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RV Science: Real virtual Science Tulpa Remote Influencing Service:

In the European Union all information including telephone calls, location of all calls, emails, websites visited, doctors reports, financial records… are kept by the Secret Police and around 1000 other Government bodies. Real Virtual Science: RVScience is scientist Tim Rifat’s intellectual property in which real world can be derived from virtual world information age creations. Since all the information about every Westerner is kept in computer form on hard drives and collated and centralised by the Secret Police of Rothschild Zionist Satanville: MI5, NSA… Shin Beth a virtual wageslave is created on the computers of the Zionist Empire. So the Psi-Master does not have to go through the tedious laborious task of finding everything about the target for Remote Influencing you wish to target is Childs play, you simply send an email to yourself 156 times which simply has on it the name of the target, nothing else. Since the Zionist Total Deathgoat Police have black boxes on every Internet junction they automatically store your 156 on their computer installing the hyperspace-real world Torsion Field – Anglo Demonic sequestration programme on their computers. You simply store the 156 emails sent to yourself on your hard drive to generate the Torsion Field sequestration of the target, the complete virtual model being on the Zionist Total Deathgoats computers, your hard drive generating a real world Torsion Field sequestration of the target. As the Zionist Total Deathgoats collect more information on your target this Bone Generator™ downloads their Torsion Fields into your computer. To erase their original Torsion Field you simply send 13 more emails to yourself with the targets name on them to make 169 on your hard drive. You then download the Anti-Coven Service onto your hard drive 169 times and it erases the Torsion Field signature of the target. You are turning a real wageslave drone in the Anglo Demonic Reality into a virtual wageslave. This is only possible because the Rothschild Illuminati have created the Anglo Demonic Reality which simply demands virtual being. You are only using the system against itself. Erasing the reality of the target. You then get the Tulpa Service and upload this 169 times onto your hard drive. This allows you to turn the target into a Tulpa by replacing their original Torsion Fields with new ones that you have designed. So you can turn the target from Real to Virtual back to real again: RV Science but this time with their Torsion Fields created to your design. Designer Remote Influencing for the 21st Century. You simply write the specifications for your Tulpa target copy to your hard drive 169 times; then erase the Tulpa specifications on your email that you send 169 times to yourself. This blank email gets saved on the Zionist Total Deathgoats computers making the link from hyperspace to the real world to the Anglo Demonic Matrix in |13|² Born Rule Mode to erase all Quantum Wave Functions of the target to turn it into a Tulpa Omega Simulation. Save blank emails on your hard drive 169 times. Process complete.

Since the RV Science Service is a Bone Generator™ Service you can do the above as an Anti-Chaos Lucid Viewing occult ritual in Psi-Space to shape the Middle Place to conform to your Tulpa target designer Remote Influencing. This sequesters Psi-Space to not only operate in the real world of Torsion fields but Psi-Space and it’s Matrix the Middle Place. Using RVScience and Bone Generators™ in synchrony guarantees you sequester both physics and biophysical in the real world and in the Matrix. Luckily for those with a short attention span the Bone Generator™ Psi-Space part is automatically completed when you do the above on your computer, stalking is turning the physical world into biophysical space ritual.

Simply by acting with Intent.

RV Science: Real virtual Science Tulpa Remote Influencing Service:

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