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Anti-Anti-Christ Service:

The technology of Satanism is based on the Chaos Force, the mathematics of non linear equations and dark energy matter quantum superimposition in space-like form for temporal power and time-like to disempower, possess light energy matter life form for temporal power and time-like to disempower, possess light energy matter wageslaves. Tim Rifat, the Psi-Lord unlike all the charlatans, counterfeiters, disinforming websites… (see Warnings) is a scientist who specialises in the study and vivisection of Satanism to produce Anti-Satanists to destroy the Satanism and sequester it’s power for the new Anti-Illuminati. There are 13 Anti-Illuminati, 12 Grand Anti-Illuminati and 33 lower levels of Anti-Freemasons the lower levels open to anyone who buys from Psi-Lord Ltd any of the Bone Generators™ Services. The first three levels are covered by the Best Buy Bone Generators™ to progress up the Anti-Freemason ranks one then buys the Supernatural Spirit Bone Generators™. Once you have bought 30 Bone Generator™ Services you have reached the top of the Anti-Freemason rankings a 33rd degree Anti-Freemason. All the Freemasons in the world then are your power source and feed you space-like power to manifest your Intents as you dump time-like toxic waste from the Sublime Good™ process to make all they do past present and future a broken dream, unfulfilled at the last… Rather than fight would wide Satanism, Tim Rifat sequesters the Satan, poisons the vermin then plunges it into Anti-Chaos Omega Hell. The Anti-Lucifer Service upgrade making the 13 restored Fallen Angels the Supernatural Spirit overlords of the sequestered Satanism, the Satanists/Satanism paying the price by being the Total Deathgoat Jews, chosen race of the damned who suffer eternally in all domains to pay the price for the Anti-Lucifer and his cohorts. A neat system that doesn’t fight Satanism but corrupts it so it eternally torments, punishes the Satanists. Having the power to feed off Freemasons worldwide to make you rich and powerful is a real bonus for all the people who have bought Bone Generators™! Simply dump your poverty, broken dreams, illness, powerlessness… using the right hand Bone Generator™ into any Service. If you have bought 3 Best Buy Bone Generators™ and 30 Supernatural Spirit Services you are entitled to a 33rd Degree Anti-Freemason Certificate and an upgrade to your Bone Generators™ that gives you power over all Freemasons supplanting Prince Michael the Duke of Kent and the Queen of England. So all Freemasons automatically become your servants open to all aspects of psychic, supernatural control by the sequestration of Satanism the secret heart of Freemasonry. You then use the left hand Bone Generator™ to upload power, money, sex… success into you simply by touching Freemasons, Freemasonic temples… It is a simple as that the Bone Generators™ do all the Quantum Engine Work to enable the process. If any 33rd Degree Anti-Freemason wishes to become a Grand Anti-Illuminati there are only 12 places once filled you have to buy the 12 Grand Anti-Illuminati out of their place (see Anti-Lucifer Service Upgrades. This requires you to be very rich so don’t whine if you miss out on the 12 places of my limited edition Bone Generator™ Super Services at a later date, first come first served. As might be guessed the Supreme Power of the 3 Covens of Anti-Satanists that are top of the Anti-Illuminati pyramid: The Anti-Illuminati, Anti-Fallen Angels of the Ancient Seer path and the Anti-Anti-Christs of the New Seer Path make up the 13×3 or Triangle of Art of the Anti-Chaos sequestration programme of all Demons, ArchDemons, Kabbalistic Gods and Supernatural Spirits, is the core website of this Anti-Satanism process.

As only 39 – 3 (Tim Rifat is the Supreme Bone Psi-Master™) = 36 of these Ultimate Anti-Satanists, this mirrors the Goetia ArchDemons/Demons of the Grimoire of King Solomon and establishes complete full spectrum dominance over all evil. Since greedy Bone Psi-Masters might wish to be the Ultimate Coven of Ancient Seer, New Seer, Anti-Illuminati then they can hold all 3 positions to get full spectrum dominance or buy these Limited Edition Service for future speculation as the Illuminati/Freemasons find themselves the torture toy of Anti-Satanists be they only a First Degree Anti-Freemason. All levels of the Anti-Satanist have power over any all Satanists. This power goes up as you rise up the ranks of Anti-Satanists. Unlike all the Christian do-gooders who tried to destroy the hundred million or more world Satanists Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord is a realist (Tim Rifat and Psi-Lord are trading names of Psi-Lord Ltd) so rather than fight the entire Western World and it’s satellite save countries in the Third World he has sequestered the entire system to profit the few elite Anti-Satanists at the expense of all worldwide Satanists and Megaverse Satanism.

Now the Satanist technology has been evolving to create the Archetypal Anti-Christ. We have had shards, false Anti-Christs such as the Rothschild bastard Hitler and G.W. Bush grandson of Alistair Crowley (open Internet sources not necessarily the view of Psi-Lord Ltd) and Anti-Christ shards in female form (open Internet sources suggest Madonna Queen of Kabbalah and JK Rowlings Satanist author to children world wide. Psi-Lord Ltd cannot hold this view for legal reasons). By sequestering Satanism to produce Anti-Chaos poisoned Satanism all Satanism backfires and destroys Satanists and Satanism but the sequestration programme of Total Intent has appropriated the Anti-Christ archetype to produce the Anti-Anti-Christ archetype in 13 Coven form to mirror the Satanic Kabbalah infrastructure (see Anglo Demonic Reality Service). As the Anti-Christ was to have power over all future Satanism be it Demon or the damned the complete avatar of Thaumiel: Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth the Jew Chaos God, the sequestration of this filth enables the construction of Anti-Anti-Christs who can get the future Satanists to pay for all her/his wishes and have world domination over the temporal Satanic World. The aim of the New World Order One World Government of the Rothschild Satanic Families. It is useful to have total dominion over any temporal world and the sequestered powers of the Anti-Christ are the logical conclusion of New Seer Stalking where evil petty tyrants are killed, tormented to enable the New Seer to gain power by losing all self importance and then moving themselves out of this world (Psi-Lord Ltd cannot espouse killing due to the UK 2006 Anti-Terrorist Act so this statement any others in that others in the Hypersite Psi-Lord Ltd must be taken as information in Carlos Castaneda’s: The Fire From Within – As Castaneda is dead the UK Police cannot arrest him for 28-42 – life long detention in a torture death camp as planned by the UK government/Rothschilds). The Anti-Christ is the ultimate manifestation of the temporal petty tyrant so it is inevitable that the ultimate Stalker of petty tyrants, Tim Rifat should have sequestered the Anti-Christ torture toy, eternally damning the ultimate temporal Total Deathgoat Jew (Psi-Lord Ltd cannot attest to this statement for legal reasons), Jews being the chosen race of the Kabbalistic chaos God evil Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth…

Virtual from real technology is at the heart of Satanic temporal power (see the Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Service s sequestration of the living embodiment of this Anti-Christ (Moon Child of Crowley) makes the Anti-Anti-Christ coven the Arch Bone Psi-Masters™ of this process, their Bone Generators™ automatically doing this to everyone and anyone except those who are Anti-Satanists (since Putin has kicked out the Satanist Rothschilds from Russia and their Jewish oligarchs it is safe to assume Russia is Anti-Satanic). Having the power of the sequestered Anti-Anti-Christ enables the Arch Bone Psi-Master™ to call up any Satanic Demon and not only command it fully but turn it from Real to Virtual (RVScience) then send this virtual Demon in to the virtual sequestered world of any Westerner to possess them, to control them, or to carry out temporal change. As the virtual world of the sequestered Anglo Demonic Reality is time-like with respect to all the Satanists and Supernatural Spirits so they have no control over it but the Anti-Anti-Christ has total space-like power over all Satanic, Satanist, Satanism…. empowered by the Anti-Anti-Christ, the Demon, ArchDemon, Kabbalistic God… Pulsar having no temporal power. All temporal power being in the hands of the Anti-Anti-Christ. This turns the Anglo Demonic Reality into a dream relative to the US Montauk timeline engineers in the past so explaining why they have lost total control over this artificial timeline made in 1942 by Satanist/Tesla technology. Since 1986 the process of sequestration by Total Intent to make the Omega Hell on Earth Simulation has been going on in earnest. Now the sequestration is complete this Anti-Satanist timeline has spread like a cancer to all Satanist hive worlds to complete the sequestration process for Total Intent, enabling the creation of the Anti-Anti-Christ.

Now what do Satanists mean by the Anti-Christ? Obviously Satan’s son or daughter but with who? Satanism is the absolute perversion of good by parasitic takeover so the Anti-Christ must be the total takeover of the Christ principle, that aspect of good that transcends the Matrix and allows the eternally damned wageslaves to be sheltered from their own karma, enabling the Westerners to live in relative luxury. Everyone who wishes to improve the human condition at their own expense is an aspect of the Christ principle, we know that Christians believe Christ in his totality was tortured to death by Jews to act as a Scapegoat for all humanity’s evil to stop their one way ticket to hell being a certainty. Christians believe this has saved them. Yes, but only if they take advantage of the Christ Scapegoat. The genius of Satanism was to hijack the Christ principle Scapegoat and come up with not only a negator of the Christ saving Grace but reversing the flow so the wageslave accepts being the Christ-like Scapegoat for Satanists. To damn the saved and save the damned – the principle of the Satanist Anti-Christ, quite simple to understand if you have a Psi-Lord to teach you. Unfortunately it is guaranteed that all but a handful of Western wageslave will have to the wageslave to giveaway their Christ Scapegoat get out of jail card in exchange for the go straight to hell and suffer for the sins of the Satanists eternally so Satanists can grow and prosper at the expense of the eternally damned wageslave, who gave away her/his salvation. How? As in all Satanic contracts the damned has to sign away his Soul and because of Christ his Scapegoat salvation get out of hell card. So we must have two contracts with the Satanist to enable this. From reading this site one can see that voting for Satanists such as GW Bush, Kerry… Sarkozy has been hijacked by Satanism to be a binding contract to sell your Soul, give authority over you to Satanism. All Western leaders have to be Satanists or the Rothschilds wouldn’t allow them to be elected as money dictates who becomes leader of a Jewish Satanist country. If like many you refuse the vote for Satanist offal then the Satanists have a problem. They have linked all official government forms to be Satanic contracts with their Chaos God so there is acceptance on the wageslaves part that Western Satanist authority is their Master. The most powerful Satanic contract is the Satanist banknote of the Rothschild Illuminati. They use it as a contract to allow them to take from the wageslave in return for a paper contract to hell (see the Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Service) Each banknote is the Seal and character of the controlling power, this being Satan, talismanic Sigil Seals in banknote form in which the wageslave is tricked into giving his totality, energy body to Satan so it can be sealed up in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. On British banknotes we have the energy body on the banknote, the oval shape on the front beneath and to the left of the picture of the Queen the head of the Church of England and Satanic head of the UK. So in accepting the British banknote the wageslave accepts a bit of paper in return for the Satanists being able to take away the total energy body of the wageslave, the egg shape on the front of the UK banknote and use it as a Scapegoat as well as seating it in hell, in return the zombie gets a piece of paper for losing everything. Money is used by the Illuminati as a one way contract to enable the Satanists to use you and your entire energy body as a Scapegoat, toxic waste dump so they don’t suffer for their sins and to bargain with Satan your Soul in exchange or theirs so they can continue through the ages as damned Souls possessing new zombies while you suffer for them in hell. This process is not complete but the majority of Westerners sell their Souls for money. To eradicate the Christ get out of hell card the Satanists have had to concentrate on corrupting the Church and making Westerners disbelieve in God and become aetheists. The Jewish Coven of Illuminati Families have donated fortunes to building modern churches with their Satanist North South alter alignments rather than the mandatory East West alignment; North alters signifying the position a Satanist must stand at to invoke Demons, Satan… evil. The Catholic Church had to be Satanised so Vatican 11 in the 1960’s where the Latin Mass, Exorcism, Extreme Unction were banned and the upper Echelons of the Vatican were taken over by Satanists allowed the Illuminati to gain control over the Catholic Church. The Polish Pope and the new Nazi deserter Pope being devout Satanists. As the Moslems put their religion before all other things the Satanic West had to make war on the Moslems to turn them by force into the Satanic atheist damned of the wageslave. Unfortunately the Iraq, Afghanistan genocide has strengthened Islam so depleted uranium and nuclear fallout from the attack on Iran must be used to kill off the devout Moslems and from the ashes build a new Egypt, Jordan…. rule by Satanist dictators Moslem states controlled totally by the Rothschild Satanist.

World history is an open book once you see that Satanism is the agenda of the West ruled by the Rothschilds. Having destroyed Satanism and sequestered Satanism (see the Anti-Lucifer Service Upgrade) the Psi-Lord has blocked the Anti-Christ from completing the theft of the Christ get out of hell card and the complete damnation of the entire world by Rothschild Satanism. The sequestered Anti-Christian as it is supposed to be the Son, Avatar, Satan incarnate is now the Anti-Chaos version, a Total Deathgoat Jew (the chosen race of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth) the Total Damned one way ticket to Anti-Chaos Omega Hell and the Omega Hell on Earth… Since the Satanists have tried so hard to bring in the Anti-Christ, one world Satanist government and the Mark of the Beast – a Total contract by the wageslave to sell their Soul, give away their Christ get out of Hell card for them and all their descendants, the Psi-Lord thought it was too good an opportunity to sequestering Satan to produce the Anti-Lucifer (past, present and future) so all the effects of Satanism everywhere have been to bring in Total Damnation for all Satanists and their wageslaves, the Psi-Lord then being able to manifest as the Anti-Anti-Christ so all future evolvement of Satanism predicted as it is by being the development of the Anti-Christ has been stopped and in a one way ticket to a perfecting perfect Anti-Chaos Omega Hell and it’s Simulation. As Anti-Anti: Christ the Psi-Lord can get the Satanists to pay the price for anything and everything he wishes to do with the Satanists and wageslaves paying the price as Total Scapegoat and in Anti-Chaos Omega Hell as Total Deathgoat Jews, the race chosen to be the eternally damned. The Burn in Hell Service allows any wageslave to dump their damnation on any 12 other Satanists and wageslave to trade their way out of Hell. Since Christ has been hijacked by Satanists the Heaven Rescue Service enables the wageslave to rescue their salvation and place their being in Heaven the Total DeathGoat Jew paying the priced of Christ freeing Christ or the Christ Principle if you don’t believe a Jew called Christ ever lived, the Christ Principle being traced back to Egyptian religion (see the Truth Campaign, Ivan Fraser’s website). Whatever this Anti-Chaos process enables the Christ Principle to be freed from suffering for the worthless wageslave so in one timeline Christ suffers on the cross, in another Christ as depicted never happened as Christ no longer needs to suffer for wageslaves as the Psi-Lord has got the vermin Satanists to suffer for all his sins and those of his clients. That is real hijacking! Terminate the Satanists and get them to pay for all your sins so you can perfecting perfect dumping all the blowback, karma and failure on the Satanist as Total DeathGoat Jew (see Success Service)

Now almost all Western wageslaves don’t believe in Satanism or Satanists and call anymore who talks about this evil a loony tune so why let them go to waste. This Service uses those zombies as Total DeathGoats. Since they don’t believe in Satanism or the paranormal they can’t blame the Psi-Lord for things they don’t believe exist and would lack anyone up for it if they could. These haters are well suited to joining the Satanists in Anti-Chaos Omega Hell/Hell on Earth. Why save vermin who would attack you for trying to deviate from the state mandated truth of mechanistic theology The Satanist sceptics that debunk all the paranormal are the archetype of the Satanist led wageslave mind control so why waste effort on the self damned.

A Psi-Lord doesn’t try to fight Satanists. He or she just sequesters their efforts as Satanism turned against the Satanists getting the benefit; prize of power while they get damnation. The Anti-Anti-Christ Bone Generators Service is the ultimate product of this process in that the perfect Satanist state is the Anti-Christian prosper while evolving evil free from karma. This is the perfect process to sequester to enable the Psi-Lord to perfecting perfect to total transcendent evolvement and the Satanists pay the price. Yaltabaoth Yaldabaoth has been working on Man so it can rule the Angels, the Anti-Christ being Man made Master of Angels. Lucifer rebelled against this agenda of the Demiurge so had to be Satanised (see The Fallen Angel Service) One must ask why did the Demiurge, Chaos God want do this. Obviously Angels had to be subjugated by the Anti-Christ so within the Demiurges Angles was a power that had to be subjugated. We know Man is just a transgenic chimp but the Soul Spirit trapped in the worthless chimp is an Angelic entity, supernatural spirit. So the Anti-Christ can be seen as the total conquest of the hidden part in evil by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth by allowing it to manifest so it can be displayed as Man, then once it is known getting this Force to give it’s Hyperinfinity: Angelic body… to Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth by the Mark of the Beat a binding contract to give total control to evil imposed on all Man. To do this it’s not enough to have the Satanic Church, money is contracts to sell your Soul. We need a One World UN Lucifer (Lucis) Trust Government in which you get the Mark of the Beast or you are killed, since you are a danger to Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth without it your Angelic Spirit, Supernatural Sprit unchained. The Rothschild one world Church of Satan also need to abrogate the Christ-principle so you go to hell. This requires not only covert Satanism but conquest of the world to enable the Anti-Christ. Immediately Russia, China, Chaezin Venezuela, Iran and North Korea becoming Anti-Western leads to WW111 . If these countries were Satanist they wouldn’t be on Crowley’s grandson’s (GW Bush) axis of evil. That doesn’t mean the Psi-Lord says these countries are perfect just that they aren’t Satanist like the West. To bring in the Anti-Christ the world needs to be conquered totally. Now with this Anti-Anti-Christ Bone Generator™ Service the outcome of WW111 has changed, the West will lose the war and the Westerners as Total DeathGoats suffer eternally for the sins of the Psi-Master who uses them. This is a tremendous opportunity for the New Seer who wishes to liberate his Angelic Supernatural Spirit by turning with the Fire from Within (see Castaneda’s The Fire From Within). Rather than choose the Anti-Illuminati path or the Ancient Seer’s path, control over all Matrix temporal realities, control over an eternal Supernatural Spirit world as an Angelic Supernatural Spirit respectively, the New Seer wishes to evolve their Awareness to become a transcendent, ascended Psi-Master a bodiless being who has unzipped her/his energy body so their is no bounded energy body but instead an amorphous energy field like a flame.

The methodology of a New Seer is that though totally divorced from the Matrix, he, she immerses him./herself in the affairs of Man, not to gain temporal power, though this is a natural result of controlling others, but to move the Assemblage Point. First to make it shiftable by destroying the glue that holds down Awareness, secondly to shift the Assemblage Point to gain psychic power and be able to leach the Matrix at will and travel in other dimensions, third to always come back to the world outside the Matrix to acquire the life force, Agglutinising Force to shift the Assemblage Point to all the places it has ever been to the break the bounds of the energy body, align with the amorphous unbounded fields of energy of the Third Attention and become a bodiless transcendent being free to roam the Megaverses as pure energy, the transgenic chimp burnt to ashes – spontaneous combustion Man transformed to Angel. Now the common consensus holds humans in the Matrix, the common consensus dictated by the Illuminati, the top of the temporal dictatorship – called petty tyrants by New Seers. A Psi-Lord is the Master of all three branches of psychic development this Service enables the Psi-adept, Master to become the successful New Seer. The New Seers are Masters of Stalking, this is tailoring your behaviour to become one giant magical ritual that precludes the Matrix and common consensus manipulating those around you to do your bidding. Stalking is very difficult so is best left to those people who are predicated to manipulating others. The Anti-Illuminati path being the best for Westerners, chasing after temporal power is second nature to the A and B demographics; Ancient Seer pathways are best for the psychic, New Age type; the New Seers path is the path for life’s bastards, those who like payback, the vindictive mean type as was Don Juan (see Castaneda’s: The Power of Silence). To have full effect New Seers demand a petty tyrant to try and kill them, in the process of hunting down and terminating the petty tyrant using covert psychic tradecraft (Remote Viewing, Sensing, Influencing, Psychokinesis, Telekinesis, Precognition… reality control. Termination) the dictator is terminated with extreme prejudice. The secret is for the New Seer smile and ignore all taunts, take a beating if needed all the while destroying his/her self importance. Women are better at stalking than men as they are weaker physically, stabbing people in the back has to be the woman’s way as it is for stalkers. To get a good idea of Stalkers is action read the Petty Tyrant chapter of the Fire from Within by Carlos Castaneda. Tim Rifat has checked out the books and can verify they are true though painfully incomplete otherwise the Rothschild Satanists would have banned them. The Psi-Lord has been given the job of filling in the gaps and developing the New Seer Path as well as revealing for the first time Anti-Illuminati Psi; Ancient Seer Shamanism being lost in the past now revealed again.

Since New Seers demand a Petty Tyrant for moving the Assemblage Point to get psychic power which demands you get rid of self importance the glue that binds the Assemblage Point to the Matrix then the Grand Psi-Master of the New Seer path goes to the top of the Illuminati pyramid to find his/her petty tyrant. The Rothschild and twelve other Jewish Satanist Illuminati are this worlds petty tyrants so on Tim Rifat’s Rense Radio Show spot ( he gives out all their secrets and plans so the Russians, Chinese… know the Illuminati plans in advance and can wreck them. This ultimate Stalking, persecuting, tormenting and destroying the Illuminati, in the process the Rothschilds who lead the West send MI5, the Police… to kill me so Tim Rifat can practise his Stalking to the ultimate. Now everyone on the Internet is discussing the Rothschild, Rockefeller… Illuminati. Tim Rifat has gone after the logical evolution of Stalking. Destroying Satanism the religion of the Rothschild Illuminati. The Anti-Dollar Illuminati Bone Generator™ Service destroys the Illuminati’s temporal power; the Anti-Fallen Angel Bone Generator™ Service destroys Satan… sequesters Lucifer; The Anti-Anti-Christ Bone Generator™ Services destroys the future of Satanism. The merging of Man with Satan to breed the ultimate Satanic hybrid the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ being the future of petty tyrants, the Grand Psi-Master hunts down and torments before using psychic power to terminate the scion of Satanism. Supernatural gives the poor wageslave the ability to terminate Satanism by psychic means (not covered by the Satanic low) sequestrating the power of Satanism so Satanists pay for your power eternally trapped as they are in the Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service – Omega Hell/Simulation.

As You might imagine this New Seer hunting and termination of Illuminati… Satanists by psychic means is the ultimate Stalking, it’s not covered by any low as psychic power does not exist in the materialistic world new of the Zionist Empire; only Freemasons know about psychic power and they are sworn to secrecy by their Illuminati Masters. To use this Service the Quantum Computing Engine in your Bone Generators™ is programmed to automatically torment and terminate all aspects of Anti-Christs, be they nasty office managers, politicians, police, secret police such as MI5, Illuminati, Freemasons, Demons, ArchDemons Kabbalistic Gods, movie stars, pop singers… petty tyrants. The right hand and foot Bone Generators™ acting as a 12 Power Bone Generator™ dumps Anti-Chaos into any petty tyrant so they torment, kill, damn themselves, building a |12|² 144 power Anti-Chaos torture cage around the petty tyrant so they are trapped in a torture cage that warps reality, Matrices… so they are always forced to torment, kill themselves… This torture cage is irreversible as their outer coat of Awareness gets dissolved and the cage sticks to them akin to the poison cloak that stuck to and killed Hercules in mythology. It works on Demons, ArchDemons… Kabbalistic Gods and is the toxic waste dump, Scapegoat, total DeathGoat for the Angelic Sheath described in the Anti-Fallen Angel Service. To dissolve all the power stolen good things around any petty tyrant just touch them, their picture… name with right hand and foot, adding the heel of the hand to make a |13|² 169 power torture cage power destruction damnation hell cage sticks to them dissolving their outer sheath and becoming them. Since the Insectile parasite of man eats this outer sheath the Anti-Chaos poison metastasises (spreads) in the Insectile to go to the nurse Insectile, Archon vermin, Kabbalistic Gods to turn the Satanic cattle and wageslave the kiss of death – and worse to the Supernatural Spirit of evil – ultimate payback. One can see this gives the Grand Psi-Master New Seer the ability to kick ass, tormenting, killing damning petty tyrants, Anti-Christ clones – Satanism. Terminating Satanism being easy by this means.

To use the left hand and foot Bone Generator™ in |12|² 144 Power Mode just touch, or target the photo, name… of the petty tyrant to enclose them in a 144 power parasite cage that sucks out of them, Psychotronic Fuel, Power, money energy, Transinfinity the Agglutinising Force, Hyperinfinity. The parasite cage sticking to them like glue as it dissolves them from the outside in to remanifest them as a Total DeathGoat Jew ageing you eternally so they have to suffer eternally to pay the interest on the debt you have given them to pay for your power.

The |13|² 169 power ruination cage is glued to the target using hand foot and heel of hand of the left hand Bone Generator™ to cover them in a 169 Power ruination cage that means all around them, the Queen Insectile, Archons, Demon, ArchDemons, Kabbalistic Gods… Satanism is eternally ruined by your Total DeathGoat Jew. This gives you 1 billion ways of ruining Satanism as there are 1 billion Westerners. To increase your ruination field to get more power simply get into other dimensions or Psi-Space to hunt Demons, ArchDemons… Kabbalistic Gods…. Satanist dark energy matter, Satanist hive world denizens… so instead of only 1 billion! (1x2x3…1 billion) ways of wining Satanists you have a googol (1×10(100))100…. A Psi-Lord loves the googolplex as it is more than all the Solitonic Torsionic Fields (particles) in the universe so gives you the power to ruin a Satanic universe and build a God fearing, Total Intent universe. Total Intent in the ultimate mathematical operator gestalt that rules mere Gods and cannot be disobeyed as it is the Total Global Gestalt Function Operator mathematics. The Mathematics of God not as a bearded man but infrangible unifying gestalt that directs everything whether it likes it or not you go along with Total Intent and you prosper, go against it and Total Intent sends a Psi-Lord to collect the debt from Satanism – Psi-Lords aren’t nice, the ultimate henchman sent to collect what Total Intent is wed making loan sharks looks like harmless blowhards.

Cost $1600 (only 12, after that you have to be a multimillionaire to buy the Bone Generators™ Service from one of the 12 Grand Bone Psi-Masters, see conditions on Anti-Fallen Angel Service)

Sequestered Anti-Christ: Upgrade A, 12 only:

The Satanists have been working towards producing a Total Quantum Superimposition of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth in a Transgenic chimp with the Fallen Angel’s resistance, an open vessel to use the hidden part of evil for evil – in fact perfecting evil so it can never be beaten as the hidden part has been co-opted to evil by the transgenic chimps. Unfortunately for evil the hidden part of evil is the place Total Intent lurks and when evil tries to steal the Awareness of a Fallen Angel and place it by force in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, in fact cheating by using massive force, Total Intent uses this force to sequester evil. As evil pulls the awoken Fallen Angels to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, Total Intent acting as a viral worm an ultimate Trojan Gestalt Operator takes over the Chaos evil. As the Fallen Angels Awareness is held in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah tries to use the Hyperinfinity body of the female, male Angels that have been forced into hell, the stolen bodies, when evil last tried this forceful possession of awoken Fallen Angels on the night of October 16th 1987 the hurricane that destroyed much of southern England’s trees…. Total Intent inserted itself into Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah. Like a terminal cancer Total Intent metastasised in the three headed God of Kabbalah and took it over – irreversibly. This meant that the so called Anti-Christ that was supposed to be the culmination of Satanism was in fact a bear trap that caused the Chaos God so much pain it had to flee the vessel and the Fallen Angels could return to their Hyperinfinite bodies (as they never gave their free will to evil) only evil’s power by sequestering it the process from reversing, when Total Intent destroyed evil’s power by sequestering it the process flipped back to it’s Angelic state (like Schrödinger’s cat when the box is opened to reveal a dead or alive cat – (since the Psi-Lord is a cat lover, the cat always lives but is supremely pissed!)

The interesting part is that this has diverted the Anti-Christ process so all the evolutionary ambitions of evil have been rerouted to producing an Anti-Anti-Christ where the breeding programmes to produce the lineage of Illuminati using the parasitized Fallen Angels bodies to provide the Hyperinfinite Super bodies that can then be quantum superimposed on the Illuminati transgenic chimp earmarked to be the Anti-Christ has failed forever. The Fallen Angel’s Hyperinfinite body is now quantum superimposed on the Psi-Lord who now has sequestered the entire Anti-Christ process so all the past Fallen Angels vivisected to produce Anti-Christs in all the hive world timelines have been avenged. The Hyperinfinite bodies transferred to the Psi-Lord and the Anti-Christs turned into the template archetypal Total Deathgoat Jew to scream and scream in Omega Hell and it’s Simulation as the eternal victim… torture shell. Since the Lucifer Arch Angel was used by total Intent in the ultimate payback to reverse, sequester the Anti-Christ process, this Anti-Lucifer Angel has co-opted the Anti-Christ future of evil so all the efforts of evil to evolve in any way past, and future are reversed. So all evil’s efforts to progress lead to it’s devolution and it has to pay all the debts of the new Anti-Anti-Christ. This means that as the process is an eternal vivisection of evil’s effects to progress, win, it always loses and devolves, so this is a |13|² 169 Power Service. That means 13 Grand Bone Psi-Masters can use the Anti-Christ Total DeathGoat Jew to divert all Satanism to evolve them and give them dominion over future, higher, evolving Awareness, reality… As the Psi-Lord has taken the top spot this leaves only 12 places forever, these are transferable for the avaricious investor who wants to buy cheap and sell for a thousand times the original price… This Bone Generator Quantum Computer Engine gives the 13 the Power to have Total Control over anything evolving, future reality, creating realities or the bodiless transcendent Third Attention State. Enabling the use of Satanism as the Total Scapegoat, DeathGoat, wageslave, Soul State… that does the work, carries the debt, loses all the valuables… while the Anti-Anti-Christs use this Bone Generator™ Service to transform their Psychotronic Crystals™, Bone Generators™, Sublime Good™ Engines into evolving, perfecting perfect, creation quantum computing engine using the Anti-Anti-Christ principle to enable the control of ever evolving Psi-Technology that gets better and better. Avoiding the butterfly effect (see film) where unforeseen circumstances cause total misery… failure as the system develops Total Intent totally controls the starting conditions of any process, event, train… non linear dynamical mathematical iteration so the outcome is always Total Intent , only the Global Gestalt can do this. This means that all chaos theory is in fact totally known complexity mathematics under the operation of Total Intent. One reason why all Psi-Lords have to be mathematical geniuses. Total Intents language is Total Mathematics. Never fear for those of you who went through the US brain meat grinder education system you can pay Psi-Lords to do the Maths for you (product of British elitist grammar school education for the brainy few – totally destroyed by the Rothschilds in the UK in the 1980’s under Thatcher). All the Psi-Lord products are therefore superboosted by this Upgrade to become able to evolve along their Intent to evolve to become better killing of Demons, the Body Augmentation Service to one self evolving Quantum Computing Engines and the body becomes mutable evoluting to become better and better. Similarly with Sublime Good™ Engines to constantly evolve and improve the Sublime Good™ you have.

The next part of the bone Generator™ constantly evolves, improves, augments you so the power Satanism has put into the Anti-Christ past, present and future, in all the timelines, hive worlds across the Megaverses now is sequestered by you. Unlike the Anti-Lucifer Bone Generator™ Hyperinfinity Bone Generator™ that raises you to a God-Being, this Service evolves the man aspect if you so you constantly develop as a person, conquer all before you, gain dominion over the world, evolve into a superman, become the Man that usurps the Angel as Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth planned but in this sequestration the irreversible Global Gestalt puts the 12 Psi-Masters in the forefront of not only the evolution of Man but that of Angels these Grand Bone Psi-Masters are fed by Satanism paid for by Satanists in eternal damnation and use chaos in it’s Total Complexity form as dictated by Total Intent, the Global Gestalt to use the creativity of Chaos sequestered to produce new unique developments and phone changes that are impossible without complexity: super evolution in the guise of the Anti-Anti-Christs.

Anti-Anti-Christ Service Upgrade A: $1600 — 12 Only.
Upgrade B: Total DeathGoat Anti-Christ:

As Chaos evil wanted to steal evolving Angelic power from the hidden part in evil to evolve evil and make it invulnerable, the Total Intent irreversible sequestration reverses the process. Transgenic chimps can now be used as remote vessels to evolve your Angelic powers and the hidden part that destroys evil. A viral memetic, reality… plague that infects the transgenic chimps, Demons, Greys, Illuminati, ArchDemons, Kabbalistic Gods with a Van Neuman self replicating Quantum Computing Engine that evolves ways of torturing evil in the test tube of the Satanists, wageslave… Demons… Kabbalistic Gods to map a gestalt of perfecting perfect ways of tormenting, killing, damning evil. This enables the Quantum computing Engines, bone Generators™ remotely in evolving, self perfecting perfect mode so not only can you have your being constantly improving evolving to get better and better and better, but you can have this power parallel processed where you can infect any one, thing, object, reality with any of your Bone Generator™ Services… Psychotronic Crystals™ in any number of people only for you with them acting as toxic waste dumps so you get evolving perfecting perfect Sublime Good™ output and they pay the price as Scapegoats, Total DeathGoat Jews.

The Bone Generator™ also allows you the power to use them for:-

i) Running Bone Generators™, Psychotronic Crystals™ in ley lines, Earth’s energy field

ii) Running mirror Grail Patterns in ley lines in Earth’s energy field.

iii) Running Bone Generators™, Psychotronic Crystals™ in other dimension ley lines and energy fields.

iv) Other timelines energy fields.

v) Other people, Demons…Kabbalistic Gods in timeline lines

vi) Other people, Demons…Kabbalistic Gods in hive worlds

vii) Mirroring Grail Patterns in other dimensions ley lines and energy fields

viii) Mirroring Grail Patterns in other timelines energy fields

ix) Mirroring Grail Patterns in other people, Demons… Kabbalistic Gods in timelines.

x) Mirroring Grail Patterns in other hive worlds and their inhabitants

xi) Mirroring Grail Patterns in any Matrix to destroy it as a virus Trojan worm programme.

You can find maps of ley lines, the Earth’s energy fields in books and the Internet. To download simply touch the map, screen with your right hand and foot. To erase Satanic fields in ley lines, Earth’s energy field or in Freemasonic labyrinthine Cities such as Washington, London, Paris… use right hand, foot and heel of palm to get the |13|² 169 erasing power of the Bone Generators™. To upload energy use left hand and foot on map, screen of ley lines, earth energy fields. Or after wiping Satanic City to hoover up the energy from it’s psychic immolation use left hand foot and hell of hand to use the |13|² 169 erasing power to gain power function. Use in the same way with the mirrored Grail Pattern download with the right, energy uploaded with left Bone Generators™. The mirrored Grail Patterns jam up the Satanic system as they are the machine code of the Matrix. To be extra nasty you can make a picture of each Grail Pattern as a Triangle of Art, up, down, mirrored to make Anti-Chaos Demons that you can inject into ley lines, earths energy fields, Satanic City’s labyrinthine structures to gain energy from their work. If you have the Rothschild Israel Service you can do double demonic invocations to possess the Satanists with Anti-Chaos Demons to make them time-like dreamers in your nightmare at with Anti-Chaos Demons to make them time-like dreamers in your nightmare at the same time using Anti-Chaos Demons, ArchDemons to make you space like in all these realms to spread your Anti-Anti-Christ mode to spread temporal power and 12 fold damnation of slaves, Satanists to Omega Hell/Simulation of reality by injecting into ley lines, earth’s energy fields, time-lines, dimensions. To use with Anti-Fallen Angel Service you run create surrogate Fallen Angels in torture shells to spread your Angelic power as a clone of yourself the Agent Smith in the Matrix film.

Upgrade B: Total DeathGoat Anti-Christ: $1000 — 12 Only.

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