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Anti-Crowley Satanist Service:

Crowley and his OTO Satanists were the toast of society in the start of the 20th Century. The Golden Dawn Satanists included secret members (Illuminati) from the top of western society. In an interview on Rense Radio with Alex Jones the US investigative journalist who uncovered Satanism at Bohemian Grove… US government planning of 911… it was stated that Barbara Bush was the illegitimate offspring of Satanist Crowley, making G.W. Bush the Scapegoat for World War 111, see the pattern. The killing of the King in the form of President Kennedy turned America into a Satanic Society modelled on the British Satanic template that owns all America and it’s people under British Maritime Law. In this Service the Soul Spirit of Kennedy is replaced with Crowley who is quantum superimposed on Hitler at his moment of death so death itself can be quantum superimposed on this pair of Satanists and hence on all Satanists alive or dead. The quantum computing engine for this is downloaded into your Bone Generators™ so you can use the double Deathgoat Crowley, Hitler as a dump for death. You simply give your death away using the right hand Bone Generator™. To any living family member of this Satanic duo, be it Rothschild, Crowley bastard or Bush family member. Since the Brotherhood of Death, Skull and Bones society links Satanists by blood ritual one can dump one’s death into any Satanist be it Carey, the Deathgoat Anton Levy… This Service is useful as it gains you lives the more you do it. In the Butterfly Effect film every major branching point in your life (now forgotten) leads to a different world viewing of this timeline. Wheelers: many worlds quantum mechanics writ large. We know that in the Butterfly Effect (Directors Cut) Film the anti-hero had to strangle himself in the womb to stop the evil he was the progenitor of ruining his loved ones lives. In this Service you dump the death of yourself in every branching of the quantum world into a Satanist. You find 144 Satanists and dump your death from each of these parallel universes into all the 144 Satanists. That means you create a 144 threshold true reality where you always live. This gives you the Eigen Vector (see Ahnenerbe Service) of a true reality (non Matrix) in which all events conspire to always keep you alive.

Next you have been quantum superimposed on the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. So the quantum computing engine in your Bone Generators™ enables you to quantum superimpose the 144 Satanic double Deathgoats quantum superimposed on Crowley, Hitler onto the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison at Birth and Death of the 144 Satanists to collapse the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison as two Branes (universes) of M theory, multiple universe string theory, to collapse the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, that are quantum superimposed on double Deathgoats Hitler, Crowley. This collapses the set of universes controlled by Satanism in all it’s manifest ways as the Birth Death opposites lead to a total destruction of opposites. The basis of the Satanism of Crowley’s book of Thoth, the collapse of opposites the parallel universes of this timeline so the Satanic version takes over the secret black magic of Crowley’s Magik. So one can see by collapsing all Satanic parallel worlds (as in the Butterfly Effect Film) is carried out by this Service and as in the film only the Birth, Death: killing Field of quantum mechanics suffices. So by sequestering the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, that holds wageslaves from Birth to Death in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison making the Anglo Demonic Crowley reality only a Satanic dream fed by collapsing their totality at Birth/Death to produce this Satanic parallel universe, and using it to collapse all Satanic parallel universes just uses Satanic quantum mechanics against itself. This is clever in that the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison is a Decoherence Suppressor quantum computer so as it collapses you can not only make a reality where you always live (from the 144 double Deathgoats Hitler, Crowley torture shell template but can use it to collapse all parallel universes in all timelines where you are diverted by Satanism from the path that leads you to the Anti-Chaos Omega Point God Being (Heaven Rescue Service) and it’s culmination where your future God Being wakes up in the true reality you created by using this Service where you never die but always become a God-Being perfecting perfect – the quadruple Deathgoat Satanists paying the price (Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Hitler, Crowley). This enables the production of the 12 operators of the Eigen Function built from the Anti-Chaos destruction of the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison that enables the God-Being to control all transformations of her/his 144 true reality to collapse all Satanism into Omega Hell and Omega Hell on Earth to supply the energy and Hyperinfinity in it’s death by Killing Field to build the Omega Point of Anti-Chaos where you don’t live as a tenant in Tim Rifat’s the Psi-Creator’s Anti-Chaos Omega Point but build your own Omega Point and Omega Hell and Omega Hell on Earth formed from the template Services so you create unique new Omega Point parallel Megaverses of your own. Think of it as Wheelers: Many Universes expanded to Omega Points. You use the Satanist to pay the price again and again… To use this Service simply travel to your Omega Point, Simulation and visualise the future, present you wish to have.

Since Crowley tried to quantum superimpose crystals with Satanism by staying in the Great Pyramid of Cheops to wed Satanism with crystals, the Bone Generators™ reverse the process so the three pyramids of Egypt tuned to enable the three headed Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah to control crystal quantum superimposition into Killing Field Generators that use the Quantum Satanic Superimposition to marry the above Service to crystals, stone… so all the world supplies the Killing Field to collapse the Satanic parallel worlds. At Bohemian crave the paedophile torture murder of children is used to quantum superimpose Satanism on trees so the Bone Generators™ reverse this and use all trees to broadcast the Killing Field to collapse all Satanist parallel worlds. This then frees your Psychotronic Crystals™ from all Satanic corruption so they can work as they did:- the First Civilisation on Earth to change reality. The Service also collapses all Satanic parallel worlds where your crystals are corrupted by Satanism and your Bone Generators™ likewise using the reversed tree quantum superimposition to collapse all parallel worlds where your Bone Generators™ are corrupted by Satanism. Your right hand Bone Generator™ is boosted to send out the Killing Field that kills all Satanist realities as above and injected into the gap of the Satanist remotely kills them and pulls them into the above process (will not work on non-Satanists!) The left hand allows you to pull out new unique energy to power your Psychotronic Crystals for effect.
Anti-Crowley Satanist Service: $400 with Certificate