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Anti-Black Magic Service:

The Anglo Demonic Reality of the West inverts the truth. Truth becomes lies and lies truth. A prime example is the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC so called voice of truth tat is a proven liar, making a programme which purported to show the Queen of England walking out of an interview in the programme: a year in the life of the Queen, when in fact the whole walk out episode was a total fabrication leading to the ignomious resignation of the BBC1 controller; as well as defrauding children by rigging Blue Peter to BBC’s flagship children’s programme… widespread fraud on all British television networks: MI5 banning by D any real reporting of British state terrorism…. The point to be made is that media whores, propaganda criminals pre-cache materialism and state magic, paranormal and the supernatural does not exist, while the Rothschild’s and the other 12 Satanic Jewish Families of the Illuminati practise paedophile torture murder; British state sanctioned and funded by Boris Berosausky in the case of Beslon the Russian children slaughtered by UK government funding for proxy war on Russia all to further Black Magic – Satanism the real religion of the Western elite.

In this Service having destroyed the black magic power of Satanists led by the 13 Jewish Illuminati paedophile torture murder Families (see: The Power of the Rothschilds: – Anti-Coven Service), the Psi-Lord: Tim Rifat deconstructs black magic, sequesters it’s demonic power, injecting anti-chaos into the demonic Kabbalah to drive it mad, self destructive, damned in the process co-opting it’s power using Psychotronic Crystal™ Bone Generators™ so you can become the new Anti-Black Magician Illuminati and the Satanists pay the price. The best of both worlds with the Psi-Master getting the power and the Satanists paying the price. To understand the process let’s look at the principles of Satanism. The vermin Satanist gives his energy, Hyperinfinity (free will), Transinfinity (Agglutinising Force that binds together the energy body) to the Demon, Kabbalistic God of Zionist Satanism… all dark energy matter entities which need positive energy to build their Intents into reality and crave control over space-like reality (see Anti-Satanist Monument Service). The only way dark energy matter Demons… Kabbalistic Satanist Gods can gain control over space-like (real) realities is by getting Satanists to give themselves over to parisitation (being possessed) by these dark energy matter entities who can then grow at the expense of these dupes. All the 13 Satanist Jewish Illuminati Families (see The Power of The Rothschilds) are just dark energy matter parasitic entities in residence in the bodies of these 13 Jewish Satanist Families that gave themselves to Satan. Since the dark energy matter entities understand the workings of reality while the wageslaves have no education in reality only the mechanistic Anglo Demonic Reality of the past human world that ended after WW11. Since these dark energy matter entities crave positive energy but have to have negative energy to turn their negative dark matter body positive (-x-=+) so they can have a dark energy body that grows with time (+ve) then they need the humans to degenerate their Soul, Spirit and bodies hence Satanism and all it’s Western degradations. This explains the evil of the West where all things are designed to lower consciousness, morals, ethics, spirit values to become the stupid, evil, transgenic chimp that’s the Western wageslave – an angel degraded to become Satanic a perverted beast.

It is very important to understand that Supernatural Spirits of the dark energy matter variety need to parasitize or symbiotise with negative light matter components of these beings be it negative (Souls) of Satanists given to Satan, or the flesh (negative in sign) given to sex of the Satanic form, this being sex without love just negative degratory lust. Even the Supernatural Spirits who are the Allies of Shamans require fear from the Shaman doled out in positive by parasitizing or symbiosis with negative light energy mother beings (-x-x the biophysical dark energy matter = + space-like output). This positive being allows the dark energy matter to have a space-like nature so they can quantum superimpose on light energy matter space-like beings; the real world of light energy matter of this universe. Once the dark energy matter has superimposed on the light energy space-like (real) universe the effect of the dark energy matter can make certain parts of the real universe improbably by destructive interference and other parts probably collapsing the Quantum Wave Function in non light energy matter modes to produce magic of the Satanic kind of parasitisation or shamanic sorcery by symbiosis with Allies. The logical conclusion of this is the Matrix and it’s derivatives the Anglo Demonic Reality. This is magic explained to primitive 21st Century man as simply being quantum mechanics including dark energy matter. As one might guess this knowledge is the core competency of the Illuminati and their most secret secret. As a Psi-Lord Tim Rifat is so above Satanist Illuminati that his RVScience: Real Virtual Science appears to them as magic – they can never understand or use as they are Cosmic Total Intent Deathgoats. In the Anti-Satanic Monument Service Tim Rifat allows Bone Psi-Masters™ to cancel out all physical (not mental effects) of dark energy matter beings so black magic is destroyed all that is left being time-like evil hallucinations of the insane, the mental programmes of the damned who are driven made by the bedlam of the dark energy matter parasites who are forever cut off from the physical world and now trapped in Omega Hell and the Omega Simulation (time-like hallucinogenic hell for Satanists and their wageslave sheep).

In this Service the Bone Psi-Master™ sequesters black magic in the form of Anti-chaos black magic where the Bone Generators™ give you physical (space-like_ control of reality with the Satanists paying the price in Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity… damnation. So these scum give the energy for your Anti-chaos black magic against their volition as their Hyperinfinity has been taken by the Psi-Lord and they have been given negative Hyperinfinity they have to pay the interest thereof eternally, hence Anti-Tarot black magic of Aleister Crowley. To sequester this you get pictures of Crowley’s tarot card deck and simply put the 78 images on your hard drive of the computer, then invert them and add these 78 images (see Psychotronic Crystalware on This gives you 156 images to sequester Enochian magic of the British via the 156 chequerboard of the Anglo Demonic Reality and grounds the whole process in the wageslave Matrix with the Bone Generators control. You then add the 72 Goetia Demons names and their upside down image to your hard d rive (Goetia names available on any Satanist website…) and a picture of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life of Zionist Satanism. Then the inverse image reflected in a mirror to represent the Kenneth Grant Universe B Kabbalah, this cancels out the whole Kabbalistic system. Then add Thaumiel: Yaltabaoth, (latdabaoth) Yaltabaoth (laldabaoth), invert the image and you have 78 Goetia 78 Goetia inverse Kabbalah Sephiroth self cancelling 10 and 2 self cancelling names of Satanic God (Satan…) which gives you another 156 Satanic Powers but now corrupted and sequestered (Anti-Chaos form). Combined with the 156 self cancelling Tarot Satanic Powers your hard drive is now an Anti-Black magic generator.

Each occult name ritual has a specific torsion field associated with it so by placing these on your hard d rive and then their mirror or inverse you cancel out these fields by mixing mirror and inverse operators you can sequester by adding Anti-Chaos – chaos with a purpose, Total Intent so the black magic system still runs but locks out the Satanists; only Anti-Chaos Bone Psi-Masters can use the system as the hyperspace, torsion field, Anglo Demonic wormhole connection is created by the Bone Generator™ quantum computing engine so any counterfeiter who tries to download torsion fields onto hard drives will be driven mad, ill… (see warnings) by tinkering with torsion fields that by their nature are dangerous. Only the Psychotronic Crystalware™ perfectly controls the 5th, 4th Dimensions and Matrix to allow Psychotronic Crystal™ Generators. If you have the Anti-Coven Service you can add the 13 names (pictures) of the 13 Jewish Illuminati Satanist Families to your hard drive, then invert and mirror them to completely destroy their black magic power and sequester them as Total Deathgoat Scapegoats to act as the source of energy to run your Supernatural Spirit empire. You can also speed the system on the internet using the …. Internet Bone Generator™ Service on this site.

To use for Remote Influencing you can use the protocols on, or the Remote Influencing system in the… Internet Bone Generator™ system. To carry out occult black magic rituals which hurt the Satanist and make you rich, powerful… you simply download black magic rituals from the Satanist sites on the internet onto your hard drive, then mirror the text, diagrams and invert the text and diagrams. This ruins the black magic ritual for all Satanists but allows the Anti-Chaos Bone Psi-Master™ to use Anti-Chaos occult ritual for specific purposes just by typing in the rituals effect on you and the deleterious effect on Satanists, Demons… Kabbalah… saving to your hard drive and leaving the computer Psychotronic Crystalware™ to run 24/7. All this work collecting the above visualises your Intent in virtual reality. As seen from the Real Virtual Science: RVScience Service on virtual reality can then be transposed on Psi-space. Shamans visualise for years the reality in Psi-space then step into it. With computers you can then get he process done on a computer and use the virtual reality to shape Psi-space, this speeds up the process by orders of magnitude to enable using Psi-space shaped by your Intent using Real Virtual Science: RVScience. As the Entire Psychotronic Crystalware™ process is made possible by Bone Generators™ the quantum computing engine places the Anti-Black Magic Service on your Bone Generators™ automatically so you can just visualise the above and use cards and grimoires without a computer and the Bone Generators™ do the work. Most Westerners have such a stunted at attention span that they need to have computers to do complex tasks. Be that as it may, the Bone Generators™ and Psychotronic Crystalware™ run simultaneously and synergistically running the Anti-Black Magic process in Transinfinite mode the dual mode splitting the 5th extraordinary set into two different extraordinary sets. This six types of extraordinary sets as a subset runs 6 dimensional reality which as its projection runs 4 dimensional space-time (the real world) and as another 6 dimensional reality the 4 dimensional world of Psi-space. As has been explained 12 powers, dimensions… are the basis of reality the |12|² Born Rule making reality. So by having Bone Generators™ run on computers, the internet and in your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ you are automatically carrying out the above complex mathematical physics to effect reality change – Magic!

To use Bone Generators™ properly you have to visualise the effects in Psi-space and in the physical world, using computers, the internet enables non-Shamanic Awareness with it’s short attention span the concrete affects using Real Virtual Science. One can type out the complex things you want the Anti=Black Magic Service to do on your computer or in your mind’s eye (as Tim Rifat does) to use the reality control outlined above.

Anti-Black Magic Service: $600

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.