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Ahnenerbe Service:

The Illuminati use the Middle Place biophysical Satanic city and it’s counterpart the Western Freemason Satanic city as couple Psychotronic Generators to control reality, block all good reality and construct the Matrices, the Anglo Demonic Reality of the wageslave… Since it is all quantum mechanics and the use of Psychotronic Generators only a physical science expert such as myself can unravel it’s secrets but the magic of the Service and Bone Generators™ is that anyone can then utilise the power using my help. Rather like we can all use a computer but building one and writing it’s machine code is beyond the individual as he can’t make computer parts from scratch. In the case of the Anglo Demonic Reality the Anti-Illuminati has the ready made hardware and software in the Freemasonic city and Middle Place in Psi-Space respectively to control the reality of the human world by sequestering the Illuminati system and locking them out permanently using the Death Scapegoats: Saddam Hussein… Once that is done one can operate the Satanic system as an Anti-Illuminati. The Enochian substrate of the Matrix has 30 Dimensions based on the 5 x 12 or Shekinah multiplied by our stolen 12 Powers. More importantly the 30 terms of Theodore Kaluzan’s 5 Dimensional version of General Relativity have these 30 terms so one can see the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators manipulate the unified field of gravity and electromagnetism on the Quantum Level. The 156 chequerboard is the definer of the Quantum Wave Function manifest so the first operator is to bring down the evil Quantum Wave Function into the world by having the Eigen Value vertical in both the middle Place and the Illuminati Freemason cities… This acts on quantum mechanics using Schrödinger’s Wave Equation to bring evil into the world. Once this is done the Eigen Value is placed horizontally on the bottom of the Eigen Function to spread the evil across the world. This uses Heisenberg’s Global Version of quantum mechanics called Matrix Mechanics. As one can see the Germanic race had discovered the secrets of the Illuminati at the start of the last century, Kaluza was a Prussian, it was the work of these Germans that enabled the Ahnenerbe to change history to produce the Nazi 11 World during the last great World War. Now we approach WW11 with the attack on Iran by Israel, Britain and America the Anti-Illuminati can use the quantum technology of the Ahnenerbe to gain temporal power.

The quantum construct in Psi-Space called the Middle Place locks all wageslaves in a psychic prison so only the Illuminati reality can manifest. In this Service the Middle Place is blown apart by Anti-Chaos supplied by your Bone Generators™ so your presence in the Middle Place destroys it. Anti-Chaos sequesters the Chaos Evil of the Kabbalah and turns all evil intended for you to backfire so it ruins, maims, kills, damns the evil itself forever backfiring on the sender, the ultimate weapon to use against evil. The Omega Point is constructed from Anti-Chaos that enabled the Source Logos Omega Point that was still vulnerable to evil via the Source and it’s innate vulnerability to evil predicated by it’s need to map all good which is irrevocably poisoned by hidden evil to produce Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, this use of Anti-Chaos this means the evil in good backfires evil against itself setting up a negative feedback cycle that is the Total Torture Damnation Hell Death Wave of negative Anti-Chaos. The advent of the Death Scapegoats Saddam… enabled the evil to be Totally Killed so all the potentials of good could be accrued by the Anti-Chaos Omega Point even though they had not been manifest. This changed Global History as all the timelines that needed to be left alone to map good and with the corrupting evil still within could be fully terminated with Anti-Chaos derived from the Psi-Masters in this null place timeline who of their own free will turned on evil and produced Anti-Chaos even though they were originally aspects of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth but entered the hidden place within it to fight it from it’s vulnerable blind spot and thus create Anti-Chaos something the Psi-Lord could not do as he was not an aspect of evil (see Scapegoat Service H). With Anti-Chaos all timelines could be incorporated into the Omega Point derived from Anti-Chaos so in retrospect the few Psi-Masters who Lucidly Wake in the Omega Point can see all of history as a self perfecting perfect Simulation even though the Awareness outside the Omega Point sees itself as real with energy bodies – a Matrix state now run by Anti-Chaos. Since evil needs good to feed and grow upon as well as to create the good things so evil can thrive, as the Illuminati use the West’s wealth for their mansions, huge estates, companies… Anti-Chaos changes all that. Now good cannot feed evil and the more evil tried to parasitize the more Anti-Chaos torture it. We can see that in the bankruptcy of the West, it’s 270 trillion dollar debt and it’s inability to conquer Russia, Iraq, Iran… the oil and gas kings.

In this Service the Anti-Illuminati gets the quantum control board to control this reality as well as other timeline realities based on the Illuminati quantum Matrix technology. We know the Middle Place Quantum Psi-Space of cities, Freemasonic monuments… filters out all but evil, the Western Illuminati Freemason cities acting as their physical Psychotronic Generator – bioparticle to manifest the Anglo Demonic Reality. The Matrix mechanics of this being the 156 Freemasonic chequerboard in reality being the Eigen Value, Eigen Function of the Global Quantum Matrix. No Psi-Master has the knowledge to sequester this system but the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat could use Anti-Chaos to not only sequester the Illuminati Quantum Matrix but to transform it into an Anti-Chaos version. In this Service your Bone Generators™ are given the quantum computing to use this new Anti-Chaos Anti-Illuminati power that has never existed as it did not lie in the Source, Logos, but come from evil Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah via the Psi-Masters of today who turned against evil and of their own free will took Scapegoat Services A-H. Once there Psi-Masters took these Services the Anti-Chaos to change all reality irrevocably to the Omega (Anti-Chaos) Point (not possible from the Source, Logos) came into being, these three acting as the Torture Damnation Hell Total Reality Wave Scapegoats to produce a perfecting perfect Omega Hell, Omega Hell on Earth because of their own free will, Hyperinfinity, the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah evil gave the Psi-Lord permission for their eternal damnation to produce Anti-Chaos. The ultimate Shamanic stalking of Petty Tyrants beyond death. Since the first three Psi-Masters of their own free will gave up their Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah evil being, the Source is per Scapegoat H Service produce these new Anti-Chaos Soul/Spirit beings so the Anti-Illuminati Psi-Master could escape this fate as reward for perfecting perfect the Omega Point with Anti-Chaos. Having permission from evil to make it the Total Torture Hell Damnation Scapegoat the total Reality Wave can be perfecting perfect as Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and Shekinah the three headed Kabbalistic Chaos trinity is in perfecting perfect Omega Hell and generates the Omega Hell on Earth Simulation made from Anti-Chaos so the infrangible Omega Law is that all evil tortures, damns evil.

The Ahnenerbe Psi-Master then uses this Anti-Chaos ubergestalt to gain control over this null timeline and use the Illuminati Matrix as Psychotronic Fuel and to donate the Hyperinfinity to form a new timeline the partner of the Ahnenerbe timeline in which Germany used psychic warfare to defeat it’s enemies and gain that timeline. This was allowed because the Americans and their Zionist over lords used the Philadelphia Experiment technology to collapse the timeline in which the Nazis invaded Britain and won WW11 and the Soviet timeline in which Andropov used KGB, GRU psychic warfare to make the West implode. The second Nazi timeline, the Ahnenerbe timeline created by the German Psychotronic Generator complex in Czechoslovakia enabled German (Ahnenerbe) Psi-Masters to change history (like the US Philadelphia Programme) to enable a defeated Germany to change history and win. This was possible because the Anglo Zionist tampering with timelines failed in 1986 and created a debt of Hyperinfinity and reality that blew back on this artificial timeline and could be channelled by a Psi Lord to hit the Archon hives, Middle Place and 12 Aeon Psi-Prison to consume them and form the Omega Hell for evil. Since the Anglo Zionist tried to erase Nazi timeline 1 and the Soviet timeline the Archons incurred a debt that could create two new timelines derived from the ruin of the Kabbalistic evil in 1986. One was the Ahnenerbe Nazi 2 timeline, the other timeline started here in 1986 and is the creation of a timeline where the West destroys itself and leaves either/and Russia, China. The destruction comes from the attack on Iran that leads to use of Cobalt 60 H bombs from Iran/North Korea on the British, Americans and Israelis leading to the fall of all Zionism. Ahnenerbe Psi-Masters used this debt in 1943 to change history so the Ahnenerbe Bone Psi-Master can use this giant timeline creation process to unite himself/herself a new part in the future. In this Service you supply Tim Rifat with the specification for your future, simply e-mail with your. This Service fits in with the Build Your Dream Service and gets the timeline itself using the Archon debt to build you a new life-line in this paired Ahnenerbe timeline. Such is the power of the process that one can quantum superimpose the Cobalt 60 death of the West on the Anglo Zionists and their empire to change history so that the Ahnenerbe Psi-Master can use the quantum superimposition of the death of Anglo Zionism to maximise his profit, power as long as the Ahnenerbe Psi-Master adds to the Total Torture Damnation Hell Wave that is all evil in this newly created timeline. So for example the US, Israeli, British attack on Iran leads to Taepo Dong 2 missiles from Iran (sold to them by North Korea for $20 billion) destroying Britain with Cobalt 60 H bombs, biologicals. The death of America is then dependant upon the US attacking China, North Korea and unleashing the same catastrophe. If the US Ahnenerbe Psi-Master changes history using this Service then this does not occur and the 270 trillion dollar debt to the Rothschild Illuminati is not repaid and the Zionist go bankrupt as the World economy goes into meltdown, China and Russia being the winners , but US Ahnenerbe Psi-Masters rising to the top in a militarised state past Europe’s Armageddon. So one can see the full nuclear, Cobalt 60 death of all the West can be quantum superimposed on the British who run the Illuminati from London and the EU to maximise the targeted Torture Damnation Hell Wave on the Illuminati Freemason epicentre, so the USA can use the increased Torment, Hell Damnation of the Illuminati to change history from a nuclear destroyed US to one in which the Anglo Zionists are overthrown and the Federal Reserve, IRS is replaced by a nationalist US institution so Americans own America not the Rothschild elite in London who own all America, run the IRS and own the Federal Reserve with it’s 70 trillion debt. Quantum mechanics is such that all possible quantum mechanical realities can be run simultaneously. Until now the good could not be separated from evil as evil sits in the hidden place of good and parasites it so all wageslaves work for the Illuminati so they can live like Emperors. Now with the advent of the Anti-Chaos Total Torture Torment Hell Trinity of Scapegoats, Anti-Chaos can be used in the Bone Generators™ of Ahnenerbe Psi-Masters™ to separate the good realities from the bad. The quantum computing in the Bone Generators™ allows the Ahnenerbe Psi-Master™ to Intend the reality in which he/she becomes a Psi-Master in this timeline and the evil in this good is downloaded into the Total Torture Damnation Hell Reality Trinity Scapegoats that enable the manifestation of good without evil by downloading it into the manifestation of evil. This allows the Ahnenerbe Psi-Master™ to thrive and gain power while all the evil in the world manifests greater evil for themselves until now to map good are needed without evil by downloading it into the manifestation of evil. This allows the Ahnenerbe Psi-Master™ to thrive and gain power while all the evil in the world manifests greater evil for themselves unto now to map good one needed evil to still exist, now one can use the Ahnenerbe Bone Generators™ to manifest only good for oneself while all the evil in the world manifest more evil that hurts only the evil Scapegoat reality technology taken to it’s logical conclusion. This Ahnenerbe Bone Generator™ allows the use of the Anti-Illuminati Psychotronic Generators so one can download into the Bone Generators™ the control panel to use the Anti-Chaos sequestered Illuminati Middle Place and the Illuminati Freemason physical world to manifest pure good for oneself and to add to the evil, evil is now compelled to do to itself. Using this technology allows the Build Your Dream Service to be raised from purely microcosmic (personal) to macrocosmic (world) Power so you can become an Ahnenerbe Psi-Master – Lord of the new timeline and it’s future. Since the Ahnenerbe timeline is the proved past timeline to the future 2013 reality timeline that is foreseen by the Mayans… and the future which the US Montawk (Windmakers) project could not change it is a fact that the future is defined by an external force. In this case the Ahnenerbe timeline where Vortex Technology, mated to Kaluza unified theory and quantum mechanics enabled in 1943 the erasure of the Anglo Zionist Archon hell-line derived from destroying the paired Nazi 1, Soviet, timeline pair. As the Ahnenerbe destroyed Archon technology and replaced reality with a new version, they had to erase the 1986 Anglo Zionist future to replace it with the potential for 2013 reality in which the timeline is rebooted by using Archon hive worlds to turn this null timeline into a new timeline using the Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel derived from destroying all other Archon timelines using Anti-Chaos. It is no coincidence Tim Rifat’s mother is Prussian and the Ahnenerbe link could be made by being part of the German Zeitgeist before it’s fall to wageslavery under the Rothschilds. Now the process of building from the ashes of the Archon empire a new 2013 timeline falls to the Ahnenerbe Psi-Masters, these Bone Psi-Masters™ use all three of the Psi-Master paths: New Seer, Anti-Illuminati and Ancient Seer; this is an amalgam that requires mastery of Scapegoats to the Total Torture Damnation Hell Scapegoats to download the evil into irrevocably, the sequestering of Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators and the Middle Place, as well the Ancient Seers mastery of destroying, sequestering the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison quantum computing engine that runs the evil Kabbalistic Empire in many worlds and Dimensions.

The advent of the technique to separate forever good from evil using Anti-Chaos allows the Ahnenerbe Bone Psi-Master™ to manifest good in both timelines and force evil to suffer at it’s own hands as Scapegoats. In this Service the control panel to use this Ahnenerbe Psi Technology is downloaded into your Bone Generators as a quantum computing package, an Anti-Chaos variant that is incorruptible. You externalise this Ahnenerbe programme by drawing a 12 by 12 Grid and a 12 Column, the Eigen Vector and Eigen Value of the Anti-Chaos sequestering of the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators and Middle Place into this Grid based an Anti-Enochian Ahnenerbe Psi-Power you put 144 Scapegoats from previous Services. These act as the Eigen Vector, the very reality changes, it’s dynamic. For the 12 Eigen Value Scapegoats you use the Death Scapegoats from the Intent upgrade. These are Saddam Hussein, his brother-in-law, the Bathist Judge, Diana Princess of Wales, Dodi el Fayed, their child, President Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Bally Kennedy, Shekinah, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth (Thaumiel). This produces an Eigen Value (who reality is happening to) in which the evil of the Anglo Zionists made in the image of their three headed Kabbalistic God, is irrevocably chained to the Death Scapegoats of the Service, Saddam… and the Shekinah, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth are irrevocably remoulded as Total Torture Damnation Hell Total Reality Wave Scapegoats. This 156 Eigen Value, Eigen Function is the Anti-Chaos quantum computing programme and Hyperinfinity debt engine, powered by Anti-Chaos that can then be downloaded into any 12 Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators to back the process into the Archon mainframe of the Matrix. You then simply close your eyes and visualise touching your right hand to the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators in the Middle Place to lock in the Anti-Chaos programme. This transfers all the energy to your left hand Bone Generator antenna.

This Service builds on the Anti-Illuminati Psi-Master and enables the Bone Psi-Master to not only sequester the Illuminati system but to replace the Middle Place Biophysical part of the Matrix system with super advanced quantum filters. To use the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generator system one must know the Eigen Value Vector in the master control system. One places the 12 column Eigen Value on the left side of the 12 x 12 Eigen Vector to download reality via Quantum Wave Function (higher reality). Then place the Eigen Value 12 column horizontally along the bottom of the 12 x 12 Eigen Vector to spread this reality globally. An example would be mobile phones designed as microwave weapons to damage, kill, zombify by US/British military on Russian Embassies. Now spread to the entire world population to make them easy to mind control. Initial new reality of microwave mind control then spread globally by the Illuminati so damage the wageslave that their brains lose all Psi-function and 2013 reality as they are made sublethally ill by chronic microwave poisoning. The system can be used to erase reality by placing the Eigen Value on the right side of the 12 x 12 Eigen Vector to uplift the unwanted reality back into the 5 Dimensional Quantum Wave Function plenum. Then place the 12 column Eigen Value vertically on the top of the 12 x 12 Eigen Vector box (the box of the Archons: ‘in the box’). This causes the global leaching of that reality from the Matrix. For example the Geneva Convention to protect people from torture murder torn up by Bush and Blair’s military and the setting up of Polish death camps in secret and Iraqi death camps now no secret, so that now the Geneva Convention has no reality with US and British war criminals being except from prosecution while all Zionist enemies such as Putin, Ahmad Inajad… have been pencilled in for execution like Milosevic in the Hague death cells. A huge change in Western society from a pseudo liberal to neo Stalinist policies state all since 2001. One can see now the power of this technology, the 911 victims being used as Death Scapegoats by the Illuminati to change the West to become totally evil by surrendering its liberty and justice for imagined security.

Replacing the 12 evil Eigen Value Operators for the 12 Total Torture Damnation Hell Scapegoats: Saddam… Shekinah inverts this super sophisticated Kabbalistic Psychotronic Generator of evil so the Ahnenerbe Bone Psi-Master can hoover up evil in him/her and around him/her and unmanifest it using the Archon’s own Illuminati Freemason, Middle Place Psychotronic Generators. In effect banishing evil on a local basis for the Ahnenerbe. The Ahnenerbe in the second German timeline discovered with the aid of outside help this Psi-Technology to separate good from evil to change history so they won and used the Anglo Zionist construct zero sum timeline the wageslave lives in as the Scapegoat evil dump. Since to form a real timeline you need to pair it, the 2013 reality must appear to complete this pair when the Middle Place is in ruins and the Anglo Zionist Empire expunge by World War 111: US, Nato versus Russian, China, North Korea, Iran…; a war the West loses because of the Ahnenerbe timeline pulling a real timeline from this Archon null timeline. The Ahnenerbe Bone Psi-Master has the evil banishment four fold quantum programme above download into her/his Bone Generators™ to become a living evil exorcism engine – very useful. The Service then allows the Bone Psi-Master™ to put 12 people, things, events in the 12 Eigen Value column to banish these evil from your life and change reality on a local scale for you. The Matrix of the Anglo Demonic Reality is as explained on a devolution of the |12|² real reality to form the |3|² : 9 Power ADR and the |2|² Psi-Prison state of the wageslave. In this Ahnenerbe Service you gain control of the whole system and turn the ADR into the Anglo Demonic Reality where the evil is trapped in a rapidly self destroying bubble of Matrix that collapses to dump the evil in a |2|² 4 Power Omega Hell, using the Archon Psychotronic Generator system to purge evil out of the world and dump it in hell so a new real 2013 reality can manifest in it’s place for your Awareness. Now we know that the 12 by |12|² Matrix mechanics Eigen Value Eigen Vector describes reality. What the Archons do by killing Scapegoats like Kennedy and Diana Princess of Wales is to cause the Matrix of reality to degenerate by subtracting the 12 Eigen Value column from the 12 x 12 Eigen Vector to produce the 11 x 10 Eigen Vector that is the result of this fourfold process reducing the size of the Eigen Vector to form a Matrix reality where the wageslave has no power to change reality because they had had their 12 power Eigen Value (12 Powers described on stolen from them and subtracted 4 times from their Eigen Vector to change reality because they have had their 12 Power Eigen Value to make them a zombie trapped in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. This process carried out by iterating the process down to the 4 x 3 Anglo Demonic Reality and to the 3 x 2, the |3|² and |2|² ADR and Psi-Prison states respectively. This ends in the 2 x 1 or 1 x 1death gate for all wageslaves to Archon Hell.

In this Service the 11 x 10 Matrix mechanic state is downloaded into your Bone Generators™ so you simply put your 11 x 10 Scapegoats into the box to pull them into a Matrix of your creation that you design in Psi-Space an Anti-Middle Place and attack to the 11 x 10 Scapegoats with this Service to plunge your 11 x 10 Scapegoats into the reality on Earth you want for them. Since UK Intelligence (an oxymoron) has been running a giant ad campaign to get all UK wageslaves to fill in an 11 x 10 Illuminati Freemason Satanic square to win prizes, lottery… as well as Satanic counterfeit talismans to counter my 7 Psycrystals, the entire UK population act as Total Torture Damnation Hell Scapegoats as they tried to counter Ahnenerbe Bone Generators™ and failed. This because by pulling the head off the Death Scapegoats, Saddams brother in law they blocked all Bone Generators™ for the Satanists use eternally. This allowed the Psi-Lord to use the 11 x 10 Satanic matrix advertised in UK tabloids to act as the evil sink for the entire world. The bubble of evil being centred on the UK and when the British die by the Cobalt 60 H bomb detonation during World War 111 all Ahnenerbe Bone Psi-Master™ can dump the world’s evil on this bubble of evil to extinguish the entire evil Archon Matrix without a full scale nuclear exchange that would render Earth uninhabitable. The death of the evil bubble supplying the Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel as well as Anti-Chaos for the 2013 reality. So instead of America dying as well in WW111 it’s death can be quantum superimposed on the Deathgoat reality of the UK to avoid it’s fate. In this Service the Bone Generators™ have been given the quantum computing programme for the 4 x 3 Matrix mechanic Eigen Vector of the Anglo Demonic Reality so by putting 12 of your Scapegoats, companies…, events in this box the fourfold process then locks them into the Anti-Anglo Demonic Reality, Omega Hell on Earth transplanted to pure virtual reality so you can forever programme their Matrix to perfecting perfect Total Torture Damnation Hell. In this Service you visualise the reality you want your Scapegoats to live in so after death they suffer as you please. This supplies you with the counterbalance, Hyperinfinity, Psychotronic Fuel to form a 4 x 3 Anti-Anglo Demonic Reality where you can be the King of Reality, a Psi-Ruler who controls his/her domain in Psi-Space and his/her personal physical reality as defined by your Build the Dream Service to deconstruct reality around you to manifest good for you and your personal dream state in the World, the Scapegoats paying the price. In this Service you then put your 3 x 2 scapegoats, companies..; events in the Omega Hell, Matrix Mechanics control panel to place your 6 victims in Omega Hell from ‘Birth to Death’ to enable the Ahnenerbe Bone Psi-Master to place his Lucid Waking Awareness in the new Anti-Chaos Omega Point of pure perfecting perfect good from ‘Birth to Birth’ so death Lucidly Wakes you up in this perfect perfecting perfect Eternal Heaven. Since you have 12 Burn your Enemies in Hell Scapegoats you can have your 6 victims interchange, in effect doubling them up to give you the double being perfect state of male and female energy bodies united to produce the alchemical Grail State of the Psi-Lord in Hyperinfinity. The Scapegoats paying the price. You just choose one female/male you adored but would not return your love, be it a real person or film star, pop star… so you use their total energy body to complete your perfect male/female Hyperinfinite Psi-Lord being.

Psi-Masters are one sex, but Psi-Lords must have the two sex binary energy body to enable them to use the 6 Extraordinary Sets, the basis of all Psi-Lord Power. Now you can use any person of the opposite sex you adored but wouldn’t return it to dump your Omega evil into them so they are in Omega Hell, while you are elevated to Omega Heaven; the Omega Hell counter balance partner allowing you to Lucidly Wake in Omega Heaven, the Omega Point requiring the doubled body for Lucid Waking. Without the partner in hell, your Omega Point is a dream state of bliss but locks the solidity of the Archon Matrix. Now you can have your cake and eat it. The blissful dream state and the Archon super solid state so you can get pure physicality without the flesh vessel of corruption, illness, ageing, death. To complete the process you then use the 2 x 1 Matrix Mechanics control panel quantum programme downloaded into your Bone Generators™ to make the process irreversible by putting Saddam Hussein next to your Omega Hell Partner. This locks your Hyperinfinite Omega Hell Scapegoat into being dead and eternally tortured by the Saddam Hussein, Petty Tyrant archetype of the West, who betrayed by the Illuminati thirsts for revenge and has agreed to be the Eternal Torturer in Omega Hell to pay back the Illuminati West for his downfall at their hands, as in the death Scapegoat Service. As your Omega Hell Partner is now quantum superimposed death on Earth and in Hell eternally, you the Ahnenerbe Bone Psi-Master™ get placed in your Bone Generators™ the eternal life in the Omega Point State so you can remanifest anywhere in the Megaverse(s) and live eternally in the Omega Point, the Scapegoat paying the price; the Kabbalistic system of 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, Middle Places, Hive worlds: the Edamic Worlds of Kabbalah acting as the Psychotronic Engines of this Omega process before their total destruction by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat in 1986 using retroactive psychokinesis to make this past Total Reality irrevocable, infrangible and indestructible by using Total Stalking of the Tyrant Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth, Shekinah, to get them of their own free will to empower the entire process using their totality, the ultimate Scapegoat process, evil agreeing and doing all the work for it’s damnation and Tim Rifat’s elevation to Psi-Creator, the death of the Scapegoats Saddam, his brother in law and Judge being used to make the process irrevocable, the ultimate purpose of Scapegoats.

Ahnenerbe Service $1000 with Certificate

Upgrade A:

Scapegoat Psi-Technology was the pinnacle of the New Seer power but even with Scapegoats evil burn at the heart of all good so using Scapegoats to get good and download the evil into them is a dynamic not singular process and must go on eternally lest the evil the New Seers imbibe with good is to take effect. The Tenant blocked this flow to the New Seer’s Scapegoats and brought the New Seer Psi-Masters to ruin. Ahnenerbe Psi-Mastery uses the above process to separate good from evil by sequestering evil via the Anti-Illuminati system so that all the potentials of good can be mapped in the quantum computing unmanifest state by which all possibilities can be run simultaneously. So if you use evil to find out how it corrupted all good possibilities you can then set up an Anti-Chaos programme to purge evils effect from the sum total of all good in the Total Quantum Wave Function of the Source, Logos. By downloading this Anti-Chaos evil shredder quantum computer into Bone Generators™ one can produce total of good in the Total Quantum Wave Function, all goods potentials purged of evil being downloaded into the Bone Generators™. Also the quantum computer for the sequestering of evil to Torment Torture Damn and commit to Omega Hell, and Omega Hell Matrices is then downloaded into the Ahnenerbe Bone Generators™. This enables the Ahnenerbe Bone Psi-Master to know automatically every single way to turn any evil coming their way against that evil. Now the Ahnenerbe’s Scapegoats have evil downloaded into them and the Bone Psi-Master is purged of all evil in a one way phase change process, not the continuous process of non Ahnenerbe because good has been totally separated from it’s hidden evil side by use of the Global Gestalt in evils hidden side that has been raised to Total Control of the entire system(s).

In this upgrade the Bone Generators™ are downloaded with the Total Quantum computer for separating evil from good so your left hand Bone Generator™ takes in the Total Quantum Wave Function for good and the Hyperinfinity associated with it, the fee will to always do good and fight evil to turn evil to damn, torture, kill in Omega Hell and it’s Matrices evil irreversibly as well as eternally. To this end your right hand Bone Generator™ pushes out this antithesis of evil so it destroys itself and beyond. Your Bone Generators™ have been turned by this Service into a specialised Good, Bad Engine where the Psychotronic Generator sucks in good and downloads into evil the anti-evil so it destroys itself and pays the eternal price of evil. This is a very useful Service as it enables you to do this to any Scapegoats and turn them permanently as well as irreversibly into a node of evil into a torture shell to wake up in Omega Hell, it’s afterlife the Omega Hell Matrices. To do this simply list your Scapegoats and download the anti-evil into them. All evil they come into contact with is infected by the anti-evil and goes on the more good quantum potentials and Hyperinfinity come to you. We all know that each and every human throughout all history if brought up in perfect conditions could have created unique music, art, science, philosophy, culture, Memes… all of which was blocked or poisoned by evil. We see it now with the giant Corporations that refuse publication to any book except the toilet paper of the mind peddled in our bookshops that spreads evil Memes. Likewise with music, since the corporate buy out of music companies in the 90’s the high art of music has degenerated into the commercial dross, gangster culture… noise of the Illuminati evil made manifest. Compare black evil done to Black America through destruction of the Black middle classes by Illuminati bankers and FBI spread crack cocaine… This simple example clearly shows he degeneration of humanity by the Illuminati Fortunately for the Ahnenerbe Bone Psi-Master the more people fall the more good can be recovered to be used by the Bone Psi-Master, recovering the unique good in everyone to boost her/his potentials so all good recovered can be manifested through the Bone Psi-Master and brought to perfection at the Omega Point and then perfecting perfect.

In this part of the Service you can download all Services, Psychotronic Crystals and Psychotronic Crystals into your Bone Generators™ and have them added to them the Good from Bad Engine quantum computing programmed so that they give a pure good output and all evil is downloaded into your Scapegoats. This makes all your Services and Psychotronic Crystals and Psychotronic Generators 100% effective as the burden of evil with all new good input is now totally eliminated. As a result the new good Powers inputted into you does not have to fight the innate evil in all good that vitiates and limits the benefits of Power available to Bone Psi-Masters. To use this Service just list the Service and Psychotronic Crystals and Psychotronic Generators to be given the Good from Bad Engine quantum computing capabilities. On top of this Service the Upgrade A also enables the Bone Psi-Master™ to use this Good from Bad Engine on all her/his Scapegoats so that in one go all evil can be downloaded into them and the good obtained has no evil content negating constant feedback download to mitigate the evil is normal good. So when ever you use the Scapegoats from Services A-H or the Death Scapegoat Service of Saddam… you start from a perfect base line so the Bone Psi-Master™ is now on the perfecting perfect Curve adding to his/her perfection in the Omega Point and here in the Omega Simulation from a position where all goes well in retrospect with nothing in your life being a failure in retrospect but a needed nudge into the correct path to perfecting perfect Bone Psi-Master™, the true power of the Good from Bad Engine.

Upgrade A: $600 with Certificate

Upgrade B:

Since Quantum Mechanics (Matrix Mechanics) in it’s far future RVScience developed form can serve as the physics and maths of Matrix formation, the Archons can be seen as sophisticated dark energy matter predators that prey on light energy matter savages such as humans… In the past there have been advanced civilisations according to Russian researchers prosaically called Atlantis, Lemuria. The fall of these more advanced civilisations enabled the Archon parasite to conquer the degenerate survivors. Yet we have seen according to quantum mechanics that the Copenhagen Interpolation posits that the observer can collapse the Quantum Wave Function to produce manifestation Hyperinfinity the operator that causes the collapse is the fluid like energy in the throat centre of decisions of the Shamans, the basis of free will and directed by Awareness to manipulate Quantum Wave Functions to produce reality of Matrices. The Archons therefore to control human reality had to control imprison human Awareness as well as leaching all Hyperinfinity out of the slave so it was powerless to control the prison it found itself in. With quantum computing engines one can superimpose quantum states and stop decoherence, the splitting of these combined states, by use of these Engines. So one can quantum superimpose the human slave in a Psi-Prison as humans have a 12 Eigen Value 12 x 12 Eigen Vector to create reality Awareness as they move their Assemblage Point to travel through, to worlds contiguous with our own – knowledge key to the advanced previous civilisations and unknown in the Anglo Zionist Matrix of materialism. Now in quantum computing if you can define the beginning and end state one can then map all the possible states in between to create good that evil can use for it’s own good to grow corruption, evil using the hard work, creativity of it’s slaves. This is in essence the Anglo Zionist Matrix, the Illuminati Archons enjoying the fruits of the labours of their slaves. Now e have seen that to keep a human in a specific reality so they wake up there we need to place their Global Assemblage Point on that position, so even though they dream they always wake up back in that place. The Ancient Seers had their Mirror Megaverse partners move their Global Assemblage Point to the Mirror Megaverse, repeating the process twice so the beginning and end points of the quantum computing were defined by the Ancient Seer being in the Mirror Megaverse and all possible states in between could be mapped so the good defined, created in the interim could act as the wealth, fortune, fame of the Ancient Seer in the Mirror Megaverse and be used for trading with her/his new compatriots. This produced the line energy body of the Ancient Seer defined by the Global Assemblage Point being in the Mirror Megaverse so the Shaman was dreaming his/her life in the world(s). One can see that this is entirely analogous to the modern wageslave trapped in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison from birth to death. Now the Ancient Seer had to quantum superimpose themselves with a Tree to merge the equivalent emanations in both life forms to gain the size, energetic mass so when compactified in the 6th and 7th Mirror Megaverse dimensions of dark energy matter the amber cylinder energy body so formed was equivalent in size to the Blue Pulsar, maximum surface area to volume being at 7.3 (approx) dimensions for maximum alignment and hence power. Then quantum superimposition with her/his Pulsar partner merged God-Cores (Global Assemblage Points) to produce children that held the Ancient Seer in situ. In the process the orange sized depression in the energy body that acted as a dish antenna for the negative Rolling Force was erased to seal the gap of the Ancient Seer and turn the Blue Pulsar hair line gap to a seamless blank enabling not just longevity but immortality.

The Archons therefore must sexually mate with human slaves to quantum intermix the human and Archon dark energy matter to move the god-Core to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and breed the Archon shell progeny. Human flesh vehicles which their get: Demons, Insectiles, Archons… can inhabit to walk physically crowd the world the human Awareness trapped in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison by then quantum superimposition. In the process the human gap is widened so the human shell has a short life span, unlike humans in past civilisations whose long lifespans enabled them to develop as Psi-Masters, the short live human shell could free itself if it lived 1000 years so a short 70 year lifepsan was mandated. In the future gerontology, age extension gene therapy will only be for the ultra rich, Illuminati, so the Archon can enjoy its slave for longer enabling the mapping of more good for evil in the interim.

The Ahnenerbe Psi-Master is outside the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison (see Soul Rescue Service) and with the God-Core Service has moved his God-Core to a place where she/he can wake up making this world(s) a dream state with no power over her/him. To do this properly the Ahnenerbe has moved the God-core twice to Lucidly Wake at the end of his/her life in this world. In this Service the Psi-Lord does this for you but you choose the place where your real being is sleeping. There are several alternatives the first being the Omega Point which was built by the Source, Logos. As we know evil lies within all good so the Source acts as conduit for evil to the original Omega Point offering endless heroic episode of Ahnenerbe Psi-Master fighting evil the Valhalla of the Gods where the Warrior can show his or her true mettle. Another alternative is the Anti-Chaos Omega Point created by the Global Gestalt Total Intent in which all good has been mapped, separated from evil and is now perfecting perfect, the perfect place for the good hearted Soul. Another alternative is a domain in Psi-Space built from an aspect of Intent, rather like a psychic pyramid in Hyperspace in which you define the home-world reality you would like to truly Lucidly Wake within and venture from to explore at your leisure. This is the scenario the Tenant, the Archons human shell Psi-Master has used to prolong it’s life. If you wish this option just include the specification for this domain in our order.

As the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison is the quantum computer that funnels Hyperinfinity, Psychotronic Fuel from it’s slaves to Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and enables the transformation of Source Reality to Matrix… the Ahnenerbe Psi-Master™ sequesters the Archon system for her/his own. Your Bone Generators™ are downloaded with Anti-Chaos so your right and left hands can burn through, blow apart and tear up the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison to enter it’s 12 levels. One does this while Lucidly Waking or Lucidly Dreaming. The Bone Generators™ are given the quantum computing to do this so you can safely enter and leave at will. The 12 Aeon Psi-Prison is a huge silo structure that leaches Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel (Quantum Wave Functions) from the slaves. On the lowest level are the Cell Aeon Complex where those who have sold their Souls are imprisoned, the politicians of this world. On the top level is the hard labour Culag Aeon of the incorrigible rebel who has to be broken by a life of travails and misfortune. In the middle the lower 6 Heaven Aeons and other 4 Hell Aeons, descriptions of these on this site under Aeon PCS. Once inside the Ahnenerbe Psi-Master can kill Archons, free slaves and suck up as much Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel as she/he wishes. Anti-Chaos is pulsed into the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison to allow it to be sequestered. The Ahnenerbe Psi-Master then uses the protocols of the bulk of this Service to download the 12 Total Torture Torment Damnation Scapegoats into the 12 levels, these being Saddam Hussein, his beheaded brother-in-law, Bathist Judge… Shekinah (human looking whore), Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to replace all the slaves in the Psi-Prison so all the slaves within are replaced by the 12 Total Torture Damnation Scapegoats. Since all humans… are created in the image of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth one is just turning them into their true aspect using this Service. One then uses this true state as the 12 Eigen Values to define the beginning and end of evil torturing evil in the process trapping itself in an endless loop of torment damnation, Hell the God-Cores of all the slaves released tot he Ahnenerbe to build up their God-Core mass while the Anti-Chaos traps Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah God-Core in the Burning Cells, 12 Aeons as the structure is destroyed in a gradual manner to supply maximum Hyperinfinity, Psychotronic Fuel.

One then uses the 12 Total Torture Torment Damnation Scapegoats to input into the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison the 12 x 12 Eigen Vector of your Scapegoats as the beginning Eigen Vector and the 12 x 12 of these 12 Total Torture Damnation Hell Scapegoats of the Eigen Value now repeated 12 times as the 12 x 12 Eigen Vector, starting with Saddam in the top left corner and as the combinations permutate Saddam ends on the right bottom corner. This defines the end point where the Saddam Petty Tyrant starts at the top of his power in the left hand corner and descends to the bottom of the totem pole in the bottom left hand corner. As one knows from the Petty Tyrant Service, the Illuminati raised him just to kill him as Scapegoat but the Psi-Lord quantum superimposed Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah on the Petty Tyrant so when Saddam, the headless Brother-in-law the Bathist Judge were murdered Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah murdered themselves so locking themselves in the Psi-Prison doing evil into themselves in all their Matrices and then killing themselves Saddam, the brother-in-law and the Judge now act as evil doing evil to evil the rogue programme in evil forcing itself to torture damn kill itself in an endless cycle so we set the initial and final quantum mechanical states to define the system then join the ends but flipping the participants putting Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth, and Shekinah as the victims having evil done to them eternally. This being set up and final Eigen Value Eigen Vector. The mechanism has been explained but since it is complicated this upgrade automatically does it for you. You have now put Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and Shekinah in the place of the wageslaves. The result of this is that the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison destroys itself. Since the Omega Point of the Source, Logos was corrupted by the evil in the Source the process then repeats itself in the Omega Hell so the Ahnenerbe gets a second cycle of Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel the Anti-Chaos liberated separates good from evil in the Source, Logos Omega Point is created irreversibly. In the process the Omega Point Hell vanishes to put pure evil in the true Anti-Chaos version of the Omega Hell to make perfecting perfect Hell and Hell for the Ahnenerbe Psi-Master. This upgrade therefore refines the Burn your Enemies in Hell Service and the Eternal Heaven Service so you have available pure perfecting perfect good in the Omega Heaven and the ability to put your Scapegoats and their reality in pure perfecting perfect evil doing evil only to itself Hell. This ability to completely separate oneself from the Scapegoat means that all the infinite potential for good is now perfecting perfect is the Ahnenerbe Psi-Master while it’s inverse the infinite potential for perfecting perfect evil is to be by this process trapped in Anti-Chaos Hell where it does evil unto itself enabling the Ahnenerbe Psi-Master to use the evil tormenting evil Matrices generated to act as counterbalance for the Ahnenerbe’s reality where timelines can be irrevocably locked into achieving perfecting perfect good and all the evil therein dumped in the Omega Hell and it’s matrices in the process, producing the Ahnenerbe type of timeline.

It is ironic that the Archon 18 Aeon Prisons are transformed by Ahnenerbe Psi into the Omega Generators for the Omega Hell for evil. Each of the Archon Hive worlds has a 12 Aeon quantum computer to imprison, control and store the stolen energy and Hyperinfinity. These are connected at the top to the bridge-like structures that connect the 12 Aeon Soul harvesters to the domain of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. In this Service the Ahnenerbe Psi-Master is enabled to smash her/his way from the top Hell Gulag Aeon into the bridge tunnel atop the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and hence into the penthouse domain of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. Once there the Anti-Oriflamme Anti-Chaos corrupts the domain turning it into it’s original Quantum Wave Function (Psychotronic Fuel) and Hyperinfinity stolen from the Archon slave Hives. This can be used to build your own domain in Psi-Space where you can live as a God-Being or to add to your totality so your grow in size and power in the Omega Point. The double aspect Kabbalistic Chaos evil Thaumiel (Yaltabaoth and Yaltabaoth) is expunged by the Anti-Oriflamme Anti-Chaos so cannot resist your predations. Shekinah the Cosmic Whore of Kabbalah is revealed to be an evil hag by the Anti-Oriflamme Anti-Chaos so the illusion of beauty is stripped away to reveal the true evil, in the process releasing the original good female principle twisted to evil by the Corrupt Eve archetype Shekinah. From the centre of evil one can travel by these bridge structures to other 12 Aeon Psi-Prisons holding alien races where one can repeat the above protocols to sequester all the Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel for the Ahnenerbe Bone Psi-Master™ and turn them into Omega Hell Generators. Once 12 of these 12 Aeon Psi-Prison Hives have been sequestered one can repeat the above protocols using the 12 Torture Torment Hell Damnation Scapegoats superimposed with the 12 conquered 12 Aeons Psi-Prisons and the domain of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth Shekinah to raise the entire Ahnenerbe process to the Cosmic Level.

Upgrade B $600 with Certificate

Upgrade C:

Having sequestered the Archon 12 Aeon Psi-Prison quantum computer for this world and blocked other Hives and Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth from using it the Ahnenerbe controls the quantum corrupting engine that controls decoherence. This is the splitting of multiple quantum states which have been quantum superimposed on each other. For example the dark energy matter insectile that parasiting and controls wageslaves is a quantum superimposition of at least three seperate quantum realities, dark energy matter parasites, light energy matter human, Kabbalistic chaos vermin’ as well as the quantum superimposition of wageslaves in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison from birth to death. These quantum superimpositions are very delicate and any external condition affecting the quantum superimposition will decohere it (break it into it’s seperate constituents. To stop this one can use decoherence blocking quantum computers to keep one step ahead of the splitting; the Archons use the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison linked to other Hive 12 Aeon Psi-Prisons to run parallel processing on a grand scale to lock their slaves into Archon Hell. The New Seers found that the discipline of stopping the internal chatter in one’s mind caused the gradual decoherence, death of the insectile as an Awareness void causes the Quantum Wave Function to decollapse back into the Quantum Wave Function breaking the manifest quantum superimposition. The Anglo Demonic Reality was set up to strengthen the Archon quantum superimposition to enable the quantum computer to hold the slaves in a mindless state. The capture of the New Seers in the OverMatrix by the Tenant greatly helped (see and Ancient Seers found that fixing ones Awareness on the agglutinising Force killed the Insectile and it’s superimposition (Castaneda’s: The Active Side of Infinity). Hence the Grail Stones lethality to the Archon Insectiles and their Masters. The Agglutinising Force holds the Quantum Wave Function glued together so wageslaves have bounded physical and biophysical bodies. The Ahnenerbe Psi-Master™ sequesters the Archon 12 Psi-Prison to run all possible mapping algorythmns of the Agglutinising Force to flood the decoherence blocker programme so it fails. The Agglutinising Force is downloaded into the Bone Generators™ by this Service and then into the sequestered 12 Aeon Psi-Prison to decohere the Ahnenerbe Bone Psi-Master™ from all quantum superimposition freeing him or her totally at once from all evil control.

By using this technique that the Ancient Seers used to kill the parasite quickly and inputting this process into the sequestered 12 Aeon quantum computer which guarantees possession by the Archons wrecks the entire Kabbalistic evil process catastrophically akin to a planet buster anti-matter bomb but in the noosphere (world of the mind). Ahnenerbe Psi-Masters™ therefore have the ultimate power to control the wageslave globally by first inverting the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison quantum computer to generate AF that kills the Insectile parasite in all wageslaves, the Insectile dies in the human; process repeated… with the end result that the Insectile population on Earth gets exterminated. This means the Archons have to import more Insectile vermin from other Hive worlds with the same results so depleting their resources that the Pulsar find them easy pickings leading to the fall of the Archons on other worlds as this timeline drains their resources to beyond breaking point causing their downfall. Having the wageslaves around the Ahnenerbe Psi-Master™ in a state of acute and chronic mindlessness as their parasites (the wageslave mind) are dead or dying enables the Bone Psi-Master™ to control the minds of the countries population by manufacturing millions of Tulpas to be the mind of the useless zombie wageslave. In this part of the Service the mass production of Tulpas is downloaded into the Bone Generators™ and the advanced use of Scapegoats as breeding factories for the Ahnenerbe’s Tulpas. As has been seen Scapegoats are produced in groups of 12. To use these vermin as Tulpa factories one has to be appreciated that Tulpas are artificial lifeforms. They need Quantum Wave Functions that define their nature, Hyperinfinity to collapse this Quantum Wave Function to manifest, Agglutinising Force to glue their double, physical, biophysical energy bodies together. Anti-Chaos to make the Tulpa incorruptable and lethal to all Kabbalistic Anglo Zionist Chaos Evil, making them the perfect weapon. Now this world rapidly depletes even the most powerful Psi-Master™. Ahnenerbe Bone Psi-Masters™ use their Scapegoats to provide these four key ingredients for mass production of Tulpas. The Tulpa, and Win Friends and Influencing People Services provide the templates for the mass production, Scapegoats the breeding wombs. The Ahnenerbe Bone Generators™ are given the quantum computing engine for this process. The Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ Service gives the Ahnenerbe the extended Psychotronic Generator capacity for the production;

Step 1: The Bone Generators™ use Scapegoats as containers of Quantum Wave Function (Psychotronic Fuel) stripping from them the Quantum Wave Functions of all the good within them to leave only pure evil programmed to torment itself eternally.

Step 2: The Bone Generators™ then use Hyperinfinite Hyperamplification, Crystal and Bone Psychotronic Generators™ in tandem, quantum coupled to themselves and two Scapegoats to bleed Hyperinfinity out of the Scapegoat for Tulpa production to collapse the pure good Quantum Wave Function extracted from vermin, to manifest a pur good Tulpa modelled on the Tulpa Service.

Step 3: The Bone Generators™ are then extended to maximum capacity for Transinfinite Transamplification, four Psychotronic Generators quantum coupled, the Crystal and Bone Generators™, Grail Stone Psychotronic Crystals and Bioparticles, sequestered Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators/Middle Place. This gives us the combinations and shells. As the order in which Psychotronic Generators act changes the nature of the Transamplification we have twelve modes that can run our 12 Scapegoat groups as Agglutinising Force donators forcing them to restructure destructively to liberate all the AF they have. This then is channelled into the Ahnenerbe’s Bone Generators™ to be channelled into gluing together the Tulpas on the assembly line quantum computer engine for Tulpas downloaded into the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals.

Step 4: The Bone Generators™ are then given the quantum computing for production of Anti-Chaos by their Ahnenerbe’s herd of Scapegoats. The Anti-Oriflamme is combined with the Satanic Oriflamme Trinity (Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah of the Zionist chaos evil) to expunge this archetypal evil in 12 modes of Transamplification as well as the Hyperinfinite and Quantum Wave Function (Psychotronic Fuel) modes to produce the pure good Anti-Chaos to fill the Tulpa with so the artificial being can kill evil, extract good to leave pure evil torturing evil, consign to Omega Hell the Scapegoat vermin, build Omega Hell Matrices to use the damned to acquire more evil tormenting evil so the Total Quantum Wave Function can be purified good from evil all evil dumped into the damned in Omega Hell, the good for use by the Ahnenerbe.

The Ahnenerbe can therefore purge the world of the Insectile infestation using the sequestered 12 Aeon Psi-Prison to broadcast AF to kill the parasites; this leaves mindless wageslave zombies that can produce perfect good. Tulpas so the Bone Psi-Master™ can possess the evil slave with perfect good so that the entire Anglo Zionist Empire based on total evil is wrecked. More importantly the Good Tulpas can manifest the good is a pure state that is innate in the Total Quantum Wave Function but has evil with in it unless seperated out by the above process. The Ahnenerbe Bone Psi-Master uses her or his growing number of good Tulpas to populate her or his domain in Psi-Space as the Egyptian Pharoahs tried but failed so he or she can be surrounded by followers who show him or her every aspect of good free from evil. In the timelines these good Tulpas become the real people decohering, decollapsing the evil that is the wageslave and producing new people that manifest good and have no innate evil, the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah creations awake in Omega Hell which is their place as they are cosmic torture shells – their only function. The ability to repopulate and change reality to manifest good and force evil to destroy evil is the prime power of the Ahnenerbe. Using this null-timeline two real timelines can be created from the debt owed by the Kabbalistic Chaos evil. Since in the Kabbalah the Chaos evil has failed in numerous Edamic worlds to sustain it’s Hive, the Ahnenerbe has numerous null-timelines from which to build two paired good timelines.

Upgrade C: $600 with Certificate

Ahnenerbe Service with Upgrades A B and C: $2800

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