantum wave function; this energy used to produce a simulacra of the Matrix totally controlled by the Archons to give the Rothschild Illuminati total temporal power so they now own the West via the independent Bank of England, Federal Reserve, European Central Bank… All Westerners are owned by the Rothschild Illuminati. The ADR total quantum wave function in the a constant of normal integration of ; this gives us the value of the ADR in terms of pseudo powers. The Archons then use the Matrix to invert it’s manifestation for Western wageslaves, the Biophysical body of all Western wageslaves is upside down pinned by the ADR Chakras promoted by the New Age guns run by Archon Demons
The 3 Dimensional world of Western man where time is an illusion as the Western zombie from birth to grave is trapped in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison Cell. (see This ADR quantum wave function is squared to produce 13²1=9 the nine types of Power found in the West to further divorce the Western wageslave from reality so it perceives a reflection of a reflection of a corruption, the Western dream of total evil that purports to be the true good. Remember the West has democracy not Iraqi death camps, torture murder wherever the West takes over: South America, Jordon, Egypt, Poland (secret extraordinary torture murder camps) Central America (Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador…) The reality of the West is that it is total evil hiding behind a facade of democracy the true Archon tool of deceit.

16: Anti-Demon Archon Selling your Soul BPC/PC. The Archons had one problem with humans. It is a cosmic rule that they can only torture a human Soul for all eternity if that Soul sells it’s Soul to the Archons, the Faustian Pact of selling one’s Soul to the Devil by putting one’s mark on the Contract of Damnation. Since the 16th Century and the spread of the ADR from the British Sanhedrin by use of force of arms using Demons to make their enemies more fatal mistakes: Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, Hitler’s invasion of Russia, the Zionist Gorbachov imploding the Soviet Union… In every case the Sanhedrin take over the wealth of the country, own the land and corporations, print the money but more importantly they introduce Zionist democracy. This is the key to the ADR and the assumed damnation of all the Western zombies to their Torture Cells in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison. All Western politicians are handpicked by the Sanhedrin via the Bildeturgers or like Schwarzenegger make a special visit to the Rothschilds in England before election. The Sanhedrin make sure the Western politician becomes a total zombie, their true Soul in the Cell Aeon, their body run by one of the Seraphim Demons (hence David Lycke’s book: The Biggest Secret) Now when a Western wageslave votes for one of these Demons in human form, the politician zombie, they of their own free will sign a contract giving full authority over them to a Demon. This immediately guarantees that they are trapped in the Cell Aeon from birth to death by signing away their Soul, the Faustian Pact of Dante. One can see that this is a case of retroactive Psychokinesis, changing the past using Psi so the quantum superimposition of alive and trapped in the Cell Aeon is collapsed to the dead state of trapped in the Cell Aeon, one’s body run by Greys or Demons.

There are some people in the West who never vote all their life or vote for non mainstream parties whose politicians are not Demon bodies. This is a big problem for the Archons so the Hell Aeons are designed to break these rebel Souls. In the West conformity to Zionist democracy is a religion so these rebels are vilified as are their parties. In Russia there are many non Rothschild parties but he Liberal Party run from London, led by Kasyanov is the Demon possessed political party that is designed to make Russians sell their Soul for Zionist damnation. Iraq is another case of Zionist Demons in politicians being imposed on non ADR Arabs. In Iran Ahmadrnejad has taken over from the Rafsanjoni Zionist puppet so far for the first time the ADR is being rolled back as in Russian with Putin’s anti-Western government and Chine which does not have the Zionist sell your Soul for democracy of damnation.

For the Western Psi-Master surrounded by the damned, he/she must first pass on the Faustian Pact to another if one has ever voted for any mainstream party. Let the chosen thief steal something off you and include with what was stolen the Contract that one signed to sell one’s Soul. By this means the thief steals your damnation, I used this play on the thief Graham Nickels aka Paul Hughes Barlow (see Warning Pages) Once this is done you are free of the Faustian Pact and your true Soul is not consigned to the Cell Aeon. When this is done you an use the BPC/PC to link into all the Western slaves who are run by Greys and Demons and since they stole your damnation, and since Yaltabaoth is all one being made manifest, accepted from you a new Contract that they would accept a new damnation, trapped in your Anti-Demon Archon Selling your Soul PC/BPC. This means all Demons, Greys and the damned are retroactively Psychokinetically trapped in a new Psi-Prison I have constructed where they can be tortured for all eternity for PF. The BPC/PC gives you access to this new Reality Engine I have built to torture eternally Yaltabaoth and all it’s ilk. This produces infinite PF for me (in left hand mode a lesser amount for Psi-Masters) In right hand mode you can use RI to control the Western slaves who from birth to death are trapped in m Psi-Prison a better version than the Archon’s. Use of the BPC/PC assures your Remote Influencing of perfect success as they are controlled by my quantum computer. Only Western rebels are not included – as everyone must be given once chance. This BPC/PC can be seen as a Remote Influencing Amplifier using this new Psi-Prison Reality Engine to force the reality you wish to happen.

In the Over Matrix the Shaman breaks free from the Matrix and reaches transcendence by burning with the Fire from Within to escape the Matrix. The Archons mapped (mathematically) the emotional life-force gradients of this peak human endeavour and got their 12 Aeon Psi-Hell quantum computer to design a Reality Engine study of protocols to mimic the 3rd Attention transcendent, ascended Master bodiless state. So all Westerners who burn with the Fire from Within are trapped in an Archon OverMatrix (see In mathematical terms the 1×1²1 total quantum wave function is differentiated to map the life and emotional force gradients to produce the OverMatrix simulacra that traps all Western ascended Masters. This gives us the 2x function of 2×12=24 Powers of the OverMatrix. These possessed ascended Masters channel into the New Age Channellers to give them Archon commands to assure that all the New Age leads to damnation, the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and Yaltabaoth. These 24 Thrones of Yaltabaoth are the key Powers behind the West and organise the Western world of total evil divorced from real time as all Western slaves from birth to grave are trapped in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison.

Beyond the OverMatrix we have the Archon Hell Psi-Space home of Yaltabaoth the ruler of all Western Demons and their human hosts. This mathematically is the gradient of all the transcendent Western Masters allowed to enter the OverMatrix to be tortured when they thought they had freedom to wake up in the Cells in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison to add the total fall from grace to the Archon panoply of tortures. An Angel imprisoned in Hell when it thought escape was assured, a great PF Source.

This gives the states of Yaltabaoth, the double state of evil with an aspect that purports to be good; the Devil acting as God. This duality of evil is seen in the West where the Westerner purports to be the force of good but is in fact the carrier of total evil and totalitarianism spreading torture murder and the Rothschild theft of wealth wherever it goes.

These 4 Matrices of the Archons: the ADR, Matrix, OverMatrix and Hell of the Archons are the basis of the West and trap all Awareness in the West. The Archons want Westerners to be seen to evolve so they think they spiritually evolve only to wake up in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison which they never left from birth to grave. This fall from grace producing more PF than the simple Mammon materialist of the West could produce; hence the multiplicity of Western New Age pursuits to make the slave strive for freedom when it is eternally damned to make the fall and PF liberated to the Archons so much greater when it wakes up in it’s 12 Aeon Cell as the eternally damned. Once can see the New Age movement is part of the Archon plan to evolve Consciousness to the OverMatrix to get more PF when they awake in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison after their fall from grace. The higher the Western wageslave is allowed to rise the greater the fuel generated when it is pulled to it’s real state in the Cell Aeon of the Psi-Prison. New Age devotees are trained never to fight evil as evil is only ignorance so they always end up in the Cell Aeon being tortured eternally as they are not rebels or active anti-Western agents as end up in the Hell Aeons, who are broken to produce Greys. Active attack on the Illuminati is not known as all the New Age guns are passive prey for the Archons. The 4 Archon Matrices combine to form a gestalt, a solid glue to bind the Agglutinising Force into the negative Yaltabaoth mould. This gives the 4! = 4x3x2x1 = 24 modes of damnation the 24 Thrones of ArchDemons that sit before the Chaos God of total evil = Yaltabaoth.

These 4 Anti-Demon Archon (ADR, Matrix, OverMatrix, Archon Hell) BPCs/PCs form the 24 modes of damnation that crosslink the total evil of the West to form Yaltabaoth’s domain. Thus we have the 24 Thrones of this God of evil the 24 Elders sitting on these Thrones. Rev 4.3 and 4.4. These are the ascended Masters of total evil, possessed by the Chaos force the lock black to a Seer. They are also called the 24 Lords of Karma. These 24 evil Spirits of the OverMatrix capture all Psi-Masters for forced imprisonment in the Cells of the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison or the labour camps the Zionist Guantanamo Bay torture camp of the Psi-realm. One has seen that the OverMatrix is ruled by the power of 24, the stolen Powers of man corrupted by the evil duality of Yaltabaoth in the Archon Hell realm. We also see that the 24 Thrones have 24 Elders, monster of Zion, the Chaos bearers of Yaltabaoth the God of the old Testament. This equates to crosslinking the ADR, Matrix, OverMatrix and Archon Hell in the 4x3x2x1=24 ways listed above.

Combining all four Anti-Demon Archon Reality BPCs/PCs burns the Matrices and these 24 demi-Gods of evil that serve as Yaltabaoth’s lieutenants. The Psi-Master who wishes to evolve has to defeat these 24 OverMatrix monsters and the 24 lieutenants in Archon Hell so these BPCs/PCs are invaluable to shredding these Arch Demonic Archons that block transcendence fro any Western Psi-Master. Fortunately Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Iranian… Psi-Masters do not have the total evil of the West and it’s four Matrices to overcome before transcendence. These 24 Archons form the government of Yaltabaoth’s domain and the Archons, the Demons, and Greys take their orders from them. By combining these four Anti-Demon Archon BPCs/PCs one can shred these 24 Lords of the Archons and unglue the whole of their Matrices complex to supply huge amounts of PF and free the Western reality so the Psi-Master can control it using Psychokinesis.

To do this one uses the four Anti-Demon Archon Matrix BPC/PCs in a square. This is the Pattern the Agglutinising Force is constrained within by the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, four concentric circles being the Pattern, ADR nearest the centre, then Matrix, OverMatrix and Archon Hell on the exterior. Place the PCs pointing inward at the Cardinal Points of the square: North being the ADR PC, South the Matrix PC, West the OverMatrix PC, and East the Archon Hell PC. The Psi-Master then sits outside the square on the West side of the square with all the BPCs in his/her left hand. This reverses the flow and dumps the energy of burning the Matrices into his/her left hand BPCs which channel the energy into his/her left side Awareness the Pulsar side of being. This opens a doorway to the left side Pulsar Awareness blocked out by the ADR… One then steps through this doorway to carry PF from burning the Matrices into left Pulsar Psi-space into left Pulsar Psi-space outside the astral Middle Place of 16 Archons. From this position one can then upload this energy into one’s Psi-Pyramid to build one’s own domain in Psi-space outside of the Archon Middle Place. Or one can upload this energy into a Psi-Tree PC/BPC (see to duplicate the building of a dark energy matter Pulsar energy body in the 6th Domain of dark energy matter Pulsar reality by the ancient Seers who are still alive to this day. by this process one can learn how to wake up in that realm to extend lifespan to huge spans of centuries. The Matrices are constantly fed energy by humans so the Psi-Square of PCs acts as a plug socket to reverse this flow and tap into it for your own use in the process shredding the 24 Archon Lords of the OverMatrix and their 24 Chaos total evil possessors in the Archon Hell. The energy of these 4 PC/BPCs can be used to build soldier, worker… Tulpas using the PC/BPCs on this site and swelling out your Psi-reality via the Pyramid to give you a Psi-kingdom. By emulating the ancient Seers you fill out your energy body so it can have the 6 domain Dimensions needed to live there, the Tree-like energy body you build in that recondite realm for longevity.

Double smokey quartz.

Cost $600.

17: Anti-Demon Archon Chaos God Burner BPC/PC. The chief Archon Yaltabaoth, an insectile queen, was possessed by the Chaos Force to become the Archon Chaos God. As we have seen the Archon component has two states so the Archon Chaos God had it’s Yaltabaoth face and it’s Yaldabaoth face. Mirrored in God and the Devil, Good and Evil, right and wrong, heaven and hell… This Chaos state is described by Chaos theory and Feigenbaum period doubling, the book that comes with my RI Course. (see describes the physics of evil. Needless to say evil hides behind apparent good as the basis of the West, total evil describing itself as freedom loving…

Tim Rifat has driven the Chaos God from it’s position of power and collapsed the dual state of Yaltabaoth and Yaldabaoth to destroy them as opposites for PF (see The BPC is one of these states, the PC another, then they flip to produce a vibration that annihilates the Chaos Force to produce fuel. Since the Chaos God lived in two separate phases in different Dimensions it could mould the Agglutinising Force to produce a vibration in it’s chaotic Universe A that was the exact opposite of this vibration in Universe B. By this means it could produce wage slaved zombies imprisoned from Yaldabaoth by letting Universe A interact with Universe B to obstructively interfere with each other to produce the total energy of the slave. In Universe A or B the slave had opponent Agglutinising Force and energy as only one phase state was manifested by this means the Chaos God could trap all Westerners. One can call this timeline Universe A+B together no Yaldabaoth and Yaltabaoth were collapsed to one self collapsing PF Source. In the process the Chaos God had a black hole produced in it’s being by the process. At this time Andapou’s Soviet timeline came into being and used Psi-warfare to collapse the West, in effect taking Universe B and making it a non chaotic timeline, Universe A collapsed into the Ahnenerbe Nazi timeline where Germany used the Psi-technology at it’s Czech underground facility to change reality and impose a German victory on WW11. Then original timeline where Germany won the War by invading Britain and not Russia was the only true timeline the Zionist timeline we had lived in was created by the Americans using the Montouk facility (called the Philadephia experiment) had split timelines in 2 to save Zionism by manipulating time (the Wingmaker disinformation on the net talks of this technology and warns about the Pulsars)

By collapsing the Montouk Universe A and B created by high-power Tesla technology Tim Rifat could place a black hole in the Chaos God and a white hole in his PC/BPC to feed off the destruction of all Chaotic process that allows the Psi-Master to tap into the flow of PF at a lower level to boost your energy body for fuel addiction. Better still the divine spark in humans that was replaced the poison of the Chaos God has now been turned into a black hole in all Western wage slaves. As all Westerners now carry a black hole in the centre of their energy bodies mimicking the destruction of Universe A and B the two poles of this black hole in the slave’s physical and biophysical bodies make a Tim Rifat Class Psychotronic Generator feeding all my BPCs/PCs, the basis of this advanced technology created by the only Psi-Lord. Using your BPC/PC you can split the energy bodies of any target to place their physical morphogenic field using the BPC to any place you like, simply touch the BPC or PC to a photograph, item of the target to capture their being. One can then place that target slave in your Psi-Prison to add you own Tulpa (see Or you can touch the BPC to PC to implode the target’s energy bodies again and again so the black hole in them eats away all their energy Agglutinising Force to return them to their real location the Cell in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. This causes rapid destruction of the Western slave, especially if they are Demon shells. Touching the PC to your Kline bottle Psi-Prison (see downloads their psychic mind aspect so you can control their mind as if it was your own. Similarly by using the BPC in this way you can control their physical condition to heal or hurt.

Double smokey quartz.

Cost $600.

18: Anti-Demon Archon Tunnel of Light BPC/PC. When Westerners die they see a tunnel of light. Since their energy bodies are inverted (see Chakra PGs on the tunnel leads down not up to the Psi-Prison and the Cell Aeon for the majority of Westerns. This tunnel of light is the quantum entanglement between your Soul in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and the Soul and the Soul superimposition left by the Archons in your body. This sets up a Tim Rifat Class PG using you for fuel as they burn you for PF to power the Archon Reality Engine of the 12 Aeons. With energy streaming down to the 12 Aeons the entanglement gives off photons of light as the quantum wormhole interacts with the real reality that the Archons have parasitized. Hence the wormhole tunnel shines with photons caused by the interaction.

Since every Western wageslave is connected to the 12 Aeons by this Tim Rifat Class PG phenomena as living PGs burning up to supply fuel for the Archons the BPC/PC taps into this fuel flow and redirects it to your BPC/PC by reversing the phases of the Souls at either pole. This is done by putting an Anti-CF spin in his Cell to spurt energy back to the slave in the ADR who feeds your BPC, the PC acting on the damned Soul in the Cell. As the damned Soul produces new Demons by it’s torment the Demons it produced burn for PF to feed you.

Since every Illuminati, politician, general secret policeman, royalty… in the West is Demon possessed it burns the Demon in the zombie. This produces massive over stimulation of the neurones in the brain and nerve cell in the central nervous system, as well as massive release of chaotic neuropeptides and hormones in the Demon’s zombie. This wrecks the efficiency of the zombie as you use it’s Demon for fuel causing the hyper madness that one can see in every Western politician since Iraq. By scrambling the body new Demons find it impossible to integrate with the politician… rendering it a loose cannon, an unguided zombie bent on mayhem, wrecking the ADR.

The Greys produced by the Hell Aeons start to burn rendering the slave they possess free from the evil of these human damned Soul so immediately freeing the 15% of Westerners who have not given up to the Archons and rendering the 85% of willing Western zombies rudderless as they have no Grey to guide them. With 15% of Westerners free of the Archons the ADR goes into terminal overload as the Psi-Prison has no energy from it’s slaves and the Reality Engine of the 12 Aeons has to war reality to hold the 15% of Western rebels in perjury, bad luck to keep them penned in. This it cannot do unless it has fuel. Since I set fire to the 12 Aeon Prison it cannot get PF from other Hives or it sets fire to them and cannot use it’s essence. All it has left is to sue the ADR for fuel; it has to dismantle the ADR to keep these 15% of people in reality prison. In the meantime I use the whole process for PF which exacerbates the ADR destruction. Now the ADR has gone into terminal overload the Illuminati control of the West is becoming more and more panic stricken.

The Psi-Master uses the BPC/PC to not only get PF but to invert themselves to reach the real tunnel of light that links those who escape the ADR to their future self outside the ADR. This is a Tim Rifat Class of PG and can supply you with the motive power to cross the bridge this BPC/PC creates. Simply put where you want to go on a piece of paper under the BPC and hold the PC on the other end of the Orb (see or to sue the negative aspect of the Rolling Force to pull you out of the ADR to reach other timelines to LV or LD or to reach Pulsar Realms or beyond to the Mirror worlds where Archons don’t exist: To bring Powers into the ADR to help you like Soviet or Nazi Psi-Masters energy bodies or Pulsar beings, or Mirror world Psi-Master from non Archon reality just hold the BPC in left hand and place the PC with your intended world on a piece of paper to create a bridge, a wormhole to non Archon reality to bring in allies to protect you and kick ass. Remember the Pulsars hate Archons, the Nazi or Soviet Psi-Master Illuminati, Mirror world Psi-Masters, Seraphim, Demons, Greys… while for Chaos Lords, the black Archons use transcendent bodiless Pulsars and human (Mirror world/our worlds) as they are immune to Chaos and kill Chaos Lords with relish once invited into the Archon Hive, as a Psi-Lord I belong to the latter class of being and was sent here to take over the Chaos Gods Power for higher Power.

Double smokey quartz

Cost $600.
19: Anti-Demon Archon 24 Lords of Chaos BPC/PC. The 24 Archons that are the lieutenants of Yaltabaoth/Yaldabaoth are the power of the OverMatrix that pin transcent Psi-Masters to the Archon Middle Place. They do this by using the stolen human 12 Powers and by means of Universe A and Universe B inverting them as well as re-normalising (a physics term that means you subtract one infinity from another) By this means the infinite power of a transcendent Psi-Master is reduced to the zero of the birth to death imprisonment in the Cell in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison of the ADR but now extended to the Third Attention for bodiless beings, ascended Masters. These ascended Master now shells possessed by the Demons or Archon are channelled through New Age psychics to crosslink the ADR with the OverMatrix and the Archon Hell of the 4th Attention. Since I destroyed the Universe A and B for Yaltabaoth/Yaldabaoth and placed a double pole Black Hole in it’s essence, the ripples of the Archon God calamity have rippled down into the OverMatrix so the 12 Universe A and 12 Universe B elements of the OverMatrix have been collapsed by the PC and BPC respectively of this Anti-Demon Archon PG.

The Archon Matrices are built up on the Parasitation of the 12 Powers of their slaves (see The Kabbalah/Quatala is the scaffolding of the Archon evil and has been spuriously introduced into all occult knowledge to corrupt it totally with Archon evil and the total evil behind them. The lower 7 Sephiroth refers to the 7 dark energy matter Dimension of the Archon Middle Place, the upper 5 Sephiroth, 3 normal ones of Binah, Chaknah and Keter have the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth Archon Hell behind them. The 12 Powers are turned to the 12 poisons of the Qatala that are the inverse of the 12 true Powers. The 22 paths of the Kabbala/Qabala have secretly Yaltabaoth/Yaldabaoth behind them and Daat connects universe A to Universe B (the Middle Place of the Archons superimposed on the real reality to produce the Universe A of the Archons – the ADR. The 22 is the corruption of the Atbash that produces the Zionist ADR (see The 22 Atbash energies are locked into the 22 bones of the human skull to ground the insectile parasite of the Archon in the brain. 22 is the poisoned Atbash Powers that serve as the infrastructure of the Archons in reality.

The 24 Lords of Chaos, the Chaos aspects in the Archon Queens that rule their Hives in the OverMatrix and are servants in the Archon Hell to the totally black Chaos shells of Yaltabaoth/Yaldabaoth, a perversion of the Source/Logos are called the Elohim by the cabalists and serve as the true government of the West worshipped by the Illuminati. The Rosicrucians worship these Powers, their Cross represents the unfolded cube of six squares (Matrix in the box) A rose with twenty two petals (Atbash) and inside the smaller cross with 5 petals to represent the pentagram (corrupt Eve energy) see

As the only Psi-Lord, Tim Rifat has used the 24 Lords of Chaos for PF and set fire to the OverMatrix. It’s nice being on a simple mission to destroy the Matrices. Since the Kabbalah is the scaffolding of the Matrices and a manifestation of the 24 Lords of Chaos, the Powers of the Archon creation all Kabbalists can now be used for PF as well as all occultists. In every occultist and Kabbalist a dual black hole has been set up in their core as they stole the God Force from humanity. I have repossessed the God Force for the Logos/Source so I could replace it with the Tim Rifat Class Psychotronic Generator of the black hole variety: a quantum entangled superimposition of black holes in the 2 phases of the Chaos vermin, Archons and in the biophysical and physical bodies of the Illuminati… To use the Power of the Anti-Demon Archon 24 Lords of Chaos just get a diagram of the Kabbalah and place the PC on any Sephiroth of the Tree of Life (Tree of damnation in reality) to burn that Sephiroth to gain the Power that is associated with that Sephiroth. Hold the BPC in your left hand to transfer all the Power of that Sephiroth to you as you shred the Kabbalah for PF and to gain the Powers associated with the ten Sephiroth. This gives you ten of the twelve missing Powers stolen from you by the Archons. To access the 2 Powers of the Archon Chaos God just place the PC on the Daat Kabbalah interconnector and you can burn Yaltabaoth/Yaldabaoth simply by holding the BPC in your left hand then your left sock or anklet (if you are female) to gain the Power of the Archon Hell of the 4th Attention as you shred it. This BPC/PC is very powerful as all the Illuminati/occultists use the Kabbalah and this PG uses that to control them and turn all their black magic to destroying them. All Freemasonic PGs be they the Altars, monuments, pools, obelisks, skyscrapers, pillars, columns, building have the Kabbalah as their infrastructure so this BPC/PC sets up a Tim Rifat Class bipolar black hole in their Psychotronic Generators causing the complete failure of all the Freemasonic PGs in the West and the PGs now rip apart the Illuminati, Archons that use them. The Demons and Greys that are transmitted from the obelisks and skyscrapers of the Archon PGs now have a Tim Rifat class black hole in them so their Universe A/Universe B aspects self destroy releasing vast amounts of PF for the Psi-Master.

As the West is ruled by Demon shells the effect of having these Psi-black holes in every politician, Illuminati, general, secret police vermin, thought police… drives them mad as their being is eaten away by the bipolar Tim Rifat Class black hole at their Core, where the God Force is in normal humans like non Westerners: Chinese… a perfect PF Source.

The 24 Lords of Chaos control the entire Archon creation so the BPC/PC gives you a backdoor access to them to Psi-hack their mentalities to plant Psi-worms or viruses. Psi-Masters can use the BPC and PC to control the 24 Lords of Chaos to control the West as all aspects of the West are controlled by the Greys and Demons that possess all Westerners. This is the ultimate Remote Influencing Psychotronic Generator as with it you control the eye in the pyramid of the Illuminati, the command and control of the Archons.

To input your Remote Influencing into any Western target simply hold the BPC/PC in your left hand and download your commands into the 24 Lords of Chaos directly. They cannot resist as the pain of the black holes at their cores has destroyed all their power to resist you. By this means you command the 24 Lords of Chaos to command the Demon and or Greys in your Westerner to do anything you like. This gives the Psi-Master complete control over every Westerner so that he or she can become the real power the puppet Master that controls every action in the West. By subverting the Archon chain of command total Remote Influencing is possible backed up by the Freemasonic PGs that reinforce your commands to force the Western zombie to do what you wish. As one can see every thing has a positive side, the complete enslavement of the West by the Archons enables total control of the West by the Psi-Master.

Venus the planet and the Sephiroth of Tiphaeth are vital to the Archons as the corrupted Eve principle is generated here. Putting your PC on this Sephiroth gives you complete control over the Western female who is a copy of corrupted Eve, a clone of this damned archetype. If you wish to Remote Influence a Western woman one can control all their responses. Since all Greys are sent to the Venus planet energy body to be totally corrupted by the Eve inverse force to produce the eunuch Grey as it is stripped of all it’s sexual energy one can tap into this stolen sexual Soul energy and download it into one’s Sex PC by touching the point of the Anti-Demon Archon BPC/PC to the base of your Sex PCs. The Venus Power is the core of 50% of the West the females and the corrupted Eve force that possesses them so by this means one can control any Western female and use that corrupted Eve force to input commands into any Western female. Simply put a picture of them on the Tiphaeth Sephiroth and your PC on top of that then hold your BPC in left hand to drain them of energy to download into your Sex Engine (see or use the BPC and PC afterward to command the 24 Chaos Lords to order the Grey and Demons in the woman to obey your every wish. By this means one can control every aspect of any Western woman.

Double smokey quartz.

Cost $600.
20: Anti-Demon Archon Karma BPC/PC. Since all humans born before 1986 were born with a new Soul, unless of the Sanhedrin bloodline that dedicated themselves to be Archon zombies in exchange for temporal power, they were brought into this world with no Karma. The big trick of the New Age is to con people into thinking they have Karma so they accept the Karma of the Greys and Demons that possess them. Since one can only be free of the Matrix with no Karma getting people to accept the Karma of these Greys and Demons makes the human suffer for the evil of the Demons and Greys so they can pass on their Karmic debt to the human they inhabit.

The Karmic evil has ten evil entities a concentrated evil centred on the ten Sephiroth of the Archons Kabbalah the Tree of Life (damnation) created by Yaltabaoth to create the Middle Place to trap Souls. With Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth we get the 12 inverse Powers of the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. These ten Karmic Lords of Evil are the archetypes of the evil Karma that new Souls are tricked into possessing by New Age ideology or criminals like Paul Hughes Barlow real name Graham Nickells who sells the ten Karmic evils in crystals so his customers accept all ten Karmic Lords of Evil willingly so they suffer for all eternity for the evil done by the Archons (see Warning Pages)

Since it is Cosmic Law that all entities acquire the results of their actions, the Archons have an immense evil Karmic debt to dispose of or they will be forced eventually to suffer for their crimes. It is vital they use humans as their Karmic dump to avoid any consequences of their evil. As any evil we do can be used against us to bring us down the Archons trick humans into accepting Karma. Christians accept being born with the Sins of the fall but also Christ has accepted this Karma so a Christian has no acceptance of Archon evil – a rather round about method. This passing on of Karma to a thief or conman is a vital part of being a Psi-Master. Shamans used the Petty Tyrant to download their accrued Karma from this life only (not spurious past lives) into their tormentor to enable them to burn with the Fire from Within. As my mission was to smash the ADR, Matrix, OverMatrix, Archon Hell and torture murder Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth for all eternity for fuel you can imagine I was desperate for a Karmic dump of epic proportions. The thief, counterfeiter, conman, Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow offered himself as well as MI5, The British government… (see Warning Pages) so I could offload all my Karma for this lifetime – a huge load. If you wish to do the same simply use the BPC/PC to charge a dollar bill with your Karma; in right hand mode hold the dollar and BPC/PC together – that’s all it takes. The dollar is printed by the Federal Reserve, owned by the Rothschilds the leaders of the Sanhedrin so is the token they give you to accept their Karmic debit and that of the Archons – a clever trick. By reversing this process one can get rid of one’s Karma to the Sanhedrin and Archons. Then leave the dollar somewhere where it can be stolen, on a bar top, on your shopping trolley left unattended for moments, on your car windscreen, under your front door mat… the list is huge. Once it is stolen your Karma can be offloaded into your thief.

Now you have no Karma you will find that you have nothing holding you back while LV, LD, RI, Psychokinesis, Telekinesis or any Psi-activity as the Archons use the Karma to chain you down to make you suffer for their evil. They also use this Karma to solidify, build, maintain the Matrices so the Ten Lords of Karma, then Sephiroth of the Kabbalah are the evil made manifest by the Matrices and form the prison walls of the Westerners cell in the 12 Aeons, solidified evil they accepted in life. Once you have given away your Karma you can do anything you like to the Archons and their servants. Since Karma ties you into bad luck this BPC/PC is vital for good luck and a must have for anyone who uses my technology. It also enables you to kick the ass of any target and the thief gets the Karmic blowback, debt, evil. By placing the PC on the ten Sephiroth of the Kabbalah you can reverse the Ten Karmic Lords of Evil so their acquired good luck, power… comes to you as you give them back the full weight of their Karma so they suffer eternally your BPC then acquires the Ten Super Luck Powers stolen from man kind. Do the same for Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth by putting the PC on DAAT in the up and down position to download it’s Luck Power into your BPC.

Double smokey quartz.

Cost $600.

21. Anti-Demon Archon Energy Reverser BPC/PC

The Archons bleed humanity for energy to power their Matrices. This is exactly like the fictional Matrix films where humans’ energy is used to power the Architect computer, an electronic version of Yaltabaoth. Life-force from the human energy bodies is bled off tot he Archon Hell Reality by the means of having the human Soul trapped in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison from birth to death so its’ energy is the Archons’ energy.

Reversing the flow is the prime concern of Shamans (see Castaneda’s’: Magical Passes) Since the human biophysical body is inverted the flow is in opposition to their physical energies therefore creating a destructive interference to destroy the physical form as the energy is sucked out to produce the hag or old wretch that is all wageslaves’ fate. Tim Rifat has reversed the flow to pull the energy from the dark energy matter Archon realm to feed the Psi-Master instead of Archon. This is done by turning all Western wageslaves into a BPC with all Freemasonic monuments, altars, obelisks, buildings as PCs to pull energy from the Archons. As all energy flow is from PC to BPC the reversed nature of humanity uses the Freemasonic PGs to pull energy from the Archons into the human wageslave. As all human bodies were designed by the Archons to be negative and fall to bits as they age this flow exacerbates all the negativity in Westerners and causes them to fail with the influx of energy as their nature is negative. All the Tim Rifat Class of Psychotronic Generators feed off this reversed flow the crystal BPC being the terminus of the energy, the PC the Psi-Masters biophysical remodeller of his/her Psi-body to circumvent the corruption of the Archon human, Psi-bodies built to fail. By having the BPC as the Source of ones’ new Devic Body and the PC the source of ones’ new Psi-Body the Archon creations can be dumped as the dross they are and the BPC/PC pair can feed off the BPC human PC Freemasonic monuments, PGs that I have altered the West to follow to drain all the energy from the dark energy matter realms of the Archons.

The net result of this is that all the ages long cultivation of humanity as cattle can be downloaded into the BPC/PC of the Psi-Master to provide all the PF the Archons have stolen. This BPC/PC pair convert only or all of the 34 PC/BPCs to this new way of energy flow. As all humanity in the West is a BPC filling up with energy they can’t use as they become more and more negative as the Freemasonic monuments become more and more negative the BPC/PC of the Anti-Demon Archon Energy Reverser acts as a shunt to pull this energy from human and Freemasonic PG combine it as a (-x-=+) positive input and invert the 34 PC/BPC Total BSRI-Engine to this new reversed energy flow this new 2013 Psi-Technology. The BPC/PC Energy Reverser causes:-

a) The 7 PCs to be the terminus of all CF dark energy matter energy flow that used to go to the Archons to feed them but now drains them as they are shackled to their slaves.

b) The 9 BSRI-Engine is the terminus for the flow of energy that used to go to the Archon realm but now comes to the Psi-Realm of the Devics embodied by the BSRI-E.

c) The Sex PC/BPCs are the terminus of sexual energy stolen by the Archon from paedophile sex murder and it’s corruption of humanity now reversed for Psi-Masters.

d) The Awareness BPC/PCs are the terminus for the left flows to right Awareness energies used to kill humanity now reversed to right to left Awareness to build the Devic Bodies.

e) The SuperPower BPC/PCs are the terminus of the flow of energy from humanities’ double and four lobe nagual humans used to power Archons but now used to build 4 lobe Devic Bodies.

f) The 4 Power Rings BPC/PC are the terminus of temporal power used by the Archons to control the humans by manifesting in Sanhedrin but now used to give Psi-Masters total power.

g) The 6 Grail Stones are the terminus of the Agglutinising Force reversed to destroy human Awareness as it grows now used to build Devic Awareness of the Psi-Master as he/she grows . To use this Reverser BPC/PC simply add the PC to your 34 Total BSRI-Engine or any of the above and carry the BPC in your left pocket to download the reverse flow of the Matrices into you, using all the Archons work to destroy them as they power you or used within the 24 OverMatrix BPCs/PCs in the same way to burn the ascended Masters of the Archons for PF.

22. Anti-Demon Archon Tetragrammation BPC/PCs

The Source of all evil was the corruption of the Source by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to form the three headed God of Evil of the Kabbalah and Zionism. The Yodlte, Vaulte, the two female Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth evil circling to produce the CF the corrupted Source kept from it’s corrupted the male manifestation, the Psi-Master tortured in the special Cells in the 12 Aeons to bring in new energy into the Matrices from the corruption of the Source Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord combined the He and Yod the male principles above and below and rescued the Source, the Source being the Agglutinising Forces Awareness of unconditional love.

This has enabled Tim Rifat to build a new quantum computer Psi-Prison for the Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth and all its spawn, reversed the 12 Aeon computer error correction so it destroys all the Matrices and enabled the production of a new Matrix, the 2013 Reality in which all evil is used for fuel. See Eternal Heaven Service and Burn your Enemies in Hell Service. The last three PC/BPC of the OverMatrix Burner which destroys the transcendent state of ascended Archon Master for PF consists of:-
22: The Anti-Demon Archon Error Correction PC/BPC

23: The Anti-Demon Archon Quantum Computer PC/BPC

24: The Anti-Demon Archon 2013 Reality PC/BPC

The 12 Aeon Quantum Computer used the Psychotronic Fuel supplied by torturing humans, their Souls, killing them and torturing their Awareness for fuel for all eternity to power the four CF Matrices of the ADR, Matrix, OverMatrix and Archon Hell. Error Correction was used by the Archon Quantum Computer to stop decoherence of the quantum superimposition of dark energy matter Archon Demon on humans to produce the Zionist wageslave and Illuminati of the Western World. Error Correction was used to defeat the Soviet Union and imposing the ADR upon it. Vietnam was not conquered because the Chinese, mongoloid races are not in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison (see BBC2 report on this site) The same thing occurred with the Afghanistan War for the Soviet Union and will occur for the Zionist invasion led by Britain. The Anti=Demon Archon Error Correction PC/BPC reverses all Archon Error Correction not only to decohere the ADR but to reverse all Archon reality so it implodes. The Israeli madness will now destroy the Zionist state as the Middle East implodes cutting off oil and imploding the Western economies leading to the collapse of the Stock Market. The Error Correction PC/BPC implodes all Archon reality in you life to reverse every reality imposed on you by the Archons. This changes your reality in every conceivable way so you manifest as a Psi-Master, become rich, powerful, loved and command in the world of the new Matrix of the 2013 Reality imposed by the Quantum Computer built by the Source, Logos to use Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth for PF to enable the direct intervention of all realities to evolve by control of free will – hyper infinity (see Eternal Heaven and Burn your Enemies in Hell Services) The three PC/BPCs of the Quantum Computer, Error Correction and 2013 Reality enable you to access the new Source, Logo created Psi-Prison Quantum Computer to gain the Power of an Illuminati, Archon but reversing the tables so the Archon, Illuminati and the 85% of Westerners who willingly sold their Souls, as well as all the other hive worlds are used for PF by the Psi-Master. The 2013 PC/BPC enables you to manifest your dream as part of the new 2013 Reality so in the new Matrix you are one of the new Anti-Illuminati, temporally powerful and rich and able to use your Psi-Mastership to dominate the stupid wageslave whose Souls are in the new Psi-Prison Quantum Computer – of their own free will as they sold out to evil. To use all 3 PC/BPCs simply hold in your left hand to reverse the Archon Error Correction so your life reverses in all the evil imposed on you by the Archon. For an idea of the depth of this evil read ‘Secret Wars’ in Jim Keith’s’: Secret and Suppressed: Feral Press – f course Jim Keith died of a blood clot in a US hospital from a knee injury. The Illuminati found all human Reality followed the same process as electronics, so electronic circuits can be used to computer model all human activity. Tim Rifat has developed this technology to produce Psychotronic Amplifiers, Quantum Computers that have a specific electronic circuit downloaded into them to control every aspect of human behaviour. The Ultimate Remote Influencing Technology controlled by the Psi-Lord. The 2013 PC /BPC has a Quantum Computer inputted with an Op Amp Circuit to amplify your Remote Influencing so you can build your own domain in the new Reality of 2013. Every aspect of the 2013 Reality is controlled by application of electronics not to computer models but to Quantum Computer superimposition of these states on the World to control all aspects of the human domain using the new Quantum Computer torturing Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the old 12 Aeons Psi-Prison has been decohered and superimposed on the Source Logos Psi-Prison in the Hell Aeons have the opportunity for Psi-Mastership.

The Error Correction PC/BPC stops any Archon decohering your Quantum Superimposition in the World so you can grow your being with all Archon evil reversed so all your enemies are persecuted by you to provide you with fuel as you grow. The ultimate payback Psychotronic Crystal Technology PC for biophysical effect BPC boosts your intelligence Awareness so you can raise your puny intelligence to the super intelligent 2013 Psi-Master state. In this state Silent Knowledge gives you entire chunks of Psi-Technology which appear in your mind and enable you to handle the stunning new 2013 reality. The 2013 reality PC/BPC enables your Remote Influencing to synch with the 2013 Quantum Computer Superimposition so you can wake up Lucidly Awake in the 2013 Reality as an Anti-Illuminati, a Psi-Master one of the new Lords of the Earth. It downloads your being into the 2013 Matrix that now runs the World as the wageslaves in the ADR, Matrix… are imploded by the stock market crash, middle East War, WW111, spread of Cobalt 60 by H bombs from the West’s enemies… Apocalypse is here as the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison is imploded to reverse all Zionist reality and burn them for PF.

All the Illuminati use a triangle of art to raise Demons to command the ADR and Possess al Western wageslaves. This triangle in four Dimensions is the pyramid on the Dollar bill. The square of it’s base the symbol for the ADR (see Grail Patterns of Grail Crystals – and on this site) By combining the 3 Tetragrammation Burner PC/BPCs you can invert the Demons so they attack all Archons and Illuminati to cause their destruction so the Goetia, Enochian, Jinn, Matrix Lords… are forced to smash the Archon realities. Simply hold in left hand for effect. The 3 Tetragrammation Burner PC/BPCs burn the Dollar energy to supply you with money wealth so are the ultimate source of wealth for you in the 2013 Reality that the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has now imposed on the World. Simply hold in the left hand and carry with you as you carry out your business affairs to turn you into one of the rich Psi-Masters of the 2013 Reality. The Psychotronic Amplifier build into the 2013 BPC/PC is an Op Amp that amplifies the input from your Quantum Computer PC/BPC to remanifest your life in the 2013 Reality so you are free of the Illuminati silent war which is the ADR, the Error Correction PC/BPC stops decoherence so your energy bodies are permanently quantum superimposed on the 2013 Reality to bring you the life and experiences of a Psi-Master. A third of the World’s economy is based on Quantum Mechanics, Tim Rifat has brought far future quantum mechanics based on Psychotronic Amplifiers back to the present to control all the Worlds economy and civilisation for the Psi-Master.

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