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Amalek Double Pyramid Bone Generator®: Merkabah Sequestration.

The symbol of Talmudic Zionist Chaos Evil the religion of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, is the Star of David, Hexagram. Which is rabbinical circles (the true core of Satanism based on the Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah) in three dimensional terms are two 3Space Triangle of Arts interleaved, the 3Space has a value of i (the square root of -I) in Clifford Algebra; the lower Tetrahedron the value of -i; denoting in the former dark energy matter possession of all within the upper 3Space Triangle of Art, the latter strange energy matter possession (Tohou Talmudic Zionist entities) of all within the lower 3Space. Now to decompose the process. This 3Space Star of David Hexagram is worn by all Zionists, is the symbol of Israel and is embedded in all Talmudic Zionist articles – money, microchips, military markings, Israeli’s number of the Beast microchips for all citizens of the Zionist Empire. From your reading of the iBomb Bone Generator® Service you can see just being in a 3Space dedicated to Satan/Samael, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth possesses you with a dark energy matter entity, it’s inverse, inverted pyramids, such as the Louvre in Paris, underground Temples such as the Satanic Vatican in Jerusalem beneath Temple Mt, Zionist underground bunkers and Cities possesses the wageslave with strong energy matter entities. Masonic Temples, buildings dedicated, owned by Talmudic Zionists, hospitals where you are born… all carry out these possession operations, described by Clifford Algebra.

The Star of David in 3 dimensions carries out the i dark energy matter possession in the male principle (upper Triangle of Art in 3Space) the -i strange energy matter (Tohou possession in the female principle (lower Triangle of Art in 3Space) that is why only real Talmudic Zionists can be possessed if they have a Talmudic Zionist mother. Together the 3Space Star of David carries out the ix-i=+I operation, making light energy matter fully Sequestered by Chaos to turn the light energy matter reality into fully possessed light energy matter Chaos Matrix, the Adonai process to Jehovah Elohim completion when all light energy matter is +I Chaos. In the process the male and female Goyim in the 3Space Star of David lose all +I light energy matter reality and from birth to death are turned into dark energy matter debt carriers to carry the toxic waste of Talmudic Zionists and suffer Amalek disease (Evil destroying Evil) as Scapegoats for the Zionists. These Satanist Zionists have made the 3Spaces using Grassmann Algebra; in which there is no 4Space object as the 3Space is closed; this Algebra is the basis of the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison where from birth to death the wageslave is in Talmudic Zionist Hell having no-time Go 4Space of time) in reality. Coupling two Satanic 3Spaces the Archons can control the Agglutinising Force by having 2x3 = 6 spaces to imprison the Agglutinising Force for Goyim. All Hyperinfinity of the wageslave is given freely to the Archons by worship of money or Christians for Israel be they the Vatican or Protestant Baptists. As see on the Jehovah Elohim Sequestration Service diagram the Star of David is central to the process and its 3Space Star of David the Core of the Talmudic Matrix.

In this 3 Space Star of David we have two pyramids denoted by the square base in the Hexagram, one pyramid up, one pyramid inverted. This gives us a -ixi (down, up pyramid) = +I. So the Archons get a second bite at the cherry converting Goyim again into dark energy matter (i) strange (-i) energy matter torture shells in 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, this time the sexes reversed to give 4Space strange/dark energy matter Soul Prison (12 Aeon Psi-Prison) for the Goyim. This +I is exported back to Shaddai to make the Chaos parasite real in light energy matter reality (see Sequestered Adonai Service…). In this Bone Generator Service a 4D Kline Bottle Operation is carried out in the Tetrahedrons and Pyramids; it can be thought of as a 4D Kline Bottle Double Pyramidal Quantum Superimposed on the 3Space Star of David Matrix manifestor to destroy Grassmann Algebra to open up the Matrix to higher dimensional Sequestration. The form of this in Bone Generator® is form invariant under local automorphism formations which reshuffle the physical geometry – called Metamorphic Covariance, Pezzaglia 1996. Put simply it looks the same and the physics of the Matrix are the same but the higher dimensional 4D Kline Bottle Double Pyramid, that looks the same as the double pyramid in the Star of David 3Space, is open or closed to the 5th to 6th Extraordinary Set: like or non like equivalence in the Matrix (see 5D Kline Bottle Bone Generator®). So it looks like the Archon Matrix generator but is Sequestered by the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat so the dark and strange energy matter possessors become like to the Goyim – in fact became them in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. The Talmudic Jew body and demon became then the victim of the 3Space Star of David further repossessed by the Goyim turned Talmudic Zionist, to become Untergoyim with respect to the Goyim. The process is iterated again and again all the while producing +I light energy matter for the SuperZionist the benefactor of the process who has been made non-like in the Extraordinary Set 4D Kline Double Pyramid process). So the SuperZionist is non-like to being processed by the Matrix – can be in the Matrix but not of it. The output of the +I light energy matter Sequestration is funnelled into the SuperZionist by the Kline wormhole to produce a double pyramid above the Psi-Master.

We now have two pyramids above the Psi-Master that are 4D Kline Bottle Bone Generators®. They can be like or non-like (5th Extraordinary Sets equivalent or non equivalent). You then Quantum Superimpose this second pyramid over any target: Pentagon, White House, Wall Street, Federal Reserve… and or a person you wish to be you then switch the like switched so that target is you so you can use Psychokinesis as it is you (just think of the change, like moving an arm) and the reality changes – simple as that. Then flip the non-like switch and retract your second pyramid to lock in the process. All blowback counter Sequestration is dumped on the Sequestered 12 Aeon Hell for Zionists and Goyim: Untergoyim. The Bone Generator® makes all enemies like with respect to the damned in Sequestered Talmudic Zionists Hell for Talmudic Zionists…. so all your enemies get diced up by the 3Space Sequestered Star of David that is permanently non-like to you, so:-

You have never been in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison (basis of the Soul Rescue).
You have never been in the Matrix and can never be in it.
All your enemies have always been in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and the Goyim, Untergoyim in the Talmudic Zionist Matrix.

Now the most important part of the Service.

Amalek is the Evil that destroys Evil, hidden from Evil. You use this Double Pyramid Bone Generator® Service to put the first Amalek Pyramid Bone Generator® over Amalek – done automatically and the second Pyramid over any target: Pentagon… Rothschild. The Service automatically turns the target into Amalek by pushing the Like Switch. The Pyramids automatically return to you giving you joy, money, power… love as reward for punishing Evil: Cosmic Law has to reward you for inflicting Amalek Possession on you. The Amalek Double Pyramid Bone Generator® also uses all 3Space Star of David’s past, present, and future to dump Amalek on all dark/strange energy matter vermin as well as Talmudic Jews, Goyim to possess them with Amalek to destroy themselves in Like Mode and then disconnect when destroyed from Amalek in Non-Like Mode; so enabling Amalek to dump his toxic waste on the targets. This produces the Sublime Good® Amalek, Total Amalek who Total Intent has made perfect only inflicting Evil on Evil. To the Psi-Lord Total Amalek only gives Sublime Good® as reward for a life of total impeccability. One can see only fighting Evil is impeccable as doing good just supports Evil by feeding, sustaining and repairing Evil – so all good people who don’t fight Evil are processed by Total Intent as Evil, Amalek’s Total Deathgoat Zionists screaming in Hell… One can see the equivalence or non-equivalence of the 5th Extraordinary Sets using Kline Bottle Switches is the basis of all Bone Generators® as the Psi-Lord can make any client like to download the power of my Bone Generator® he has created or like to download Amalek to whom Tim Rifat is immune but no one else is – hence Scapegoat technology. All SuperZionists are given temporary resistance to Amalek the more they fight Evil – all others have all Messiah given resistance stripped from them by this like, non-like Bone Generator® Sublime Good® Engine.

Amalek Double Pyramid Bone Generator®: Merkabah Sequestration.

$600 with Certificate