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60th Anniversary of Israel Service: Physical Masculine Energy Bone Generator®

5 days before the Anniversary of Israel’s 60th birthday US Haarp facilities in Western Australia directed a monster Typhoon (name of Kenneth Grants OTO Satanist Crowley group) at Burma, Myanmar killing 100,000 people give or take a few thousand. This blood sacrifice 5 days before Israel’s birthday was directed at Israel’s (Zionist Empire’s) main enemy China. As the Satanist knows 60 is 6 for the Vau (masculine Satanist energy) and 10 for the Kabbalistic Tree of the physical world where all the Hyperinfinity is located. So the ritual was to steal the masculine energy of the physical realm from the up and coming China via its satellite Burma. The 5 Shekinah the number of the Satanic pentagram and force. More importantly to kill North Korean nuclear missile programmes aimed at the USA (Israel’s Golem) and starve it into submission by destroying the South East Asia rice bowl plunging North Korea into famine and forcing Chine to back off in the wake of Zionist Weather Weapons. The sacrifice of so many Burmese was used by the Rabbis of Rothschild Satanism to steal the masculine energy of China and render it a Western eunuch nation where all masculine energy has been leached of to Satanist Zionist control. This would give the: eunuch, sow, piglet reality of the West where the Westerner has no balls and is just a slave to his Satanist Judaic Masters. This grand ritual took place at the start of May to direct the new 2008 growth cycle into Israel and block it from all the Chinese Empire and destroy their military by use of the 5 of the Satanic pentagram. When this failed the Zionist Empire unleashed the Western Australia facility to cause the earthquake.

Unfortunately these rituals failed and the Psi-Lord sequestered the process giving Israel and its corrupt prime minister toxic waste and uploading all the positive energy to the Psi-Lord. Then using fractional reserve banking on the Mind over Matter levels to dump quadrillions of: Hyperinfinity, Psychotronic Fuel, Agglutinising Force debt on the Total Deathgoat Jews. This enabled the Psi-Lord to add Anti-Chaos to the initial investment of energy from the Chinese Empire to render it immune to Judaic Satanism and return it to the Chinese as an act of good faith. The quadrillions derived from the fractional reserve banking the Psi-Lord kept, as a good capitalist profit is reward enough. In this Bone Generator® Service the Psi-Master is purchasing the masculine force in the physical realm, so coveted by Israel, as it seeks to conquer the world by force, not simply be economic warfare; as the gun beats Jew paper! So if you are a male Psi-Master who wants to get more masculine energy this is the Service for you. If you are a wanabee bull dyke this is a must have, or an alpha female wanabee executive. To download the male energy from the physical realm simply place your right hand on your genitals, the left Bone Generator® on a map of Israel. As the most valuable type of energy to dark energy matter beings is masculine energy so if you wish to trade with them for a specific event this is a must have Service. As the Hyperinfinity is located in the physical realm this Bone Generator® Service is a pure supply of male Hyperinfinity to manifest male Mind over Matter events. Students of Ying and Yang technology may find this of interest. To boost your love potency as a Man or Bull dyke, this Bone Generator® Service is a must have as you can fee masculine Hyperinfinity into your penis… to make it a Mind over Matter love pole as described by the Tantric rituals, without all the complex meditations. As a Westerner you want maximum bang for your buck!

As a Bone Psi-Master you can use this masculine physical energy to build physical male Tulpas, give your Angel body a real physical male form or boost the masculine attributes of your physical or dreaming body to make it a role model male archetype or super stud for breeding.

60th Anniversary of Israel Service: Physical Masculine Energy Bone Generator®

$200 with Certificate