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Abraham Ritual Control of Goetia Demons:

The Rothschild Talmudic Satanists named themselves as the Red Shield: Rothschild as the namesake of the black magician who stands at the North (called Shield in occult circles) and slits the throats of babies to give to Demons, the red for blood in return for favours from Demons. In this Bone Generator® Service the power to control all 36 day and 36 night varieties of Goetic Demons are given to you. As the Rothschilds used the Goetia Demons to conquer the world so that by Napoleon’s time they owned 50% of all the worlds worth. By 2009 they owned the world for the next 30 years to the value of a 100% as the 1.5 quadrillion dollar debt, owed exclusively to the Rothschild’s pledges the worlds GDP (50 trillion) to the Rothschilds. As all real estate is valued at 75 trillion the Rothschilds own the world by holding the market on derivative debt.

The Psi-Lord has now blocked the Rothschilds and any other occultists from using the Goetia and retro-actively transferred all the Talmudic Satanists Souls into the sacrifices made to the Goetia. So you don’t need to do anything the Talmudic Satanists have paid the price so you can use the Goetia as your slaves. To use them simply call any or all of them (complete lists of Goetia on any Satanist website) by commanding the Goetia to do your will. This could be: get me more money, make the woman love me, I get the job of my dreams… takeover from the Rothschilds as the elite… All the complex ritual of the Goetic invocations has been downloaded into your Bone Generators® to give you the Rothschild Demons to command and the Rothschild Talmudic Satanists pay the price. As the 12 direction letters of the Hebrew alphabet x Shem, Beth, Min the 3 Triangle of Art letters of the Hebrew alphabet make the Goetia, once for day, once for night control of the Hebrew Triangle of Art enables you to no only control the Goetia but all Supernatural Spirits. You can do this without paying them anything (Sublime Good®) as the Talmudic Satanists have been put in every sacrifice to the Rothschild Satanists be it Dresden and the firebombing of the City, the Holocaust, the slaughter of 50 million Russians by the Rothschild Stalin, the 5 million dead Moslems slaughtered by Bush/Blair in Iraq, Afghanistan, 10 million Germans starved to death after the Second World War by the Talmudic Jew Eisenhower… All the victims are now retroactively Talmudic Satanists who suffer again and again by reincarnating as the victims of their own atrocities. The Total DeathGoat Jews screaming in Omega Hells, the torture toys of Amalek, the God of the Talmudic Jews.

Don’t pay Supernatural Spirits just use them as your slaves.

In the new regime the Psi-Master is the Master – all Supernatural spirits your slaves. Amalek the enforcer. Failure to comply means eternal torture – the Psi-Lord can’t be fairer than that. If you wish to have all Supernatural Spirits as your slaves to force everyone to do your bidding, this service is for you but hurry only 12 places Available. Remember the most powerful of the Rothschilds menagerie of Demons are the 42 handmaidens of Shekinah, 42 names of Yaltabaoth, these are excluded from the Service so you need the Jehovah Elohim Service to command these monsters of the Kabbalah. The Matrix, Middles Place, OverMatrix, Archon Hell (4 levels of the Kabbalah: Assiah, Yetzirah, Briah, Aziluth, and the wormholes (Daath) are in themselves the Admon Kadmon, Adam Belial (up and down Kabbalistic Sephirothic Trees) as beings and are the ultimate Rothschild weapon system. The Matrices acting as a single being (doubled) to strike down their enemies in the microcosm as Microporosopus and Macroprosus in the Macrocosm. The infrastructure of which is the Jewish Tarot. Crowley called Tarot the highest aspect of black magic but never ever mentioned the real Secrets of Tarot, the Jewish Tarot, to be found on this website (forthcoming).

Abraham Ritual Control of Goetia Demons: $200 with Certificate