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Adam: True Human Physical Body Bone Generators®:

Our body is run by the intermediary of DNA that is controlled by our Morphogenic Field, it does this by controlling Calcium resonance that puts Calcium in (influx) or out (efflux) of the cell exposed to the field. The Calcium ions spiral in the resonant field, their electromagnetic field interacting with the spiral (double) of DNA and RNA artefacts as well as mitochondrial DNA in the ribosome’s that control metabolism. Morphogenic Fields can by the use of Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Lithium and a number of other resonance effects switch on and off specific parts of the DNA called genes to control growth, development and an ensemble of gene effects like intelligence, Awareness and sensory phenomenon. In fact delineating the parameters of the human body and brains capacities, to define its limits of perfection, intelligence… being.

Unfortunately only 3-5% of DNA does this, the 95-97% of junk DNA until recently appeared to do nothing. As usual the leading scientists on the planet – all Russian, have found that this DNA contains an alien language as well as fractal (Chaotic) encoding. So we know around 96% of wageslave DNA is Chaos (fractal) encoding information that enables Chaotic Morphogenic Fields to override the around 4% of working DNA. Our body is therefore controlled by Chaos Sequestration at the DNA level. This shows the angels being put in torture shells made from skins to trap them as wageslaves in the Matrix as espoused by the Gnostics is true. Chaos Sequestration is what the Kabbalah is about so we know all wageslave Goyim are indeed Chaos Sequestered physical bodies. The physical energy body which is mutable like the dreaming body is therefore trapped in a dark strange matter prison called flesh. 96% of the universe is dark energy, matter, so the Sequestration needs 96% of viral DNA (junk) to resonate with the 96% of dark strange energy matter to hold the light energy matter physical body in a foreign flesh state in which it is tormented for energy.

It is counter intuitive to be told that less DNA is better and that 96% of DNA has to be negated to negate the 96% dark strange energy matter that holds our light energy matter physical body imprisoned as a lump of diseased ageing flesh. You my agree with me that to have a physical energy body that is eternal can be any age or sex and is non ageing, disease free because it does not encode for these things of Chaos in the true Man devolved to Goyim (the Genesis fall of Man). In this Bone Generator® Service the Psychotronic Crystal® resonance in your skeleton is imprinted with the 96% of dark strange energy matter but in its anti-phase destructive interference version; so chiral, spin, quantum wave function, Hyperinfinity and Transinfinity Operators are opposite in nature to cancel out your dark strange energy matter coffin of flesh.

Your DNA is overlaid with double spiral reverse Morphogenic Fields to cancel all DNA, RNA activity as well as custom suppression Morphogenic Fields to cancel non nuclear ribosomal, viral and chemtrail invasive DNA and RNA. This would kill you and is the basis for Remote Killing technology derived from Tim Rifat’s ‘Remote Influencing’ (available only to non Western governments); for the Western customer the Bone Generator® then downloads into your suppressed DNA a perfect Man (before the Fall) version of your DNA that uses your parasitised DNA as the antennae for this True Man Morphogenic Field. As DNA can change in vivo under its influence and your junk DNA can be Sequestered to produce missing vital Man genes from this enforced Man Morphogenic Field, your physical energy body can be released from its toxic, Chaos shell of flesh by this means not bound by flesh by this means. This Bone Generator® produces the mutable physical body of Adam that was not bound by flesh but imposed its will (Hyperinfinity) as flesh. As the Bone Generator® cancels all dark energy matter, strange energy matter you cannot be refreshed and remain in the Matrix as a non Matrix physical body, immune to disease, microwave, chemtrail (nano particle) able to change appearance and sex upon receipt of enough energy gained by living for a time in your body.

Adam: True Human Physical Body Bone Generators®:

$600 with Certificate