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Anti-Satanism Bone Generators™

The Anti-Chaos Baby Machine Bone Generator™

We all know Satanists breed children for sacrifice, sexual abuse, indoctrination… to Satan. In this Service the wombs of any Western wageslave female can be sequestered by the Bone Psi-Master to become Anti-chaos Baby Machines. To produce Anti-Chaos Demons that steal all the space-like and the time-like waste dump she becomes for the Anti-Chaos Demon drives her mad. Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord (trading name Psi-Lord Ltd) found out that one of the blue Pulsar females he had a girl child with was a secret Satanist so he turned her into an Anti-Chaos Baby Machine her child a replica of the initial Anti-Chaos Baby Machine. Since MI5 consists of 50% females all dedicated to killing Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord could replicate this Anti-Chaos Baby Machine sequestration process on all the MI5 Total Deathgoat Jew sows all the female MI5 members past present and future plus MI6, MI4… have now become breeding pods for Anti-Chaos Demons, wombs that travel around infecting the world with Anti-Chaos Demons dedicated to making the Zionist Empire a time-like broken dream and using the space-like power of Satanists… Westerners to bring in the 2013 reality that has Satanists in temporal and afterlife Anti-Chaos Omega Hell.

Unlike Tulpas that need to be fed to grow, Anti-Chaos Demons are carcinogenic and metastasise through the body of the Zionist Empire and it’s hive worlds sequestering all Total Deathgoat Jew sows to spread the growth of an army of Anti-Chaos Demons. These Anti-Chaos Demons stick to normal Satanist Demons and poison the Satanist Demon giving them Anti-Chaos cancer that turns Satanist Demons into Anti-Chaos Demons. The perfect plague weapon to subvert, sequester and spread the power of the Bone Psi-Master by taking over the power of Satanist sows, their children and the Demons they breed to produce Anti-Chaos Breeding Machines, that produce Baby Anti-Chaos Breeding Machines, produce Anti-Chaos Demons, that give Total Intent Cancer to Satanist Demons to spread plague through the horde of Demons produced by the Rothschilds Illuminati Satanists to turn the Satanist demons into Anti-Satanist Demons under the Bone Psi-Masters control. (Psi-Lord Ltd does not hold to the common open sources documentation that the Rothschilds are the leaders of Satanism worldwide for legal reasons). One can see the biological warfare using MI5 sows… to become factories to produce Anti-Chaos Demons to destroy Satanism the West; Anti-Chaos Demons that obey the Bone Psi-Master possess any Westerner you wish to target to drive them mad or control them, ruin them by stealing their space-like power to turn their world into a broken dream and a toxic waste dump for time-like energy so the Bone Psi-Master becomes more and more space-like so all his/her dreams manifest in the temporal or biophysical world as he/she destroys all her /his victims, works, dreams…. This Service spreads the Anti-Black Magic Service and is the adjunct to all Anti-Evil Services.

To implement this Bone Generator™ Service you pick the female Anti-Chaos Breeding Machine visualise the Total Death Goat Jew Sow (Jew is the generic name for all Satanists as common on open source information shows all Satanism is led, the creation of the Rothschild Jews purported by Aleister Crowley to be Satanist paedophile cannibals in Israel Regardies book preface, Psi-Lord Ltd cannot agree for legal reasons), then plunge your right hand Bone Generator™ into this visual images womb, not the real person as that is assault! You do this three times once from the front twice from the back via left and right kidney level to make a Triangle of Art Anti-Chaos Demon Invocator in the target. Using the womb energy centre of the Sow and the two adrenal energy centres (see Castaneda’s: “Magical Passes” for the energy centres of Shamanism). It’s as simple as that. You can make as many Anti-Chaos Baby Machines as possible. It takes 7 days for the baby to be born, the Anti-Chaos Demon then bursts forth to do your bidding. You can use the left Bone Generator™ hand to leach energy, Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising force the Anti-Chaos Demon has stolen from victims and you can dump time-like negative Hyperinfinity, energy, Agglutinising force to boost your space-like temporal power at the same time.

The Anti-Chaos Baby Machine Bone Generator™ with Certificate $600

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.