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Anti-Black Magic Circle Bone Generator™

The image of witches dancing in a circle, circular stone rings such as Stonehenge, Avebury and the chalk drawn circles of ceremonial magic (blood used for Satanic ritual in the pain mix from sacrificed babies) show that circles are vital to Satanism. When the Illuminati invoke Demons they stand inside a circle around which are written the names of the Judaic Gods of Satanism from their Kabbalistic texts. What does the circle signify? The Satanic Spirit of Israel: Shekinah (Shock and Awe), the Satanic Spirit of Thaumiel, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth the Gods of the old testament and new (Evil and Evil purporting to be good) As the Demiurge wishes to take over from Intent as Creator it has to block out Intent and replace Intent with a Satanic Spirit Simulacra. This is the purpose of the Satanic Circle to keep out Intent and replace it with Satanic Spirit; this is Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem, that all bounded szstems (inside the cirlce) have hidden parts that are not to be deduced from inside the system (Circle), this is the haunt of Evil, Chaos – Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Thaumiel. So every Occultist is reinforcing the power of Chaos every time they carry out a ritual to block Intent replace it with Shekinah Satanic Spirit – Chaos Spirit of Evil backbone of Israel.

Illuminati Cities such as Paris have giant Circles of Moslem immigrants surround Paris to act as a Satanic Circle, the Moslem get in poverty and Angst to generate the Evil for the Satanic Spirit. Paris had to be the execution point of Diana Princess of Wales by the Illuminati as her death and that of her Moslem baby was the beginning of the Illuminati War on Terror (Moslems), to exchange Allah (Intent) by Shekinah (Shock and Awe) to cut Moslems off from Intent by drawing a circle around them by dropping depleted Uranium bombs in a giant circle around Afghanistan, Iraq. They tried the same ritual on Serbia to destroy Slavs (Russians). In America and most Zionist Cities the Blacks, Hispanics, Moslems are kept in circular ghettos to generate Satanic Spirit. In Israel the Palestinians are kept in circular Satanic circles in Gaza and the West Bank to Israel with Shekinah so it can take over the world. These walled concentration camps are the model for the Illuminati where in the future all remaining wageslaves will be kept in walled ghettos to supply Satanic Spirit to the Illuminati. In America the walled in rich Satanists have their own Satanic Circle so they can carry out occult ritual from within the protected rich enclosures growing in America. The difference? The rich wish to be walled in their magic circle, the poor are imprisoned and not free to go anywhere.

Satellites can also be used to draw magic circles. The Beslan paedophile torture murder funded by Boris Beresousky in his capacity as lieutenant for the British Illuminati was carried out on 3/9/2004 while the Genesis Probe satellite drew huge Satanic circles around the Earth (Russia) crash landing in Utah on 8/9/2004, it’s hull composed of Satanic hexagrams to impose Israel’s Satanic Spirit on Russia, the gold hexagrams the centre of stars of David hexagrams to also kill off the Russian Spirit and possess the Russian’s with the Trud Demons invoked by the hexagrams. The Psi-Lord rescued all the Russian children’s Souls and reversed the ritual so Israel’s Shekinah was plunged into Omega Hell with America and Britain the engineers of paedophile torture murder. Since September 2004 the Satanic Spirit of Zionism has been possessed by Total Intent to make the Evil of the West fail in all areas as it self destructs, the Satanic Spirit now replaced by Anti-Satanic Spirit that builds Total Intent Supernatural Spirit as the Zionist in a spiritless states become more and more cut off from the light of Spirit in an eternal spiral of increasing torment as damned Awareness of Anti-Spirit-toxic waste dumps for Sublime Good for all Megaverses. One can see it in the dull look in the eyes of Zionists – the shine has gone, replaced by the torment of the Spirit.

This Bone Generator™ allows you to draw power circles around anyone in the West, the supporters of the Bezlan massacre to use them as toxic waste dumps for your excretion of bad energy (using the right hand). To pull out Supernatural Spirit from them to build your biophysical energy body which is made of Supernatural Spirit – it’s flesh and bones as you dump your IOU on the targets to take up Anti-Spirit-eternal torment to the amount you had taken from them (left, right Bone Generator™ use. One can see this Bone Generator™ to take over all Satanist power circles to reverse the protection, command they had over their Demons… as you sequester the Demons they made to attack their former Masters or any Western shit bag.

Anti-Black Magic Circle Bone Generator™ $200 with Certificate