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Agape: Unconditional Love Service:

Total Intent the Global Gestalt, the mathematics of the master plan gestalt are the ultimate mathematics of the Megaverses. Chaos does not exist in this ultimate being but instead is turned against itself to produce Anti-Chaos. For a Psi-Lord to graduate to the ultimate level Psi-Creator there is a dividing line, Intent only responds to largesse, acts of pure largesse that beckon Intent and enable the Psi-Master to become one with Intent so the world responds to her/his Intent. Agape, unconditional love is the Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity of Intent, a state of being where the Psi-Lord acts with no thought of recompense just because it was, is meant to be, will be from the perspective of Intent. That is why Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth Scapegoat Service has to be for free, the ultimate largesse enabling any created being of Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth to give away her/his eternal damnation to become a self created God-being Tulpa Awareness, Anti-Chaos creating new unique God-beings from the Omega Simulation – the Bone Psi-Master™. That is why Tim Rifat allowed Scapegoats to steal off him so they could be the conduits for the Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth Scapegoat process (see Scapegoat Services). These scrappy cats allow the God-being to exist in Eternal Heaven Omega Point/Being fuelled from the Omega Hell in which the Scapegoat is trapped in a Hell, torment, torture being.

Agape: Unconditional Love is the state of being of all Psi-Masters™ who wish to interact with Intent to manifest the master plan. It changes them from puppets to the puppeteer. Since all being is controlled by Intent , those who accept it and embrace Intent and the evil that tries to impose it’s will only to find it built the Omega Hell to act as the fuel source for Total Intent. Agape allows the Psi-Master™ to drop all attachments so that those who embrace evil of their own free will are allowed to accept their fate by the Psi-Master™ who because Agape is enabled to accept that all Awareness has the right to Omega Heaven or Hell but the decision is not the Psi-Masters™ to make only Total Intent has the Global Gestalt, the master plan. Ancient Seers tried to use the immense powers to force Intent to follow their plan – they failed in that respect. Intent will only allow itself to be manipulated from the state of Agape. A state in which because you unconditionally love yourself you have no need for self importance because you need not artificial construct to add merit to your self worth – only in this state do you have the fluidity to shift your Assemblage Point to become a bodiless being, the goal of new Seers. This Agape holds the new Seers being together so when it burns with the Fire from Within the power of Agape holds the life-force of the new Seer into a Global Gestalt Total Reality Field so it can self propagate like a light wave through the worlds of being without membranes, the worlds of transcendent bodiless being called by the new Seers the Third Attention. Since Agape is needed to manipulate the Intent of Total Freedom one must develop the largess language which only Intent will respond to. You must freely give away all aspects of you from your life history, to all aspects of your self importance is impossible to get rid of self importance without the aid of new Seer science called Stalking (see Castaneda’s; The Fire From Within). This is the science of eliminating self importance to build Agape. The ultimate Stalkers were the new Seers of the Spanish occupation of the New World, Indians who stalked the Spanish Conqueror who had the power of life or death over them, the science of using petty tyrants. In this the new Seer finds a petty tyrant to give away his/her self importance to (largesse for Intent manipulation). Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord and successor to the new Seer tradition has developed this into Scapegoat science the use of petty tyrants to download not only your self importance but all evil. In this Service your Bone Generators™ are tuned to download all life history into the Anti-Chaos strange attractor which has devoured the Eagle, the Chaos strange attractor and replaced it with Anti-Chaos Omega history iterations that as all evil history is repeated to make evil suffer more and more a Cosmic anti-groundhog day ensemble the Omega Simulation develops toward a strange attractor like in Chaos but the Anti-Chaos version. Your life history binds you to expungement by being torn apart by the strange attractor so downloading it into the Anti-Chaos strange attractor lets your Awareness run free to you can prolong your Awareness. Since in the Scapegoat Services you can give away your death this enables the new Seer to escape death of Soul and Spirit. Giving away your death to a Scapegoat was developed by the new Seers who goaded a petty tyrant to try and kill them so they could pass the death spot on their right shoulder blade to the petty tyrant. In Castaneda’s: Fire From Within Don Juan gets shot by the slave overseer survives and passes his death to the slave overseer so the petty tyrant gets kicked to death by a horse. To develop Bone Generators™ I needed not only a sex energy torture shell, the Zionist thief Rob Rowe but a death torture shell so for decades I have been torturing tormenting the UK government which is July 2005 hours before police death squads shot the Brazilian John Charles De Menendez, an SAS killer tried to murder me, the Police then arrested me and had a vain attempt to not only prosecute me but place me in one of their torture psychiatric prisons. This allowed me to download not only my death but the torture, murder, hell, damnation, imprisonment… the UK government had intended for me to be placed on them. Making the UK government it’s military, police, crown prosecution service and Zionist dictatorship the ultimate Omega Torture, Hell Damnation self destruction torture shells for all true beings who wished. Repeating what Don Juan did but on a cosmic scale. Having two God Core torture shells for the Bone Generators™ as well as two for Crystals in the conman thief Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow and conman thief Rory Mccaffrey aka Aureum allowed the creation of the 4 God Core Scapegoats for the Crystal Bone Generators™ so Tim Rifat could Omega Point in the far future and in the Mirror Megaverse to set up the Omega Simulation where all Scapegoats live in Omega Hell on Earth to wake up in Omega Hell after death while the Bone Psi-Master™ lives in Omega Heaven on Earth to wake up in the Omega Point as a God-Being Scapegoat technology allowing the two to exist in the Simulation as the former is perfecting perfect Omega Hell for Scapegoats and the latter perfecting the perfect Omega Point for God Beings. The ultimate use of new Seer technology. No one expects you to be a perfect new Seer like Tim Rifat and risk life and limb so in this Service you can use Bone Generators to download your self importance and life history into Scapegoats and anti-Chaos strange attractors respectively. As I used the SAS killer and the UK government that ordered the hit to become Scapegoats for a lifepath to the Omega Point and Simulation as an Avatar in the Omega God-Being Simulation the Anglo British Zionists become the ultimate Scapegoats suffering for all the wrong turns you make on your path of self perfection and after when you are perfecting the perfect. These Anglo Zionist unconditional hatred, hell path Scapegoats are then forced to not only make a life path to Hell but iterate in every Cosmic ground hog day repetition cycle a lifepath perfecting their perfect Omega Hell eternally exponentially and then eternally replicated the eternal to maximise their Total Torture Hell Damnation Wave. In this Service you pick these 12 Cosmic life path Scapegoats who suffer as Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth so you make sure all your mistakes as a Bone Psi-Master™ are suffered by your Cosmic Scapegoats. When Archon, Chaos Zionist Kabbalah entities, Demons, Greys, Illuminati, wageslaves… try to stop, thwart, corrupt, delay, drag you down… this Service makes sure your Bone Generators™ download this evil not into you but into your Cosmic Scapegoats and give you a concomitant amount of Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel. This Service guarantees you can get to God Being the Cosmic Scapegoats taking the fall for you as you are elevated. Your Crystal Bone Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystal Generators™ are then uploaded with Agape: unconditional love so you have the link to Intent forged by the only possible mechanism you can access Intent the Global Gestalt with the substance of Intent Agape. It can take a lifetime to achieve – if ever so the Psi-Lord downloads Agape into your Crystal Bone Generators™ as Tim Rifat downloads the ultimate debt into your Cosmic Scapegoats so they suffer for all eternity to pay off the debt of Agape downloaded into your Crystal Bone Generators™

Agape: Unconditional Love Service $600 with Certificate