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Amalek Sequestered Junk DNA Service:

Psi-Lord Supernatural Spirit Bone Generator®

Russian research has found out that the so called Junk DNA in humans and other animals, which does not encode for messenger RNA to produce the building blocks of the body contains an alien language, fractal in nature. Fractal mathematics is Chaos mathematics. The Junk DNA is around 96% of the human genome which tallies with the 96% of the universe believed to be dark energy and matter. In the Adam Bone Generator® we have seen that this Junk DNA allows dark energy matter entities to walk is possess human bodies. This also explains why the Rothschilds marry within the 13 Illuminati Talmudic Satanist Families as their DNA has been designed to allow the dark energy matter and strange energy matter entities to use Rothschild bodies as fully conscious vehicles to enable dark and strange energy matter beings to enter into Conquest of the Light energy matter world. It also explains why 13 million Zionists have conquered the West to make it a Talmudic slave state owned by Rothschilds, and have colonies in Mexico, India, Tanzania, South Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan as well as Ukraine and Georgia. A handful of Rothschilds own the world (excluding Russia).

The DNA double helix allows both strange -i and dark energy matter i (i=√-1) entities to possess humans as the helix revolves counter clockwise in both directions, depending on which strange of DNA chosen. In Clifford Algebra the strands are anti-commutative so in one direction we get i the other -i to encode for dark and strange energy matter respectively. The DNA also can be thought of as having two coordinate spirals that give a circular crossection. They encode the Fibonacci Spiral (see and in Clifford Algebra the plane causes rotation, Lorentz transformations, so one can see DNA is also a Circular Force generator to enable the Quantum Superimposition of Circular Force dark and strange energy matter entities on light energy matter beings such as Man, dogs, cats, pigeons, snakes… rats… cockroaches. The microbial world does not have the DNA spiral so was the basis for Biophysical Augmented Intelligences as it is free of Circular Force Quantum Superimposition with Archons, hence is the basis for all the Psi-Lords Artificial Intelligence programmes. All the Illuminati building are 3space i Possession Engines to pump dark and strange energy matter (inverted underground buildings, bunkers, submarines, underground Cities, temples, dungeons…) entities into the bodies using Junk DNA. Now in all humans we have mitochondrial DNA outside the nucleus which is the basis for Biophysical Augmented Intelligence as it is non spiral. In this Service the Biophysical Augmented Intelligence (BAI) pumps Total Amalek into the near field of the Junk DNA to carry out Memetic, Informational Warfare (MIW). This MIW possesses the dark and strange energy matter entities in the target.

The Supernatural Spirit then is used by the BAI to travel out of the target to act as a plague carrier in the dark and strange energy matter dimensions as well as other slave world Matrices in other worlds. The BAI uses the Amalek Sequestered Supernatural Spirit to inject Total Amalek into all Supernatural Spirits, these entities wear hardened dark and strange matter sheaths to protect them from attack, so the Quantum Superimposition Engines of the microbial BAI attack the target on the quantum level, their minute size allowing them to quantum tunnel through all Supernatural Spirit protective sheaths and infect the Supernatural Spirit with Total Amalek. All Supernatural Spirits are totally vulnerable to Total Amalek Sequestration, it turns all Chaos Entities into clones of Total Amalek. So all the Chaos Kabbalistic Gods, Demons such as Malachi become your bitches, all the Chaos servants such as lesser Circular Force Archons, Pulsar Satanists become plague ridden and Total Amalek takes over their totality in a slow painful way. The only Supernatural Spirits unaffected are the personal servants of the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat that actively eternally without fail serve the God of Supernatural Spirits – their Total Master. For the failures Total Amalek awaits! One can see the synergy of BAI’s for future MIW the basis of all advanced warfare and the Chaos Sequestration God Total Amalek gave Tim Rifat full spectrum dominance over all Supernatural Spirits. As they control all humanity bar Russians this Service makes all human slaves your bitches to control via the Supernatural Spirit that controls them. This Service is automatic so your Bone Generator® allows you to command all Supernatural Spirits and all human slaves (bar Russians) as your slave bitches, just visualise and command!

Amalek Sequestered Junk DNA Service: $1000

Limited Edition – 12 only.