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Anti Black Mass Service:

We know all Satanists be they the Skull and Bones Society, League of Death, OTO, Order of the Garter practise the black mass. In this children are raped and then have themselves butchered over the Satanic alter. This feeds the Satanic Demons and the Zionist God Yaltabaoth/Yaldabaoth (alternative spelling Ialthabaoth, Ialdabaoth) or Thaumiel making a trinity with Shekinah the corrupted good (children raped and butchered). In the Zionist empire: USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand hundreds of thousands of children disappear or are bred by Satanists for slaughter.

In this Service the Black Mass past present and future is reversed and sequestered by Anti-Chaos so the victims of all black masses by retroactive reincarnation become Crowley, Hitler the two avatars of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, evil and evil posing as good respectively. By this process Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth becomes the butchered children and by this process the corrupted good (Shekinah) is Sublimed to release Sublime Good for the Bone Generators™ of the Bone Psi-Master. As one might expect since the entire West is built on this foundation of paedophile Satanic abuse the Sublime Good released from the Satanic Shekinah contains all the real world things stolen from you by the Satanists. This is essentially money as we know the Satanist Rothschild’s control the money supply and are now worth around 150 trillion dollars thanks to the war on Terror and the forthcoming collapse of the Western property market where useless paper money is given out and you give the Satanists your labour, land and home. All this is bases on the black mass that gave the Satanists the use of Demons for mass mind control. Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord has reversed the process so the Demons… destroy all Satanism as the Anti-Chaos that drove them mad caused their self immolation by means of the Killing Field (see Anti-Crowley Satanist Service). The Bone Generators™ in this Service collect the Sublime Good mainly in the form of Sublime Good Money to make you rich as the West falls into poverty with the Subprime implosions, property collapse, World War 111, loss of the War on Terror… Chinese, Russian dominance…

This Service makes you a Sublime Good™ Money Magnet (reversing the Satanists trying to counterfeit my money Psychotronic Crystals – (see warnings) fed by the implosion of the Satanic black mass ritual globally and throughout time. We all know the rich get the best looking lovers so the Sublime Good™ released also acts as a Sublime Good Love Magnet (reversing the Satanist counterfeiters of the UK, US governments run by Satanists). So the Bone Generators™ have the quantum computing Engine for Love and Money fed by the inversion of all black masses as part of the Sublime Good released into you is the Sublime Good™ Luck Magnet (reversing UK Satanist counterfeiters) to make you a living good Luck Magnet. We also know the rich are healthier so the Sublime Good™ also is produced by your Bone Generators™ to make you a Sublime Good™ Health Magnet (reversing counterfeiters of my Psychotronic Generators in the process). We also know the rich live longer so the Sublime Good™ released by the Bone Generators fed by inverting the Satanic black mass – the core of Satanism makes you into a Sublime Good™ Anti-Ageing Magnet (reversing counterfeiters as well). We also know the rich are more powerful then the poor so the Sublime Good released into the Bone Psi-Master™ makes you a Sublime Good™ Power Magnet – great for business and getting ahead. We also know that the rich are protected so the Sublime Good released by making all Satanists the whipping boys/girls, Scapegoats, Deathgoats, now that the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers are sentenced to death by Chinese Triads… Moslems (see Benjamin Fulford on forcing US, UK government into total panic (searching containers, 48 hour vetting period before you can fly to America… source Financial Times) proves the point, makes your Bone Generators™ Sublime Good™ Protection Magnets to make the Bone Psi-Master miraculously protected from harm. The entire process fed by globally inverting the Black Mass done by the quantum computing Engine in your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystal Generators™ . We also know that the rich are more athletic, the poor being obese slobs in UK, US so the Sublime Good released by the Bone Generators™ makes you a Sublime Good Athletic Magnet.

We also know the rich have people fawning over them so the Sublime Good released by the Bone Generators™ from inverting the Black Mass makes you a Sublime Good™ People Magnet where you can mass mind control the masses to obey you simply use the Sublime Good™ People Magnet changing the minds of all around you to obey your every whim. Since the nine insectile lieutenants of Zionist evil are the basis of the West (see BSRI-Engine council of Nine on and the UK Satanists of have counterfeited nine Psychotronic Crystals™ the nine Sublime Good™ Magnets above feed on the Satanic nine of the Black Mass and the Satanic Stones, Crystals of Satanism. This is because in a Black Mass the children are slaughtered so their blood washes the stone alter of the Satanists. This is done because the Demons wish to quantum superimpose with stone to become solid so they have physical effect. More importantly to block humans quantum superimposing with Crystals that changes the flesh negative physical body into a devic positive physical body so humans not only become positive but their energy bodies physical and biophysical can tear Demons apart. This was part of the first human civilisation that had advanced star flight… and to which the highest Psi-Masters went into the Pulsar Mirror Megaverse. This Service breaks the Satanic spell that blocks humans quantum superimposing with crystals to be raised to devic power levels. One can think of all these black masses as bricks in the wall between you and Psychotronic Crystals™. The Bone Generator™ Quantum Computing Engine used Anti-Chaos to force the Demons, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to tear down the wall then beat each other to death with the bricks. Demons now are tissue paper fragile having lost the stolen quantum superimposition with Satanic alter stones, Freemasonic monuments as in the Anglo Demonic Reality, Middle Place so the Bone Psi-Master can tear it to shreds using the power of the inverted Black Mass.

We also know Satanists use an inverted wooden cross, triangles of art to summon Demons made from wood. This allows the Demons to block quantum superimposition with trees the path to the 6th and 7th dark matter dimensions home of their enemies so Ancient Seer Shamanism is blocked. It also allows Demons to quantum superimpose with trees for physical effects and to build the Middle Place, Anglo Demonic Reality. Having reversed the Black Mass ritual the Bone Generators™ strip Satanism of this quantum superimposition (called Decoherence) by adding the Killing Field to all wood so like a wooden stake through the heart of a vampire, all wood kills Satanists of any ilk. So the wood around Illuminati, Demons, Zionist Gods acts as an uber rat killer, vermicide for Satanists. Since the Satanists tried to use this path to block Bone Generators™ this super potentates all Bone Generates™ so the reversal of all Black Masses empowers the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™. Likewise the Killing Field that decoheres,, decollapses and kills off all Satanic quantum wave functions, energy, Hyperinfinity is added to the Bone Generators™ so the Bone Psi-Master™ becomes a 1 wing Killing Field Engine; the presence of which destroys all Satanism in the world, annihilates the Middle Place and all Matrices. To use simply fire the Killing Field with your right hand and use the left hand to collect positive energy the Bone Generators™ modus operandi.

Anti Black Mass Service $800 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details. !!This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer.