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Anti-Athame/Satanic Dagger Service:

The most conspicuous Athame was the dagger in the SS insignia, though special forces of the West like to have it in their insignia. The black magician traces the Athame around his circle, triangle of art and draws pentagrams in the air (though a solid pentagram is also kept to hand) as well as the names of the Jewish Satanic God (Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth – from Gnosticism) Thaumiel from Satanic Kabbalah (not taught to the Lesser Brethren). An Athame cuts energy, or it’s point is used to direct the Satanist/witches energy. Stabbing the Athame into biophysical body of the target that is brought to the Triangle of Art by use of Demons or Lam dark energy matter… beings enables the Satanist to stab the biophysical body of the target to cause injury to the target’s mind that resides in the biophysical body or physical injury by implanting Satanic energy that can cause cancer, heart attacks, senility, diabetes… depending on the energy and positioning directed by the Athame.

This Bone Generator™ Service turns your left and right hands into Anti-Athames so you can pull out and chop up: poison and direct energy beams, respectively. Left for input, right for output, both can cut to ribbons biophysical, Lam, Demons… as slicing, chopping Bone Generators™. A useful tool to use as you are subverting the Satanist tool for sacrifice, drawing power circles, pentagrams and psychically stalking victims remotely, now all downloaded into your Bone Generators™ so you can use left hand to draw, right hand to cut, stab, and poison simultaneously. This Bone Generator™ is so powerful as all the babies, children, teenagers ritually slaughtered in Rothschild, Illuminati generic paedophile torture sacrifice centres are killed with Athames so by sequestering the power of this Satanic tool of torture killing. Since this is the archetypal Satanist weapon for sacrifice to Satan it’s sequestration past present and future, reversal and karmic quantum superimposition enabled the Psi-Lord to substitute the Illuminati for the victims so the Illuminati accrue multiple torture deaths while still alive, their victims being cast into limbo as the Illuminati have to supply the energy, Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force… and take the victims place in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. Since the Illuminati have killed hundreds of millions or more this cannot pay the price so they automatically get dumped into the Omega Hell while still alive. A paradox as they are still alive so reality collapses into a quantum simulation the Omega Hell on Earth as the Illuminati act as Anti-Chaos black-holes that eat away the Matrices and reality to pay the price for their evil to Total Intent. Luckily as the Athame is the archetype of all ritual Satanic slaughter and it has been sequestered by Total Intent all Nato, US torture murder by bombs, depleted Uranium, starvation, UK/British bioengineered Aids, Bird Flu, vaccines… medical death squads, chemtrail poisoning… backfires on the Illuminati making their debt so large they can’t even pay the debt on the interest, hence Total Deathgoat Jews who suffer eternally in an ever increasing way in Omega Hell. First they are killed by WW111 and it’s Gulags, then their Souls suffer and die in the new Anti-Chaos Gulag Hell for Total Deathgoat Jews in the Middle Place (sequestered from the Archons) finally the Omega Hell for disincarnate Total Death goat Jew Awareness after their Souls are tortured to death: the Trinity of Torture for Total Deathgoat Jews.

In this Service you take control of all the Athames used by the Rothschild Illuminati to kill, sacrifice to Satan and get a share of the power redirected to the Psi-Lord instead of the Rothschild Illuminati Satanists. One can see this Bone Generator™ as a share Certificate with pays dividends the more the Illuminati kill be it millions of Iraqis, Afghans, Iranians, Americans, British, Australian, French, Canadians… themselves (by picking a war with Russia and China). As all Western military from the cannon fodder to Carrier battle groups and space planes are high tech Athames, this Service allows you to take away their power and get them to self immolate in WW111 or simply to take out any MI5, Secret Police you like by burying a Bone Generator™ Athame in them to sacrifice them, or render a Carrier battle group boost by using a Bone Generator™ Athame on them so fate for them is death by nuclear torpedo or megaton RSM54 ballistic cruise missiles in WW 111. The Athame used on any target makes them a Cosmic Deathgoat so they die in the most horrific way energy diverted to you via your left hand Bone Generator™ One can see the Athame is the Anti-Chaos way to sacrifice any evil remotely to give you power at their expense, sequestering Satanic sacrifice, power you control with Supernatural Spirit(s) or use to make or bolster your own reality so it manifests and grows.

Anti-Athame/Satanic Dagger Service: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.