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Anti Anglo Demonic Reality Service:

We have seen the Satanist Illuminati used black magicians avatars of chaos to strip humanity of the 144 psychic protection powers to win WW11 for the Rothschilds and allow Israel to be established on Palestine (now the concentration camps of Gaza and the West Bank) The stripping of the 144 psychic powers from humanity allowed the Illuminati to spread across Europe, use England as their base from Elizabethan times until it’s conquest under William of Orange giving all monies to the Rothschilds via the Bank of England to the fall of America in 1913 when all monies of American become the property of the Rothschilds via the Federal Reserve and under British Maritime Law all Americans and their lands become the chattels and goods of the Illuminati owners of the USA. Russia fell to the Rothschilds under Lenin a process completed under Yeltsin where all Russia was sold off to the Rothschild Institute via oligarchs: Kordokovsky, Berezousky, Abravamich, Gueslin, Gusinsky… Now Putin has started de Rothschildisation the ‘free world’ of the Rothschilds has branded Russia a rogue state. Only China escaped conquest when the Zionist Tianmen Square revolution failed.

Not content with stealing the 144 psychic powers of humanity the Satanists decided to create 144 Satanic powers to build a totally Satanic hive world of the West – the Anglo Demonic Reality. The humans were saddled with the debt as 144 Satanic powers must be paid far from real reality by humans dropping 144 powers worth of being – devolving. We see this in the super fat, super stupid, super greedy, super obedient, super servile, super aggressive (except to authority)… Westerners. The Americans and British being the most obese, greedy… as the Anglo Demonic Reality devolution is centred in these two countries but Europe is quickly catching up. The thinnest most educated humans being Russian.

If one can drain intelligence, bodily beauty, will power (Hyperinfinity), independence… out of Westerners to fund the 144 Satanic powers of the Anglo Demonic Reality so the Illuminati can use black magic to create the super rich life style of the Olympians – the Rothschild elite Satanists using the above process; as well as building the 144 x 12 Enochian chequerboard energy grid of the Anglo Demonic Reality and the blowback allows her/him to:

a) List 144 characteristics of torture, hell, suffering to imprint on the Illuminati Satanists such as fear, chaos, self destruction, bad luck, calamitous bad decisions, ner-do-well, poverty, disease, ruination… and quantum mechanically change the nature of all Satanists and their Demons, Gods to be the target of these 144 malign powers chosen by the Bone Psi-Master. The Service decoheres all Satanists…; decollapses all Satanists…; erases their Quantum Wave Function and absorbs all their Hyperinfinity; reconstitutes the Quantum Wave Function of all Satanists… as the target of the 144 hellish torments chosen using this Service (make your own list); collapses the Satanist torture shells into the 2013 reality as the 144 torture torment Scapegoats as well as using Hyperinfinity in it’s anti-form and anti-chaotic to make them appear able but in fact be blockades of despair whose suffering emits Hyperinfinity to allow the Anti-Chaos 2013 reality to manifest for the Bone Psi-Master alone, the normal zombie wageslave does not share in the magnificence of the Bone Psi-Master s 2013 reality or being as they gave all Hyperinfinity (free will) to them from their Illuminati Master’s table in return for being obedient slaves and attacking anyone who tried to break free of the Anglo Demonic Reality.

b) Choose 144 new unique Powers for the Bone Psi-Master and the Bone Generators™ will automatically download them as Quantum Computing Engines in your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals. List the 144 Powers you wish to have with this Service, remember they define the new you free from Satanism and free to create new unique reality only for your pleasure. The debt paid by the Satanists and their Demons, goals. Imagine your God-Being is composed of 144 Powers and you Intend the desired configuration so as you gain more and more Psychotronic Fuel and the Hyperinfinity to manifest the God-Being the 144 Powers become more and more manifest Psychotronic Fuel allows you to erase the Archon Quantum Wave Function and remake a new one with the unique 144 psychic powers as the Core of the Quantum Wave Function. It then needs lots of Psychotronic Fuel to expand the Quantum Wave Function to encompass your energy body; then the acquiring of Hyperinfinity to allow the Quantum Wave Function to collapse as manifest being/reality. An ongoing process that can go forwards and backwards depending on whether you gain Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity or have it leached away. For this reason never give energy to anyone always use Scapegoats and Deathgoats pay the energy bill as children leach all your energy from you. Include with this Service your unique 144 Powers, or if you aren’t sure Tim Rifat will let Total Intent choose the 144 Powers for you.

c) By studying, and the warnings one can see the UK government Satanists have tried to corrupt not only crystals but Psi-Masters with Satanic counterfeit Psychotronic Crystals… talismans. By looking at Satanic UK government counterfeiter one can see Aureum aka Rory Mcaffrey now running his counterfeit operation on E-Bay imprinted the Satanic ten Sephiroth of Kabbalistic Chaos evil on my 7 Psycrystals adding three Satanic perversion inversions of love to match Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and the Satanic corrupt Eve Shekinah as well as adding a Satanic negative athletic ability inverter to debase the physical condition of Westerners.

So now all Westerners are super fat prone, super fit prone, super stupid…

The 10 Sephiroth of Satanic Kabbalah being the model for all Satanism take away the Satanic Daat gateway and you get the nine Sephiroth which multiplied by the 10 original Sephiroth give you the 99 Satanic inverters of the 99 Names of Allah as explained in the Total Psychic Protection Service. UK counterfeiter Satanist Paul Hughes Barlow aka Graham Nickells an uneducated non college itinerant tarot reader (MI5’s finest) sells 9 Karma Crystals (the 9 Sephiroth-Daat) as well as 9 Satanic Allash inverter crystals and even Satanist Jin crystals – 9 thereof, so we can see that the UK Satanists not only want to steal psychic protection, but steal psychic powers, steal the ability to make new physic powers, then steal the ability to physically protect their new 144 Satanic power reality. Tim Rifat via these Scapegoats/Deathgoats has reversed the Satanic process so programmed into your Bone Generators™ is the quantum computing to make 144 new Total Psychic Protection Powers to protect your unique new 144 psychic power God-Being 2013 reality. So no matter what the Satanists try your new god-Being, 2013 reality is totally protected and the Satanists pay the price making it stronger the more they attack you. A key point is that the Satanic Kabbalah uses the Daat Sephiroth as a Satanic wormhole gateway between the 4 Matrices of the: Anglo Demonic Reality, Matrix, Over Matrix and Archon hell realm. This coincides with the 4 levels of the Satanic Kabbalah tree of life (death) the upper tree is the good facade that hides evil (liberal Western democracy that is really a neo Stalinist police state run by the Rothschilds) and the lower tree of Qliproth the evil purporting to be good (torture murder states of USA, Britain, Nato that kill millions of civilians, run torture death camps in Poland, Rumania… invade weak countries…) The two sides of the Kabbalah mirror Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and feed off good corrupted: Shekinah Daat is the wormhole gateway between realms. The 22 major arcana of Satanic tarot therefore have their mirror versions and inverse in the inverse Qlippoth Kabbalah. This gives us 22×4 = 88 Satanic Powers (22 pathways in a Kabbalistic tree), add the 6 Grail Powers of the Agglutinising Force and we get the 94 Operators of the Enochian Satanic magic that controls the West (see Anti-Kabbalistic Service). The important thing is that the wageslave needs to be locked in evil, so the flesh body is a Psychotronic Generator that locks the wageslave as a mobile Daat wormhole so not only is the slave locked in the Matrices it is a mobile wormhole to broadcast Demons, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, so all the slaves around you are Daat gateways to evil. That is why the UK Satanist website sells a counterfeit crystals for athletic ability that turns your body into a perfect Satanic Daat gateway for evil. That is also why UK government Satanist RVMagic website has counterfeited the 12 Aeons Psychotronic Crystals as 8 so the 7 Heaven Aeons of the Archon damned wageslave for the totally damned are added to the wageslave, while the 5 Hell Aeons of the Archons for the non damned are erased to one Daat wormhole to total damnation for the 15% of humans who don’t give into evil in life. So the counterfeiters patsy are living Daat wormholes to Archon Hell with no escape so even being near them corrupts you. One can see how after stealing your psychic powers the Kabbalistic evil chaos Gods wished to create new Satanic 144 Powers based on Kabbalah, Enochian, Goetic, Abramelin: Satanism that allows this timeline to be turned into a total evil hive world ruled by the Archons in bodies the generic Rothschild. Having visited hive worlds they all look like a total police state with all slaves mind controlled and monitored, Western torture murder police states perfected.

Tim Rifat has reversed the process so now you get 144 unique new powers of your choice as your Satanist Deathgoats pay the price. In this Service your Bone Generators™ have 12 Eigenvalue Master Operators as well so you can convert the Daat wormhole in your flesh carcass to become an Anti-Chaos wormhole where you poison the Archon hives just by being and the Anti-Chaos Daat wormhole sucks in positive energy, Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity as the hives burn. The Bone Generators™ also convert the Western slaves Daat wormholes into broadcasters of Anti-Chaos and as Anti-Chaos Daat wormholes pump energy into you. Since the UK government tried to make 8 Aeon Satanic crystals the Bone Generators™ can now pump Anti-Chaos into Daat to poison the 7 Archon Heaven Aeons to use the damned for fuel (as the Aeon Psi-Prison burns, the 8th Satanic Daat doorway is blown back to release all the Souls processed in the Shell Aeons, the humans that had to be broken after death so since the UK government Satanist Paul Hughes Barlow real name Graham Nickells tried to corrupt the 12 Aeon Psychotronic Crystals now all the Souls processed in the Hell Aeons are released from damnation and their energy and Hyperinfinity returned and the Graham Nickells… UK government pays the price. Since Satanist UK government stooge Rory Mcaffrey aka Aureum of (see Warnings) tried to corrupt the Grail Stones by counterfeiting them then the 6 Powers of the Agglutinising Force to manifest these Souls again is provided by the UK government… Rory Mcaffrey. Having the 8 Anti-Chaos Satanic Aeons downloaded into your Bone Generators™ you feed off the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison as you poison it with Anti-Chaos. You also use all the Daat wormholes in Western slaves as gateways to release the Souls into the world, pull the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth essence out of wageslaves into the 12 Aeon Psi-prison to torture the Kabbalistic Gods in Omega Hell; in the process the humans who never gave into evil in their lives are returned to the world and wake up in bodies in this timeline, returning from the dead as they never gave up their Hyperinfinity (free will) in life but were broken in the Hell Aeons so can be restored to life – the Satanists paying the price.

This means that the humans awake all over the world reincarnated again to benefit from their defiance of evil the Deathgoats paying the price. These humans being the Souls that fight World War 111 and defeat evil Zionism so probably are Russian, but who knows even Americans might throw off the slavery of the Federal Reserve, IRS, Zionist control of America at all levels using this Service. One can see these 12 Powers enable the control of the Satanic Daat gateways and since the returned real humans are the Bone Psi-Master for being recovered from an eternity of torture murder hell, then the Bone Psi-Master gains human servants; the human analogue to Tulpas that have to help the Bone Psi-Master in all ways to pay off their debt – no free rides. In this Service you can use the Bone Generators™ to make any human real again for use as a helper. You can’t use Satanists for human recovery such as Bush… Rothschilds… Illuminati as of their own free will (Hyperinfinity) they gave themselves to Satan (Skull and Bones cult of Bush, Carey… most US presidents…) Being able to turn the people around you into total helpless allows you to mind control your human servants using the embedded Daat wormhole in the flesh of the wageslave. By this means the Bone Psi-Master can gain control of huge numbers of followers – one can see why Bone Psi-Masters are banned in the future – too powerful. For this Service just list 144 zombies who you wish to use retroactive reincarnation on so the broken but in life unbroken to evil, that had to be processed in the Hell Aeons can be reincarnated in the 144 people of your choice. This is an example of one of the new unique psychic powers available in this Service. Remember the Germans used retroactive reincarnation to put Vedic warriors from the past civilisation, Aryan supermen into the SS so their crack troops began to display fighting ability beyond anything seen before. It was only the Rothschild bastard Hitler, grandson of Simon Amschel Rothschild that threw the SS troops away at the battle of Kuisk. Tim Rifat got this information from the Russians and it is well known among the elite in Russia, information got from German prisoners after WW11. The ability to recover Souls of the worthy from the past is a worthwhile pursuit for the Psi-Master as it is an act of largesse to Total Intent. President Putin began to reuse this German Ahnenerbe Psi-technology to turn the decrepit Russian Army into a killing machine that destroyed the Chechen insurgents – funded by oligarch Boris Beresowsky and MI6 from London, the paedophile murders that instigated Berstan, the murder of hundreds of children in North Ossetia, Russia. The new Russian military reduced Grozny to rubble and exterminated the Zionist Chechen insurgents. Compare them to Iraq and Afghanistan where the US and Nato troops have lost to Moslem freedom fighter and foreign insurgents. The Russian troops can fright the Zionist Americans, Israelis (Lebanon), British just die at the friends of the Moslems. Once can see that Psi-technology is not the arcane pursuit but the vital key to all 21st Century war fighting – only the Russians having the keys as incorruptible Souls cannot be of their own free will to try to establish the Rothschild one world government – now an impossibility because of Russia… China.

The Daat Kabbalistic evil wormhole placed in all Westerners at birth enables the Bone Psi-Master to step into any Westerner via the wormhole to crush the insectile that possesses the zombie using the Bone Generators™ to crush, tear apart, the insectile vermin, add Anti-Chaos via the right hand to the zombie and suck it dry of energy using the left hand Bone Generator™, all remotely from the comfort of your home. The Quantum Computing Engine in the Bone Generators™ does all the hard work for you. Once the zombie is eviscerated you can then step through the Daat wormhole into the evil vermin to place your own thoughts in their mind to make them destroy the NWO, fail, reverse course… Or you can use psychic martial arts or psychic swords on the internal organs of the zombie vermin. This Service allows your left and right hand to extrude psychic martial arts swords of any length, or claws such as found in the fictional X Man Wolverine (fictional character property of Marvel Comics™) so you can guage stab remotely or while walking the streets. One can see this new Service is geared to giving you new unique psychic powers. It also allows your Bone Generator™ hand to take negative energy and put in Anti-Chaos to heal or harm so disease areas can have their negative energy sucked out and Anti-Chaos added to kill the Kabbalistic evil. Use of Sublime Good can then heal the person. The Daat gateway sequestered by this Bone Generator™ Service allows you to travel through the wormhole to any zombie so you can have the hands on approach to harm or heal and gives the Bone Psi-Master™ the tactical full spectrum dominance over the zombies and Illuminati. As Demons and Kabbalistic evil have these Daat wormholes, when one gets the energy, or the Binder of Demons Service, Anti-Kabbalistic Service one can go Demon hunting – my favourite pursuit. One can also sequester the eviscerated Demon or Kabbalistic God to attack the Illuminati, politicians, genocidal torture murders such as Nato, US military or small minor or petty tyrants such as government officials, police, MI5, bosses, busy bodies, brown nosers at work, partner stealers… the list is endless. With the new unique psychic powers one can specify 144 new kick ass powers so one can travel by wormhole to torture torment evil by Remote Influencing using the Bone Generators™. As one might guess the Pentagon would kill for this ability so all Zionists are permanently blocked and inverted to become Scapegoat, Deathgoats so they lose 144 Powers they haven’t yet and gain 144 new unique psychic debts so you can torment them perfecting perfect list the 144 new physic debts you wish to give them.

Anti Anglo Demonic Reality Service: $800 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.