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Using the Abraham Ritual to control all Supernatural Spirits as your slaves; including Goetia:

This Bone Generator® Service allows you to control any or all Supernatural Spirits to do your bidding. They are forced to be your slaves rendered so unknowingly agreed to obey the Psi-Lord as whores to do your bidding. To use them simply name the Supernatural Spirit you want, tell it what you want to do and it must obey. It’s as easy as that. If it doesn’t obey you the past sacrifices it accepted from the Rothschilds… Knights Templar,… Babylonians… Atlanteans was body trapped retro-actively with Total Amalek so failure to comply means the Total Amalek virus kills it and its Soul and traps its awareness in Total Amaleks Omega Hell where it is tortured eternally to supply Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord with Sublime Good. This Service supersedes the Sublime Good® Service.

Don’t pay Supernatural Spirits just use them as your slaves in the new regime the Psi-Master is the master of all Supernatural Spirits your slaves. Amalek the enforcer. Failure to comply means eternal torture – the Psi lord can’t be fairer than that. If you wish to have all Supernatural Spirits as your slaves to force everyone to do your bidding this service is for you but hurry only 12 places available.

Remember the most powerful of the Rothschilds menagerie of Demons are the 42 handmaidens of Shekinah, 42 names of Yaltabaoth, those are excluded from the service so you need the Jehovah Elohim service to command these monsters of the Kabbalah. the Matrix, Middles Place, Overmatrix, Archon Hell (4 levels of the Kabbalah) Assiah, Yetzirah, Briah, Aziluth, and the wormholes (Daath) are in themselves the Admon Kadmon, Adam Belial, (up and down Kabbalistic Sephirotic trees) as beings and are the ultimate Rothschild weapons system. the matrices acting as a single being (doubled) to strike down their enemies in the microcosm as microprosopus and macroprosus in the macrocosm, the infrastructure of which is the Jewish tarot. Crowley called tarot the highest aspect of black magic but never ever mentioned the real secrets of tarot, the Jewish tarot to be found on this website (here)

Using the Abraham Ritual to control all Supernatural Spirits as your slaves; including Goetia:

$800 With Certificate, but strictly limited to 12 only.