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Amalek Bone Generator®: The key to totally unobserved travel and control in and out of the Matrix as a Psi-Lord is able.

Amalek is the archetypal Reptile ruler of all Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth’s creations as the arch destroyer of all Evil by making it destroy itself. The brain has three distinct evolutionary stages, the Reptilian brain, the limbic system and cortex, the latter found in higher mammals including Man and the apes Amalek resides in the Reptilian brain and therefore controls the ritualistic instructive behaviour and through the control over the detonation of the brain stress system controls the Limbic system, the emotional brain that makes all our decision making, the cortex rationalising this emotional response. This Bone Generator® gives you full control over your Reptilian brain so you can shut down all ritualistic instinctive behaviour of the transgenic chimp hardwired into your Awareness of the physical energy body. A clean slate upon which you can discard the transgenic chimp programming. It also controls your brain stress system so shutting down all stress responses to external or internal threat allowing you to act in a cold calculated ruthless way under threat of death, or being killed to maximise your ruthless way under threat of death, or being killed to maximise your survival, efficiency, kill ratios of petty tyrants and most importantly to become an impeccable stalker of petty tyrants. Having the ability to think and act outside the box depends on being totally without fear (stress response) so the Bone Generator® gives you the capability of the NSA multiple personality syndrome super-assassins that can operate 100% efficiently and use 100% of muscle strength, stamina, Awareness – without the NSA mind control slave to Talmudic Zionists baggage. This part of the Bone Generator® is automatic.

The Talmudic Jew Matrix has 3 parts to control input, output from the 3 brain evolutionary areas; the Reptilian brain is controlled by the Ennead underworld, aqueous Matrix beneath the physical Matrix, realm, of the Reptiloid amphibian Demons; the Limbic system the Middle Place biophysical Matrix dream world; the physical Matrix the cortex of the transgenic chimp.

This Bone Generator® allows you to have a doorway in your Reptilian brain (diagrams on, touching the doorway with your left hand drops your stress response to enable the stone cold killer mentality, the right hand Bone Generator® the hard driving entrepreneur who is totally self motivated and like a crocodile ignores all distractions concentrating on the target be it a goat or scapegoat, money or power, step through the doorway and you enter the Ennead Underworld as Amalek’s Avatar able to control all the watery world’s Demons called fishes by the Kabbalah as they swim in the Underground beneath the physical Matrix. You can command these fishes to take control of the subconscious, unconscious of any target to render them obsessive compulsives. More importantly you can access the Amalek doorway in the Ennead Underworld that allows you to enter the physical world or Middle Place in the permanently hidden place that lives within both domains. This enables the Psi-Master to carry out totally covet psychic and physical operations hidden from all observers so you can use Remote Influencing or behind the scenes skulduggery to carry out any sort of manipulation free from observation. You can then use the Amalek Doorway in the Middle Place to enter the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison unobserved and having the doorway permanently in front of you go into all the Archon places unobserved. You can enter into Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth from here to reside in the hidden place in the Talmudic Zionist Chaos God to possess it’s unconscious subconscious to use it as a robot so the Talmudic Zionist Chaos God acts as your bitch enabling you to have mastery of all the Matrix and Kabbalah. You can use the moving Amalek doorway on any physical monument, body to enter the hidden place and corrupt and Sequester it’s power from within. The Amalek doorway opened into the Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® enables you to step out of the Matrix and voyage with your physical, biophysical body in Supernatural, time-lines unobserved, unimpeded.

Amalek Bone Generator: $600 (limited to 12 only)

Amalek Bone Generator: $200