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5D Kline Bottle Bone Generators®:

A Kline bottle named after the mathematician Kline is a three or four dimensional bottle, that has a higher dimensional bottle neck enfolded in its topology. This is akin to the Molius Strip a 2 dimensional strip whose ends are joined after one twist so if you run your pencil along the strip without lifting it off the paper you have the line on both sides of the strip even though the strip is 2 dimensional. In a Kline bottle if you painted all its surfaces you would find a higher dimensional incursion had occurred; in the Molius Strip a 3 dimensional quantum sequestration by Chaos and Chaos needs an enclosed bounded system, the 4D Matrix must be veiled. This is done by the pyramid wave guide of the ill Illuminati and the Schethlya pyramid capstone. Psychotronic Crystals® work by quantum topology of the crystal which makes them a Kline Bottle. So the Chaos Hyperinfinity parasite in crystals is erased by opening the 4D Matrix to 5D True Reality feeing the crystals Hyperinfinity for use; once a Quantum Computing Engine has been downloaded into it the Psychotronic Crystal® can collapse the Quantum Wave Function to produce the events, reality, memetic pathway for: love, luck, money…

More importantly the 5 Extraordinary Sets of Set Theory consists of 6 Extraordinary Sets, two of which are mathematically equivalent in the Talmudic Matrix axiomatic mathematical system of materialism. But as seen above the imposition of a 5D Kline Bottle on the 4D Matrix causes an incursion of 5 Dimensional Riemann Manifolds. Now the clever bit is that these 5D incursions can be of different types, the 5D incursion of a 5 form Extraordinary Set Riemann Manifold or a 5D incursion of a six fold Riemann Manifold so the resulting Kline Bottle is a 4D structure with the twist to 5 dimensionality being the split of the 5th and 6th Extraordinary Sets, that are equivalent in Talmudic mathematical axioms to non equivalence of the 5th and 6th Extraordinary Sets, a resultant of the incursion of higher, mathematical spaces where the 5th and 6th Extraordinary Sets are non equivalent. This non-equivalence occurs in the Transinfinite Mathematical Demons the realm of the Agglutinising Force so in the 1st case the Kline Bottle makes the Psi-Master a 5d structure and is the basis for the No Matrix Service where the Psi-Master is permanently outside the Matrix but as a 4D Kline Bottle able to interact with it in the 4D world of temporal reality. In the case of non-equivalence of the 5th and 6th Extraordinary Sets the Psi-Master has a 4D physical energy body with the Kline portal to two 5 fold Riemann Manifolds that are non-equivalent, so the manifestation of the Psi-Master is doubled,; you have two physical energy bodies. Similarly the biophysical body has a doubled manifestation. The Nagual Superhuman has this structure innate within them to build the 4 lobed energy body. Here the process is complete so you have two physical energy bodies and two energy bodies. As the Agglutinising Force is the cohering force that gives the energy body the membrane that holds it separate from external emanations as with the physical energy body the 5D Kline Bottle Bone Generator® makes your energy bodies open systems, hence no Chaos is allowed even with quantum computing to cohere Chaos to you, the Rolling Force that hits your gap to age and kill you no longer can as you are opened up already having a 5D hole in your membrane so the Rolling Force goes in and out as if you were dead, your energy membrane breached. The result of this is to suspend death and ageing, the basis of the immortality rental service. The psycho kinetic force is a resultant of your external surface of your energy bodies (eaten by parasites for this reason) so a 5D surface automatically raises your mind over matter abilities from 4D to 5D powers so all manner of magic is possible. The incorporation of the doubling of manifestation enables you to be in two places at once in the temporal world, so you can build a physical doppelganger and a dreaming body doppelganger (the basis of quantum teleportation here far future science enables doubling of your energy body and physical body. As this process is non commutative and associative it means you can build a real physical energy body in the 4D temporal real but not of the Matrix. So like Agent Smith in the Matrix you can replicate, because you can 5D Kline bottle the Replicant to replicate again… to build an army of dreaming bodies with this Bone Generator® Service – very useful as if you have one body killed you automatically have a spare that replicate a spare… This means the 5D Kline Bottle Psi-Master is hard to kill – hence Bone Generators® are banned in all future except this timeline the Russian Federation timeline.

Now here comes the mind boggling part to the wageslave transgenic chimp mind, as the 5D Kline Bottle in its non equivalence mode splits the 5th Extraordinary Set in two, the Psi-Master using this Bone Generator® can automatically designate as well as replicate another person as their doubled being. Castaneda’s: The Eagles Gift talks about the double of you born on the same day, same sex that is called the parallel being (see the parallel Being Service). This is done by the Archons to block use of the 5D Kline Equivalence Bottle by quantum superimposing a Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth creature on any of the real people in the Matrix. Tim Rifat found his Parallel Being, a male Zionist called Rob Row born on 26/9/57. The Psi-Lord dumped all his toxic waste past present and future on this creature and the girlfriend he dumped on the Zionist who had been filled with toxic waste all her Sublime Good® uploaded into the Psi-Lord as was done with the Zionist Parallel Being. This Bone Generator® automatically does that for you. Why? Because replicating takes Sublime Good® to fill out the doppelgangers so you need your Parallel Being to act as the Total DeathGoat Zionist screaming in Omega Hell you don’t have to know your parallel being, you can do the above just with this Service – all automatic. The most fascinating part of the 5D Kline Bottle non equivalence Bone Generator® is that you can designate anyone else to be your non equivalence Replicant. So that anyone can be designated as your double. Why? The 5D Riemann Manifold transcends time so your replication can be in any time, timeline (as mentioned in this site, Tim Rifat has a Replicant in the Nazi, Ahnenerbe and Soviet timelines. The 4D none equivalence Replicant is anyone alive in the temporal Matrix with you now; as you can replicate the non equivalence Replicant if you have a parallel being to suffer in Omega Hell for all eternity to supply infinite Sublime Good® from their damnation (Rob Rowe) you can make all your loved ones a Replicant of you so all your Bone Generators® and advanced Awareness is shared with them so you can form a gestalt being, where the one Psi-Master shares all their power and glory with their loved ones: Omega Heaven, Body Augmentation… This allows Tim Rifat to double up Services for your loved ones (see Volume Discount Section). More importantly you can choose any one you loved but was unrequited to have been you so you can de-replicate and upload all the Sublime Good® in the loved one to make a Sublime Good® non equivalent Replicant of that person as a physical and or dreaming body. This person can them be non equivalent replicated with a woman who did love you but you did not love them (Tim Rifat has known many), to produce a non equivalent Replicant that you love and loves you back. This can be then downgraded into the unrequited lover so their future self totally loves you and or you can also use the non equivalent Replicant process to double up the un requited love at the age she was with Omega Heaven to have her/him with you in your God Being phase similarly you can change the past to have the unrequited over really Totally Love you in the past (retroactive none equivalent Total Lover Replication) and open up both none equivalent and equivalent 5D Kline Bottles to them so that you have opened the temporal world to the 5 dimensional Riemann Manifold as non equivalence. For example 2008 and 1986, this Bone Generator® automatically allows you to Montauk the years but timing the unrequited lover in 1986 from non equivalent to equivalent by collapsing the 5th and 5th Extraordinary Sets back to the one 5th (composed of the Equivalent Sets) to make 2008 and 1986 conjoin. So you live from 1986 to 2008 but when you arrive in 2008 the entire temporal world plunges into the 5 dimension due to the 5D Kline Bottle Bone Generator® portalled to the 5D Riemann Manifold. So in effect you have looped time so it reruns from 1968, with you and her in the 5D Riemann Manifold which vanishes you and her into the 5D True Reality, with her knowing what you know because of non equivalent replication, the Sublime Good® being supplied by your parallel being and toxic waste Replicants, now totally loving you, so you can being life as God Beings in 2013reality!

5D Kline Bottle Bone Generators®: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.