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12 Power squared DNA Activation Service.

Comes with Authenticity Certificate and special DNA Psychotronic Crystal and its’ bioparticle.

The person has their DNA unlinked from the Quantum Superimposition of the Archons, decohering human energies from the Archon energies of dark energy matter that allows the Archon, Demon, Grey to control your physical body and brain to make you ill, age, addle your brain and plant self destructive Memes in your brain. By decohering your DNA from the Archon dark energy matter this enables your true Morphogenic Field to start controlling your body. It states in the Bible that Methuselah, Noah, lived to be only a thousand years of age this was because the decohered human Morphogenic Field enables you like your ancestors to live to this normal age for humans that was extant in the distant past. Tim Rifat does this by the same process as used in the Alien Abduction Rescue Service. Once your decohered DNA is linked to your true Morphogenic human Field, this human Field is cleansed of all corruption, errors that might cause disease then this Morphogenic Field is boosted by the special DNA Psychotronic Crystal PC to uplift the frequency of your bodies Morphogenic Field. The BPC then links the Morphogenic Field to your DNA to begin switching the genes in your genome into a correct configuration for health. This is done by switching off deleterious genes and switching on health generating genes such as the growth hormone gene complex to make you younger, fitter and slimmer, the insulin genes modified to extend life by switching off its’ ageing function…

Once this is done the DNA is then upgraded by adding to them the 12 Powers of the physical world stolen from them by the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. This then boosts your DNA to the 12 Power function; not 12 strand but rather the 12 Powers taken from your DNA (see and this site) By adding these stolen lost 12 Powers the DNA then gets 12 new modes of function, 12 ways of linking with your human Morphogenic Field giving you 12 Power DNA. This then repairs the damage done to the human body by the Archon so you get the human body our ancestors has when they lived to huge ages. By adding the 12 Powers of the physical plane lost to your Morphogenic Field you get a 12 Power Morphogenic Field that can superboost your body to display the physical prowess of a Karate Master of Zen Monk that can display tremendous physical performance, immunity to heat and cold, expanded senses, reflexes that can catch insects and immune system that can fight off disease and cancer. More importantly the 12 Power DNA linked to the 12 Power Morphogenic Field gives you extended life span. Tim Rifat networks them together to produce the 12 Power DNA linked to the 12 Power Morphogenic Field to give the 144 Powers of the physical world. We have seen that the Fibonacci Series controls quantum mechanical reality collapse (see, and this site) The 144 physical Powers allow you to display the 1121² reality of the Shamans’ physical body when he can carry out superhuman feats. This is based on the Event Engine Technology invented by Tim Rifat (see to collapse all quantum events in the 1121² mode: The 12 Power squared mode so your physical body is no longer in the Matrices and displays all 144 physical Powers that are available to the

human being (lists on Magical so your 12 Power DNA, 12 Power Morphogenic Field and 12 Power squared physical reality can give you the physical prowess of the Shaman of old and Yogic Master of today to make your physical manifestation Metahuman.

$600 with Certificate