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Anti-Coven Service: has shown that the Rothschild Illuminati consist of 13 (a Coven) families all Jewish that include the: Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Oppenheimers, Stearns, Goldsmiths… (see the Power of the Rothschild’s) that are all Satanists. They trace their Satanic lineage back to the Sandhedrin the Satanic Jewish money lenders that Jesus threw out of the Temple. All the 13 Jewish Satanist Illuminati families control the banking world and print the paper money consecrated by black mass inverted crosses that is the currency of Western Satanist countries. The black mass alter stone is linked by occult ritual with the silicon microchips used in the money markets and Northern Rock the 4th largest British building society that had a run on it’s bank in Freemason terms is the north position of the black mass ritual circle when the stone (rock) alter is placed to slaughter the babies fed to Demons by the Illuminati. Why 13 for a coven? Well all Satanism is based on Satanic Jewish Kabbalah which has 10 Sephiroth, the Satanic Gateway of Daath and Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, to make 13. It has four levels of the damned, Demon, ArchDemon and to give 11×3 = 33, the levels of Freemasons, the 33rd degrees. Above that are the levels of Satanic Illuminati. Since the entire Western Zionist empire is built on this system the 13 Jewish Satanist Illuminati Families that own the West and being the Sandhedrin high priesthood of Satanism are the eye of the pyramid. The 13 tribes of Israel are the 13 Jewish Illuminati Satanists, the 13th tribe being the Rothschild, British Royal Family that have inter-married, Camilla Parker Bowles the Queen of England to be being a Rothschild relation who holidays with the Rothschild’s in Sardinia in the summer.

Since 13 Jewish Families rule the Zionist Empire and world Satanism one can collapse them as opposites as Western democracy is supposed to be the anti-thesis of Satanism. This collapse of opposites turns the Zionist Empires and world Satanism into energy: Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force. As the Kabbalistic God is three headed: Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah (corrupted Eve female Principle) we have the three levels of this process 13x2x3 that gives 78 the Tarot Cards the highest form of black magic created by Alistair Crowley in his Book of Thoth the Satanism of Tarot. Kenneth Grant the apprentice of Satanist Crowley has written at least 9 books on the inverse insectile Demonic otherside of the Kabbalistic Tree and the 78 inverse Tarot Cards generated. This then gives us the 78×2=156 Enochian Grid Chequerboard of the Anglo Demonic Reality created from the Kabbalah and the 13 Illuminati Satanist coven of the Rothschild Sanhedrin the basis of all Westernism, the Zionist Empire of paedophile child Satanic abuse/sacrifice. The 3 lower levels of Kabbalah 3x(10 Sefiroth + Yaltabaoth + Yaldabaoth) give the 36 Goetic Demonic levels that act on the Female principle to corrupt it to produce Shekinah the corrupted world of the Matrix. The Abramelin ritual that turns a non Jew into an Illuminati uses the Goetia to damn the human spirit, in return for temporal power over the material world and install the Satanic Guardian Angel of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. As one can see all of this derives from the Satanic Coven the micro cosmic manifestation of the macrocosmic Satanic Kabbalah outlined above.

The true basis of all Western culture of the Satanic Matrix. According to Benjamin Fulford (see who has declared war on the Illuminati there are 13 degrees of Illuminati above the top level of 33rd degree Freemason; led by Prince Michael of Kent the British Queen’s cousin. Now Elizabeth the second is head of the Church of England and we know the 13 Satanic Jewish Illuminati Families the Coven of Satan, eye in the pyramid trace their roots back to the Sanhedrin money lenders forcibly evicted by Christ from the Temple in Jerusalem. So the control of Churches, Temples of supplication to higher power, Gods seems to be the modus operandi of the Illuminati. Why do they need to install themselves in Churches, Temples… Masonic Temples — Washingtons Congress of Satan. All these institutions in some way are the buildings where higher power is dispensed to the praying, supplicating masses. Psychotronic Generators of stone dedicated to controlling the conduit between higher power and the Anglo Demonic Reality. These Churches Temples sequestered by the Satanic Illuminati allow power from outside the Matrix to enter but block all attempt to escape by generating the Veil that blocks all attempts by the Soul and spirit to lift itself out of the Satanic Matrix. The Tenant the Satanic Psi-Master who block all modern shamans attempts to leave the Matrix had his base in a Church in Mexico to which he generated his own private Matrix. So we can deduce the Churches are the specific Psychotronic Generators that not only block escape but generate the Middle Place in Psi-Space that has grown like a cancer to replace the real Psi-Space beyond. In the early 60’s the Illuminati Satanists took over the Vatican banned the Latin Mass (words have power), extreme unction the Catholic ritual to allow the Soul to pass out of the Matrix (purgatory), excommunication to protect the Illuminati from sanction and banishment of Demons (beloved of the Illuminati) exorcism was banned by Vatican 11. Since the Vatican is the Rock of Peter the means by which the human skin that holds humans bound to the Matrix was subverted by quantum superimposition with Crystals was blocked (see Anti-Black Mass Service) but also the Sanhedrin money lenders took over all Western Churches as the Vatican is the archetype of all Christian Churches.

It was this act that sealed the Anglo Demonic Reality in stone, enabling the assassination of Kennedy, the anointing of the Illuminati Church of Satan with the King of the West who tried as a good Catholic to free America from the slavery of the Illuminati Federal reserve banking system and IRS. Kennedy was used by the Illuminati as the Anti-Christ who suffered for the sins of the Illuminati so they could take over the world. The Church system acting as the Psychotronic Generator Satanist System of the new world order Anglo Demonic Reality. the stone altars had been quantum superimposed with the black mass paedophile torture murder altars of the Illuminati. Stone is vital as Hyperinfinity is the operator that collapses the Quantum Wave Function to produce reality timelines so control over stone and the Earth, the reservoir of Hyperinfinity (discovered by scientist Tim Rifat) that controls the branching of quantum mechanical reality to produce timelines. To engage, operate these Psychotronic Crystals™ one needs to have 13 magicians, a Coven, as 12 squared produces a timeline, so 13 squared powers can erase old realities and control the new ones; the magic power of the Coven. As all Westerners have given their Hyperinfinity to the 13 Jewish Satanist Families of the Illuminati by accepting proper money in return for their Hyperinfinity only the Satanist Illuminati have Hyperinfinity in the West. Since they don’t control China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela… North Korea they have no dominion beyond the Satanist West. Churches have been the stone Psychotronic Crystals™ used to control quantum branching and hence which reality comes into being. With 13 squared Coven control all 12 squared realities can be banished and the real worlds replaced with Matrix simulations. 13² – 12² =5² the first five terms of the Fibonacci Series being used to create the Anglo Demonic Reality (see 5 being the number of the corrupted Eve, the Satanist feminine principle as well as the Pentagon the seat of Zionist power.

From Shamanism comes the Wheel of Time the counter clockwise rotation of quantum mechanics that gives the intrinsic time. If 12² Powers produce a reality then 13² Powers can be seen as the next step in controlling how realities evolve. the 12² Powers give the folds in the Wheel of Time that are realities the 13² Powers the tracks they make in the Wheel of Time controlled by Transinfinite Operators, the mathematics of the Agglutinising Force (AF) the binding force that holds energy fields together. Covens produce a vortex with their rituals that uses the stone altars to access the Hyperinfinity of the planet and astronomical alignments (times of years such as Halloween) to access transinfinity to change time, manifestation of future events. The slaughter of babies and pregnant women by the Illuminati is to steal by black mass not only their Hyperinfinity but AF so as foetus, baby AF it will continue to grow after death in the black mass stone altar which linked to all Church altars and the prayers of the congregation can expand to become the AF of the Satanist Anglo Demonic Reality. the altar in these churches is at the North as this is the position where all Demonic invocation is carried out. These Satanic Churches then sequester the real Christian churches where the altar is at the East the position of God (Sun).

In this Service your Bone Generators™ are given the quantum computing engine to sequester the Sanhedrin Coven and use these 13 Satanist Illuminati Jewish Families as Total DeathGoats, past present and future. To become your own Anti-Chaos Coven to take control of the system the Illuminati have built up this Service gives you 12 Tulpas that are designed to take over the above system. They are then quantum superimposed with your being to produce a 13 Gestalt being. Since the Sanhedrin Coven is the control panel of the entire Satanist Illuminati realities you can download all your negativity in every form into the Sanhedrin and take all their positive energy, Hyperinfinity, AF formed from their docile Western wageslaves. This makes your 12 Tulpas very very powerful as it boosts you to the Rothschild level of occult level but in the Anti-Chaos form. In the process it ruins all the Illuminati and their works. All Churches are sequestered by this Service to act as retronsmitters of you so like broadcasting stations you can alter quantum mechanics (reality) in every place there is a Church, stone circle… you can use them as Lucid Viewing broadcasting, receiving stations, or for dreaming to create like the Tenant your own reality in the Middle Place, a cancer in the brain of Satanism. Since these Churches, stone circles, altars can transmit Torsion Fields you can use a specific one near a target to control the target the entire Church… network being uses as a Remote Influencing array. Your Coven Tulpas can run stupendously complex programmes on the Sanhedrin Psychotronic Crystal™ network to benefit you at their expense. All the slaughtered babies and foetuses have their AF sequestered past, present and future so you and your Tulpas have the AF to change quantum branching to control the reality events and erase all those you want but more importantly this AF can be used to make your 12 Tulpas real or to glue you together for longer life, or for real after life, or to burn with the Fire from Within. In the process the Illuminati get the debt of AF as they have now lost it.

Anti-Coven Service: $600

Anti-Coven Service Upgrade A: To convert the above into the Sublime Good Version where the hidden part in positive energy, Tim Rifat Class Psychotronic Generators is downloaded into the Sanhedrin to give you 12 Perfect Tulpas and Perfect Power for the Bone Psi-Master.

Upgrade A: $600

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.