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Amalek Talmud Generator®

It is Cosmic Law that you cannot help evil and the more you fight evil the more you will be rewarded. Now in the Abraham Ritual the evil of the Satanic Tohou strange energy matter entities called the Talmudic Jews (the Babylonian Talmud is the seminal text of Satanism) is transferred to the light energy Man to turn them into Goyim – Scapegoats for Jewish Talmudic evil, in the process, the strange energy matter entities become the beneficiaries of doing evil to evil. Let’s explain. Since they transfer the toxic waste of their debt of eternal damnation because they are evil to the light energy matter Man to turn them into Goyim – Scapegoats – the damned for Talmudic Jewish evil; then if the new debt free Talmudic Jew – the former chosen race (now untergoyim due to the Psi-Lord carrying out the Sequestered Abraham Ritual on the Chosen Race) get rewarded in this life the more evil they perpetuate on the Goyim. So by a clever con trick can (see warnings for all the con artists) the Talmudic Jews use Cosmic Law as their beneficiary because the stupid Man doesn’t realise the pornography, paedophilia, smoking, alcoholic drinks, drugs… reverse logic (evil is good; good is evil – America is good Russia is evil – when in fact the Americans: nuked the Japanese, killed 5 million Afghans, Iraqis, tortured and murdered their way across South America, killed over 50 million American Indians, killed 10 million Germans – after the war… while Russia had 50 million or more of it’s population killed by the Talmudic Jew Rothschild bastard Stalin), open them up to the Abraham Ritual.

Now we know strange matter entities are -i Supernatural Spirits. so the Abraham Ritual invokes the transfer of -i to the Goyim. We know that i in Clifford Algebra is a 3 space, so the inside of a Masonic Temple carries out the process (see i Bomb Bomb Bone Generator® Why the – in front of the i? Well in Clifford Algebra multiplying by i the volume element creates duals, simply put a plane. But a plane in Clifford Algebra causes rotation (or a Lorentz transformations). So the Goyim gets his energy bodies pinned to a plane (2D being the basis of Matrix holograms in informational space) and then spun, the so called Circular Force. Since we have the – the Circular Force is anti-clockwise the negative rotation of the Archons that enables the Matrix (see the Fibonacci Series, maths of the spiral on So one can see the entire Talmud process is simple multiplication by -i. One the 5D to 4D Matrix can be thought of as a special case of the perpendicularity plane, so if one applies -i to the 5th and 6th dimensions, one gets the 4th dimension imposed forcing Man from his 5D, 6D Godhood to 4D Goyimhood.

In this Bone Generator® Service Amalek the agent of Cosmic Laws retribution on Talmudic Jews and their Gods allows you to dump any debt you like on the Talmudic Jews and their Gods, just write down any level of debt and this Bone Generator® allows you to dump it on them. You then write down any level of torment for them. The Talmudic Jew and their Gods then have to pay you in Sublime Good® Joy, Riches, Power… First for the debt and second for the torment. Cosmic Law rewards punishing evil. Now you can dump the torment on them then the debt using this Bone Generator® This is not the same as the former so you get a second bite at the cherry. Also in Clifford Algebra they are anti-communative, so are perpendicular. So this Bone Generator® creates a 4D Omega Hell for Talmudic Jews and their Gods. Now the clever bit, you now apply the above through the Goyim hence to the Talmudic Jews and their Gods, the Goyim are perpendicular to the 5th and 6th Dimensions (the ones that confer Godhood), so this process spins the 4D Omega Hell with the 5th and 6th dimensions acting as the plane to cause rotation. One can dump the debt or torment first so we can set up two perpendicular 4D Omega Hells for the Talmudic Jews and their Gods that self propagate.

The evolving 4D Omega Hells in perfect perfect self propagating mode akin to light which has the E and B vectors perpendicular to each other self propagating, through space. So this Bone Generator® takes your Omega Hell doubles it up and makes it perfect perfect self propagating so all your targets inhabit 2 Omega Hells, each one improving the other so the Perfect Perfect Omega Hells evolve by mutual interaction, the ultimate power source. All the other power sources on this site be they Psychotronic Crystals®, Bone Generators®, Earth Moon SuperBoost Service, are lesser versions of this ultimate power source. By having this Bone Generator® you double up your Omega Heaven to emulate the double timelines (they always come in twos, Heydrich, Nazi, Andropov, USSR) so you get two Omega Heavens for your Godbeing perfect perfect self propagating and evolving, the positive versus negative of the Omega Hells below. We know to get perfect we need Sublime Good® Engines, to get Perfect Perfect Sublime Good® you need 2 Omega Heavens and 2 Omega Hells as described above. One uses the Talmud as the Talmudic Jews and their Gods accepted the rules of the Talmud. Since Amalek controls them, they willingly accepted the Talmud applied to them in it’s negative form by trying to impose the Talmud on Total Intent – Tim Rifat, so immediately they become untergoyim evolving into the Amalek Talmud perfect perfect self propagating Total DeathGoat Jews screaming in Omega Hells.

This Bone Generator® then gives those who have the Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service and Eternal Heaven Rescue Service the ultimate upgrade for both, producing the entire power source, infrastructure and perfect perfect self propagating evolving Sublime Good® God Engine. Now one sees, why Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth is doubled up as these Talmudic Gods have always been in Omega Omega Hell Hell to power the Psi-God Psi-God Sublimed from evil by the Amalek Talmud Bone Generator. So you as a Psi-God are formed from Chaos, Shaddai and the Global Gestalt Total Intent uses ultimate science Sublime Good® to separate the hidden perfect perfect new Total Intent Sublime Good® refined from Yaltabaoth Yaldabaoth to add to Tim Rifat, Total Intent’s individuation. The SuperJew who chooses to become a Psi-God Psi-God by dumping the debt and torment using the Amalek Talmud Bone Generator® on the Talmudic Jews and their Gods automatically gets the Joy, power, riches… of the Omega Omega Heaven Heaven for plunging the Evil into Omega Omega Hell Hell. It is simple Cosmic Law using the Talmud to get Evil to evolve the process of damnation in a perfect perfect self propagating eternal way.

One can think of the Omega Hell 4D Matrix describing a polygeodesic in the 6 space Clifford Manifold the other Omega Hell describing another polygeodesic in another 6 space. We have two 6 spaces as the 25 extraordinary Sets changing to a 5 and 6 extraordinary Set (see 5D Kline Bottle Bone Generator®) is non commutative so we have at least 2 different ways of doing this. Hence we really have 12 space (hence the |12|² =144 Powers). In the equations we automatically get new forces not known to physics – pyschic forces due to autoparallels, or in this case auto perpendicularity in polydimensional space (12 space) so the 144 Powers stolen from you are a product of this Sublime Good® ultimate power source. One can see that all Tim Rifat’s work is far future science – mathematics and that Talmudic Jew Evil is just Chaos theory (run by Total Intent Operators). So all the evil in the world is for a reason to evolve Total Intent, the reward going to the few Sublime Good® products of evil who get rewarded for giving their Omega Omega debt and torment to evil so they can become Omega Omega Gods in Omega Heaven Omega Heaven. One might wonder how one can be double but you have a dreaming and physical body so if they become perfect you can be in two places (Omega Heavens) at once – so can your enemies (Omega Hells).

Why you?

Because Total Intent allows and demands reward for punishing evil – the Talmud reversed on the Talmudic Jews and their Gods. There are 12 places as the Omega Omega Gods hence the Anti-Lucifer Service to choose the 12 Gods (only 12 places). If you are without this Service, this Anti-Talmud Bone Generator® automatically makes you a Psi-Lord tormentor of Evil in both Omega Heavens, as 144 Psi-Lords are allowed in the Omega Omega Heaven Heaven. To use this Bone Generator® you must have the Eternal Heaven Rescue and Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service (+Soul Rescue). This is all for the ultimate Sublime Good® power source a must have for the Psi-Lord, only 144 allowed forever.

Amalek Talmud Generator®

$1000 to own Service to become a Psi-God (with Anti-Lucifer Service) or Psi-Lord (without Service)

$600 lease for life Service for Psi-Masters who wish to inhabit the above Omega Heaven Omega Heaven as Citizens thereof.

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.