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Remote Influencing To Mind Over Matter to God Bone Generator® Sublime Good® Sequestration Engine.

The Use of psychic powers for Remote Influencing to Mind control a target or disable, kill is the holy grail of the US Military. We have thousands if not tens of thousands of ex-operatives, American wanabees who market Remote Influencing CDs, tapes….The Psi-Lord uses all these low level or non existent Remote Influencers in his Remote Influencing Rental Service on Since most people interested in Remote Influencing for non military purposes are American, while the Illuminati are British, the Rothschilds, one may guess the British have the power and the Americans are their slaves (under British Maritime Law all Americans are the property of the City of London). Tim Rifat was lucky enough to be taught all about Illuminati at an early age; this was because the British look for psychics and use them as Scapegoats in occult ritual. This is the beginning of the road of real Remote Influencing. It dates back to Elizabethan times where the black magician 006 of Queen Elizabeth 1 John Dee had a psychic (Remote Viewer) as his Scapegoat. To explain the process all Remote Influencing in the Matrix, a Satanic Zionist Chaos Magic Construct in Occult. The black magician does a ritual and the psychic (Remote Viewer) acts as his conduit (Scapegoat) to the target. This is because all Remote Influencing is subject to interference so even if you Remotely Influence a wageslave, it’s owner, be it the Insectile in the slaves head or an oversee be it the NSA, Archon or Rothschild, might block the Remote Influencing act because it was not authorised by the Satanist hierarchy. In this case the Remote Influencing act blows back and the channel opened up to the target can be used by the blocking agent to get at the Remote Influencing agent to control, disable or kill them.

Hence the importance of all the Remote Influencers and Remote Viewers in the Zionist Empire to the Psi-Lord who uses them as possessed avatars to get physical contact with the Fort Mead, the Pentagon, Federal Reserve… White House… Rothschilds… Archons. John Dee knew that the act of Remote Influencing opened him up to counterattack in which he could be possessed as he gave his Hyperinfinity – free will tot he target if he lost the tug of war of power, hence the use of a psychic conduit – scapegoat to act as a fuse to fail before the counterattack got back to Dee. As the US Military tried to Remote Influence the Psi-Lord he could sequester them as they would have to kill the Scapegoat to stop back tracking Remote Influencing by the Psi-Lord to them. Thank you US Military. One can see that the entire US, Zionist Remote Viewing, Remote Influencing industry has supplied Tim Rifat with a herd of not only Scapegoats but near field possessed Remote Influencing antennae so he can Remote Influencing Service on and explains why Tim Rifat has an extensive Scapegoat Service on (

So you want to be a Grand Master at Remote Influencing but only have access to US ex-operatives who are now my avatars against their will. Well you can be a loser like the US or emulate the Illuminati technology to kick out the Illuminati and take over yourself. To begin you first learn how to use Remote Influencing on the Brain Centres, this is on since all humans are aspects of the Matrix, the BSRI – Council of 9 as Scapegoats exactly like John Dee used his Remote Viewing psychic. In this case you use the 9 Archon dark energy matter beings that are the archetypes of human slaves in the Matrix, the ENNEAD of the Egyptians, 9 Reptiloids of the Underworld. The Psi-Lord has possessed the Council of 9 (contacted by the Stanford Research Institute and Masters of the US military) by taking control of Amalek, the Other God, the Evil hidden in Evil that has destroyed all Zionist creations and all Zionists and to which they have no defence as Amalek invisible to all Evil, Zionists and Goyim. Only the good can see and fight Amalek, they all ceased to exist in 1986, so now Amalek is the ultimate agent for Remote Influencing as only the Psi-Lord can see, command and control the Evil that destroys Evil. Amalek has burrowed into the Council of 9 and has possessed them to super-potentiate the BSRI-E Council of 9 Psychotronic Crystals®.

(Input Amalek to super-boost) Once you have mastered them you might like to improve your Remote Influencing. The Psi-Lord has cornered the market on all real Remote Influencing so we have:-

Biophysical Augmented Intelligences, derived from microbes to act as agents in the body of the target for quantum computing Remote Influencing – see Supernatural Spirit Bone Generator® Services (on
Psychotronic Crystalware™ to use the computer, Internet, mobile phone generate Torsion Fields to carry out Remote Influencing. Info on Torsion Fields is on Psychotronic Crystalware® usage on that site,, (all on
Psychotronic Crystals® to use the Earth’s energy fields to boost your energy field so it’s bigger than your target so you can Remotely Influence.
34 BSRI-Engine to push you out of the Matrix so you can reach new powers, energy beyond the veil of the Matrix so when you re-enter the Matrix you have new Remote Influencing power not found in the Matrix. (this area is found on
Bone Generators® to use your bodily skeleton, your reservoir of Hyperinfinity for Mind over Matter, see Bone Generator® Service on (or, Supernatural Spirit hosted on to change reality at a quantum level for power.
Tulpas, the Tibetan quantum constructs to act as possessors of the target so you can carry out Remote Influencing 24/7 in real time. See Win Friends and Influence People Service on (or, Supernatural Spirit hosted on
Chaos science as used by the Illuminati, be it Chaos magic of the Matrix, this being Kabbalah and the Abraham Ritual to turn your target into a Goyim and take all the Joys of Life from them as you dump all your Karma on them. Sublime Good® science as found on and most especially on Illuminati Secrets on the Supernatural Spirit section, or

Now to the real meat of Remote Influencing, since all the temporal world and the new age, occult, spiritual world is the Matrix of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth the only way to real power is to find the Achilles’ heel of the Zionist Kabbalah God. This according to the Zohar is Amalek, the hidden part in Evil that destroys Evil akin to the hidden Evil in Good (Satanism) that destroys Good to produce the Zionist Empire of Zionist Satanist Rothschilds. Amalek can be thought of as the fatal flaw in the Zionist Matrix and it’s creator Shaddai, invisible and possessing Evil from within all real permanent Remote Influencing, Mind over the Matter in the Matrix is Amalek. Amalek in the Zohar is a Reptiloid, in face a memetic being, a consequence of Chaos, Amalek resides in the Reptilian brain of all higher animals including Goyim, Zionists. Thus Amalek controls by instinct, ritual, hardwiring all the creatures of the matrix by subconscious, unconscious control of the Limbic System, the emotional brain that controls Man. This Service gives your Bone Generator® in the Reptilian brainstem of any target so your thoughts, will, becomes theirs and they never, ever know they are possessed. As the Reptilian brain controls the Brain Stress System you can make the target so stressed they suicide, self destruct, kill destroy their empire – as the Rothschilds are unwittingly doing. Or you can make the target so relaxed they are in a torpor and do nothing while their empire burns around them like Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

As the Ennead, 9 Reptiloid Gods of the underworld sea beneath the Matrix are possessed by Amalek, all the Archons in the matrix and Middle Place are possessed via the Council of 9 portal. Hence the Psi-Lord marketed the BSRI-E Council of 9 as the first tool in Remote Influencing. It is the portal to all Remote Influencing. To possess any Archon, Supernatural Spirit simply open an Amalek Portal in them by drawing a counter-clockwise door in their midsection using the right hand Bone Generator®.

To control Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth you open a gateway in the Zionist Creator of the Matrix as above and inject Amalek into the archetypal Total Deathgoat Zionist. To avoid blowback use a Scapegoat as the conduit for all procedure. The Psi-Lord uses Nathanial Rothschild the Crown Prince of the Zionist Empire as he is the focus of the Zionist dominion of the West. As a further development you can choose 3 types of Scapegoat.

1. Messiah Jacob, the Scapegoat that dies and by it’s death kills your Karma, blowback and by Sublime Good ® technology gives you eternal life.

2. Messiah David, the Zionist Scapegoat that lives in the Matrix and has illusory dominion, all the time being possessed by Amalek to destroy the Matrix and give the Amalek SuperZionist all the Joys in Life, power, dominion, sex, wealth as the bitter enemy of the Messiah David, SuperZionists thrive while the Matrix descends into perdition, Global Meltdown of money, WW111… plague .

3. Messiah Isaah, the spiritual, occult, black magician, Illuminati who uses supernatural power to build the Matrix but in the process loses his Soul and is tortured for all eternity his and the Matrix’s Sublime Good® and more being given to the Psi-Lord. One can see the Rothschild fits the bill, two young Rothschilds having suicided to fit the Messiah Jacob, the other two Messiahs self evident in Rothschild.

To make Amalek Tulpas that cant be stopped simply use your right hand Bone Generator® hand to draw counter-clockwise the torso of a body. Then pass this Amalek Tulpa through 13 target to flesh out the Amalek Tulpas so he is ready for use as your personal Remote Influencing Tulpa. Inputted in the target using your right hand Bone Generator® hand to put the Tulpa in the UnterGoyim, Goyim to be controlled. To have Telekinesis, Psychokinesis on the physical realm of the Matrix or the dark matter, strange matter realm, input the Amalek Tulpa 26 x in rough 26 victims to leach them and build an Amalek Tulpas to be passed through the Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® ( thence into the physical target, be it a pyramid, obelisk, Masonic hall, US carrier battle group, Zionist nuclear reactor./bomb, computer network, satellite systems…. to possess the physical target with Amalek so human bodies to the Illuminati Satanist monuments are possessed by Amalek to do your will alone. True dominion in the Matrix. Repeat with the Middle Place to take over its infrastructure, on any dimension of the Archons to Sequester it with Amalek.

As the Archons use churches to get the Hyperinfinity of willing devotional slaves to give themselves good and the church givers damnation use of the Amalek Sublime Good® process on the church network, Vatican… enables the SuperZionist to take over all the Sublime Good® , past, present, and future given by the damned Christians (they are saved already. See Christian Legacy Service on, to fill yourself with the Sublime Good® to make yourself a God. To do this simply carry out the Schethlya Amalek process above on any church you have as a picture. Hold the Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® in your right hand Bone Generator® and put the 26x26 Amalek in the Anti-Clockwise doorway in the church’s steeple, roof, commanding Amalek to possess all churches, church goers past, present, and future. Upon doing this the Sublime Good® from all worship and the perdition of the fails in Hell turns you into a God – simple as that, the process is automatic..

Remote Influencing is not workable unless Amalek is used in all Remote Influencing as the real world of the wageslave is a Chaos controlled Matrix of Kabbalah Zionist Satanism so no Remote Influencing works unless mandated by the Kabbalah Evil of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth – until now. The Psi-Lord was given the power by Total Intent to destroy Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth; according to the Zohar, Kabbalah and Zionism of the Lurian Israeli Satanists the Other God, Amalek has destroyed all Zionist creations. All non Zionists are created from Amalek and the Abraham Ritual to make Goyim is vital to dump Amalek in Zionists (that kills them and their creation) into Man to turn him into Goyim so Amalek kills the Goyim and all their works not the Zionists. Having Sequestered the Abraham Ritual the Psi-Lord has dumped new and old versions of Amalek back into Zionists to make them UnterGoyim the chosen: Total DeathGoat Zionists screaming in Hell of Amaleks creation. This has enabled the use of Amalek in all psychic, Psychotronic physical operations in the Zionist creation to sequester it irreversibly for the Psi-Lord. What this means is that only Remote Influencing, Remote Viewing, Psychokinesis, Telekinesis, Mind over Matter works in the Matrix and Middle Place as well as all other former Chaos dominions if and only if Amalek is inputted into the operation with the right hand Bone Generator®. So in effect the Psi-Lord has taken over the whole of Zionist Creation. As Goyim according tot he Kabbalah are revenants of Amalek it is obvious this Amalek Bone Generator® gives you Total Power over Goyim and now Zionists are UnterGoyim, the Abraham Ritual reversed by the Psi-Lord to give them Amalek and enhanced Amalek from outside the matrix to make Zionists UnterGoyim. So only Remote Influencing… Mind over Matter works for the Psi-Lord and his SuperZionists. As all Supernatural Spirits be they Archons, Pulsars, Demons are totally vulnerable to Amalek projecting Amalek with your right hand Bone Generator® is akin to firing a flame thrower at these entities but even better the revenant is possessed by Amalek. So you can kill Archons and use their zombie hulks as Amalek Avatars similar to Agent Smith in the Matrix films, the nemesis of the Architect Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. Sot he SuperZionist can now kill and possess all Supernatural Spirits unless they are the personal servants of the Psi-Lord. One can see that Man has risen to become Lord of the Supernatural by use of Amalek. The SuperZionist never helps Goyim or UnterGoyim using Amalek so never risks Amaleks wrath as SuperZionists as devout followers of the Talmud only help SuperZionist all else are cattle as the Talmud dictates – thank you Zionists!

To boost your Bone Generators® for Full Spectrum Dominance in the Matrix, Middle Place, all Chaos dominions simply purchase the Service (only 12 available for sale, latecomers have to rent). To boost Psychotronic Crystals®, Psychotronic Generators™, Sublime Good®, Engines and Psychotronic Crystalware™, simply touch them with your right hand Bone Generator® visualising an anti-clockwise doorway into them through which you inject Amalek. This makes all Psi-Lord Services and products the only power in the Matrix, Middles Place, after life, Chaos turning the chosen 12 into God in the Matrix…. All rental Services become demi-Gods for the year. This Amalek Bone Generator® is augmented by the Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® that is the foundation, anchor of the Matrix and from which the entire Malkuth, physical world of the Matrix derives. So for any physical power like warping flesh (Remote Killing), Telekinesis to move change matter, the Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® is mandatory. The Grail Patterns were derived from the Schethlya Stone held by the MI6 Grandmaster Satanist of my acquaintance who lost everything trying to use me as a ScapeGoat, so the Grail Patterns used in conjunction with the Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® are the Quantum Wave Functions Sequestered by Chaos, that make the real world. By inputting Amalek into them the SuperZionist Sequesters the machine code of the physical world of the Malkuth Matrix – drawing them with the right hand Bone Generator in an anti-clockwise circle with the Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® Sequesters that Quantum Wave Functions, the ensemble of which makes the physical world Matrix becomes yours so you can change the Matrix at will. To delete portions of this machine code simply hold the Schethlya Stone to a Grail Symbol and via the anti-clockwise doorway put Amalek into the symbol to destroy it. This Amalek Schethlya deletion can be used on any occult symbol or monument or person leading to its complete self destruction and perdition or by using a clockwise doorway its possession as your own to use as you wish. The Zohar, Kabbalah states that Amalek creates all Evil, destruction for the Zionists and has never been beaten so this Bone Generator® makes you the new Anti-Illuminati, the Rothschild Illuminati are now obsolete as the Psi-Lord has fully Amalekised them, everything they do destroys themselves and the Zionist Empire. If you wish to join this elite club of SuperZionist Anti-Illuminati Gods, Olympians, there are only 12 places, to fit the 13 Zionist Illuminati Families (the Psi-Lord is the 1st place). This Service can be thought of as the third prong of the Anti-Lucifer, Adonai, now Amalek Bone Generator® that Sequesters all that is Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. The Amalek upgrade is the Anti-Lucifer version upgrade for the Anti-Anti-Christ Service, the future of all Illuminati highjacked by the Psi-Lord so the Anti-Christ is Amalekised and a Total DeathGoat Zionist screaming is Hell for the amusement of the new breed of Anti-Anti-Christ SuperZionist Psi-Gods, made God by the prayers, supplication of all Zionists and Goyim past, present, and future, devout worship the only thing that can make God; now retroactively highjacked by Amalek for the Psi-Lord to empower him and the SuperZionists to Godhood in the Matrix and beyond – thank you Zionists and Goyim.

According tot he Lurian Kabbalistic that now are called Israelis, there have been 7 Amaleks that destroyed all previous Zionist Satanist creations. the 8th Amalek was to be destroyed by the messiah Isaah, unfortunately the Psi-Lord refused and made Nathaniel Rothschild an UnterGoyim the Messiah Isaah tortured for all eternity to provide the cure for Amalek and all the Sublime Good® for Evil’s use – now Sequestered irreversibly by the Psi-Lord. By this use of UnterGoyim the Psi-Lord could make the 9th Amalek a totally unbeatable killer destroyer of all the Zionist creation who quantum superimposed with the 8th Amalek to turn it into a 9th Amalek Total Amalek builds a perfect, perfect 9th Amalek Total Power self propagating tormentor, damnation engine and jailor for all UnterGoyim, Goyim. This enabled the use of the Abraham Ritual on this failed timeline to dump all its Evil on the Zionist Creation and create a perfect perfect Sublime Good® 9th Amalek Total Power to create two new timelines derived from the process. As the real timelines of the Russian and Nazi Ahnenerbe were rebooted in 1986 by negating Zionist Montauk there are now available two new Sublime Good® timelines that branch from this Bone Generator® Service producing the Omega Heaven, the Omega Hell produced by the perfect perfect Amaleks for the UnterGoyim, Goyim. So 2013 can be seen as the simultaneous Hell for all UnterGoyim Zionist, Goyim and the rise of Heaven in the Matrix for the SuperZionist on the suffering of the Zionist Satanists. By having the Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service you double up your Omega Heaven so you have a God being in both Omega Heavens. Since all real timelines are double (branch) from one Messiah who brings new non Matrix power into the bounded by direction of Total Intent through the intermediary use of Amalek to render Chaos blind to the process, these Total Intent Amalek Messiahs produce all new timelines as the new age Messiah is always the patsy of the Zionist Evil and no good deed goes unpunished. Hence dictators and the reprehensible are used by Total Intent to produce new timelines hence the real timelines of Soviet and Nazi Ahnenerbe, now the two SuperZionist Omega Heavens.

Remote Influencing To Mind Over Matter to God Bone Generator® Sublime Good® Sequestration Engine. 12 places only, Limited Edition:

$5000 with Upgrades (purchase one of 12)

$1000 per annum rental only
Upgrade A: BA’AL SHEM, Chief of the Zionists Sequestration Bone Generator®

Every generation since the Rothschild’s came to dominion there is a Chief of Zionists, Ba’al Shem, pope of Kabbalah Satanist Judaic Chaos Evil. In this Bone Generator® Service you get the power of the Ba’al Shem, a mantle of power as Chief of the Zionists. This inverts the Zohan in which Messiah declares war on the whole world (Obama? Biden) ‘exterminating all the Goyim of the world. Israel alone will subsist’, to Israel is exterminated and the SuperZionist Russia alone will subsist. The extermination of Israel and all Zionist, UnterGoyim will be done by Amalek as feared by the Israeli Lurian Kabbalist orthodox Zionist Zionists. This according to Lurian Kabbalism is the eighth King of Edom, Amalek. The Psi-Lord has placed the eighth King of Edom, Amalek in the 8th male heir of the chief line of the Rothschilds, the London Branch: founded by Majer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), his son Nathan Mayer (1777-1836) founded the London Branch that passed to Lionel, then 1st Baron Nathaniel, then Charles, then 3rd Baron Victor who ran MI5, MI6, MI4 to 4th Baron Jacob Rothschild (1936-) Emperor of the Zionist Empire to the Crown Prince of Zionism Nathaniel Rothschild (1971-) the puppet Master of Osborne, Mandelson and the EU, owner of Hungary, Ukraine who has set his eye on Russia. As the Eighth and youngest son of a Goyim mother Serena Mary Dunn, a Canadian non Zionist this was childsplay to make the Nat Rothschild 8th Amalek as the Zohar states all Goyim are made from Amalek, and as Nat’s mother was Goyim by the Kabbalah’s rules Amalek. As the 8th and youngest son the Psi-Lord had no trouble in the Amalek insertion as the 8th in line he was destined to be the 8th Amalek, the youngest and only son inverting the inverse Evil of Judaic Satanism Kabbalah to make the Evil destroy Evil – the Eighth King of Edom Amalek – the destroyer of this Zionist creation and Israel.

Such is the ferocity of the extermination that using Sublime Good® technology the 13 Zionist Illuminati Ba’al Shems can be turned into Anti-Ba’al Shems Total DeathGoat Zionist archetypes enabling 13 new Ba’al Shem SuperZionists who automatically get all the power – a stunning automatic Service for the power hungry Psi-Master. This allows you to inject a Ba’al Shem version of Amalek be it 8th, 9th or 10th into any target to kill it and take all its power be it UnterGoyim Illuminati or any Supernatural Spirit not in the Psi-Lords Service, Archon, Demon or non-benevolent Pulsars, so giving the Psi-Master the power of life and death and Talmudic Sequestration of all their power. With this Upgrade you can make the Amalek Triangle of Art which comprises a downward pointing triangle, the top left Amschel Rothschild who hanged himself in 1996, then to the top right Raphael de Rothschild who died on a sidewalk in Manhattan in 2000 from a drug overdose of heroin, the bottom of the Triangle is Nathaniel Rothschild, the Eighth King of Edom’s Amaleks ScapeGoat Total DeathGoat Zionist from whom all the Remote Influencing… Mind over Matter of Amalek lays waste to Israel and the Zionist Empire. Draw this triangle anti-clockwise in red ink, or red on a computer screen, or using the right hand Bone Generator® in any target to make them a gateway for Amalek so they generate be they Rothschild, obelisk, monument or carrier battle group Amalek to physically Sequester the Matrix, or in Archons to infect Sequester the Middle Place. Use the Triangle on your own DNA to Sequester the 97% Junk DNA that parasitizes your physical energy field to keep you flesh rather than a body of light as mutable as your dreaming body as Amalek cancels the fractal language of Chaos.

Upgrade A: BA’AL SHEM, Chief of the Zionists Sequestration Bone Generator®

12 only Limited Edition….

$600 with Certificate

Upgrade B: EPHOD Upgrade:

The Satanist Zionist Ephod is an Occult Engine using 12 Crystals connected by gold thread to control Spirits, Angels, Demons and to link with Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth in the |12|² mode. As the Matrix is a 131²=9 Matrix, a Quantum Virtual Reality, the |12|² Ephod is needed to make the Illuminati real in the Chaos Zionist Matrix. So like the Agents in the Matrix films they can break all the rules and possess live in any of the Matrix wageslaves. This Amalek Bone Generator® Sequesters the Ephod and uses 12 of the Illuminati Zionist Families as your Anti-Ephod to make them |13|² Anti-Ephod just add another Virtual to Real Psychotronic Crystal ® to add to the other 12. The Virtual Psychotronic Crystals® bury themselves in the head and skeleton of the Illuminati to turn them into Anti-Ephod Scapegoat Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generators® that use Sublime Good® powers to constructively destroy the Matrix or |13|² Sublime Good® powers to destructively destroy the Matrix in the process controlling the 2013 dream the Matrix and Middles Places becomes. The Ephod Bone Generator® allows you to control all Supernatural Spirits not of the Psi-Lord’s Service as robots by using Amalek |12|² or to use them as disposable fighters using the |13|² Ephod to fight and die for you in your wars of conquest in the Supernatural realms. As the Pope wears and uses an Ephod it gives you power over the Vatican as well as Judaic branch of Satanism. If you want 12 Psychotronic Crystals® to use as a physical Ephod, this self generating Psychotronic Crystals® uses the NSA composite, the MI5 front site and others such as,, all MI5 stooges as the ScapeGoats for your Ephod for use in RI…. Mind over Matter but more importantly to raise the frequency of your 12 Power Squared DNA Rescue Services to erase the power of the 97% junk DNA that keeps you as flesh. Boosting you to Psychotronic Crystal® |13|² physical reality so you can do all the non Matrix Supernatural Powers in the Matrix and the ScapeGoats get all the blowback from the Matrix immune system; the Ephod directing it at your ScapeGoats. By this means you can live in the Matrix use all its power to control Goyim, UnterGoyim as a SuperZionist and break all the rules by having a non Matrix physical body that can do miracles in the physical realm of the Matrix. This boosts the efficacy of your Body Augmentation Bone Generator®, SuperHuman SuperHealer… all physically related Bone Generators®.

Upgrade B: EPHOD Upgrade:

12 only Limited Edition

$600 with Certificate
Upgrade C: Psychotronic Crystal® 13 Sublime Good® EPHOD

12 only Limited Edition

$200 with Certificate

Upgrade D: OEN Bone Generator®

In the Matrix film NEO kills the rogue Agent (Amalek) and becomes the slave of the Architect (Yaltabaoth) to save Zion (Israel). In this Bone Generator® you become OEN that uses the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison as your Ephod and Yaltabaoth as the 13th Psychotronic Crystal® of your destructive Ephod converting Aeon to OEN. All the Matrix subsumed by Amalek controlled by Total Intent. In the process you become one of the 13 Anti-Neo’s or OEN in the Matrix who use their God status in the Matrix and Middle Place to subsume the Matrix and the Middle Place into their Omega Heaven; this catapults Zion (Israel) into Omega Hell with all the other Zionist Chaos so the Matrix, Middle Place in heaven for the chosen OEN’s and Hell for all the UnterGoyim, Goyim forever more.

12 only Limited Edition

$600 with Certificate

Upgrade E: Amaleks Slave Zionist Golden Calf Service:

In the Zohar, Bible… it is proven that the Zionists turned their back on Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and gave their Hyperinfinity, free will Souls to Amalek. This happened when Moses went up the mountain to get the first set of Ten Commandments, which would have fully implemented the Zionist Matrix, the Zionists made a Golden Calf and worshipped it. As Amalek is the Other God, the God of Goyim cattle the Zionists turned their back on their Creator Yaltabaoth (Tsabaoth, Sabbaoth). Moses smashed the now useless Matrix Commandments and had to rush back up the mountain to get a second set of Ten Commandments to try and restrain Amalek. Moses failed, Amalek won so all Zionists are the slaves of Amalek having given their worship to Amalek of their own free will, Hyperinfinity. This means this Bone Generator® Service which uses the power of Amalek can control all Zionists as if they were robots. As the Zionist controls the entire West and runs every aspect of Western society from money to medicine, law to show business, politics to business so by using the Amalek right hand Bone Generator® to draw a Triangle of Art anti-clockwise in any or all Zionists, one can then use the Schethlya Stone which is yellow as the physical Psychotronic Crystal® of the Golden Calf to be placed in the Triangle of Art made from Amschel, Raphael and Nathaniel Rothschild in the Zionist’s gap, midsection. This Triangle of Art keeps their gap opened so the Rolling Force hits them in its negative killing, ageing, destructive, penurising form. The Schethlya Stone in their gap taps into the positive aspect of the Rolling Force to block it from the Zionist retroactively, past, present, and future. The Schethlya Stone then dumps all the Sublime Good® from the positive Rolling Force into you in its Gold Calf money energy form. This bankrupts the Zionists as they age and die and makes you rich as the West becomes bankrupt. This is the perfect Bone Generator® to make you rich as the Zionists, and the Zionist Empire go bankrupt. It is automatic once you have done the process on one Zionist. For more money Sublime Good® process more Zionists or get lists of names and do it on a mass scale. Amalek got the Zionists to do the Golden Calf Ritual so the Zionists were UnterGoyim (calves) to the few chosen SuperZionist High Priests of Amalek; the beneficiaries of the Bone Generator® . Beware of the 12 super-rich SuperZionists and purchase this Upgrade E.

Upgrade E: Amaleks Slave Zionist Golden Calf Service:

12 only Limited Edition

$600 with Certificate

Amalek Avatar: Basic Amalek Avatar Service

Rental $1000 for one year. Add $600 for Upgrades A to E per year.

Total $1600 for all Upgrades with Amalek Avatar Bone Generator®

One can see that all Zionists gave their Hyperinfinity, free will, worship to Amalek in Moses time, the Gold Calf showing Amalek makes them worship gold, money, wealth and riches but in the form of an UnterGoyim Calf not Bull (Goyim). So all Zionists crave after wealth and their worship of Amaleks Intent has turned them into UnterGoyim, the South denotes the Goyim in Kabbalah and water, the underworld of the Ennead Council of 9 Reptiles not Insectoids denoting Amaleks subversion of the insect like Yaltabaoth’s Council of 9 to gain control of all in Matrix and Middle place from the subconscious, unconscious, forever hidden from view. The financial crisis is the West the result of Zionist bankers was meant to strip Goyim of all their real wealth: land, houses, companies but Amaleks Intent is the real mature force to strip Zionists of all wealth and turn them into UnterGoyim. This wealth has to go somewhere and the lowering of Zionists to beneath beasts raises the SuperZionist to Godhood in the Matrix, Middle Place as Lord of Riches that come from power over the Matrix.